Powerhouse Sports and Its Sports Clinics


Powerhouse Sports is a non-profit organization offering athletic clinics and travel baseball to residents of River Parishes. Their trainers include college strength coaches as well as professional athletes.

The facility will be funded by local businessmen Jerry Puleo, Anthony Ruffolo, and Zach Casale and will open on Oct 23.


Baseball is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and is widely considered the national pastime in America. Since its humble origins in the 18th century, this global sport has expanded exponentially – now boasting 30 Major League Baseball teams and 250 minor league clubs worldwide.

The Powerhouse Sports Complex in Niagara Falls, New York, is the newest multi-sport complex in Western New York and features an indoor turf field, four retractable ceiling-mounted batting cages, a lounge area, and Trackman training equipment. Built by local businessmen Jerry Puleo, Anthony Ruffolo, and Zach Casale as an effort to give back through youth sports participation.

Gronk Nation, 16 Athletics’ travel baseball team, trains at this facility as its primary training center; youth players of all skill levels may use it for skills clinics led by certified instructors.


Softball is a team sport played between nine players on each team. The object of softball is to score more runs than your opponent by hitting a ball into play and running around to touch each base in succession – or “playing offense at that time). A bat may be composed of composite, metal, or wooden material, while its ball has an average circumference of 10-12 inches.

Original softball was known as Kitten Ball when it was first created in 1895 by Minneapolis fireman Robert Rober. Rober modified a baseball game so as to be more suitable for female participants, moving the pitcher’s mound 35 feet away from home plate and replacing standard baseballs with medicine balls instead of regular ones in order to create a Kitten Ball. As word spread among fire stations across North America and became an organized league by 1926, Softball officially adopted this name by 1930.

The Powerhouse Sports Complex in Niagara Falls, New York, is a brand new multi-sport training center in Western New York funded by local businessmen Jerry Puleo, Anthony Ruffolo, and Zach Casale. Boasting 9,800 square feet of sports complex, including an artificial turf field, four retractable ceiling-mounted batting cages with retractable nets, padded walls, as well as personal and semi-private athletic training for athletes of all ages; movement screens will be performed and programs created specifically to help improve weakness while building skillsets to help develop into their specific sport.


Soccer is unquestionably one of the world’s most beloved sports, and it’s easy to understand why. Playing and watching the game can be thrilling – bringing people of different age groups, sexes, races, and classes together through entertainment and competition. Furthermore, soccer offers one of the few universal languages, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone regardless of background or language barrier.

While other team sports may cater to players of a certain height or strength, soccer is accessible to almost everyone. Playable on nearly any surface with minimal equipment needed, soccer provides an affordable and accessible family activity while remaining less physically taxing than other forms of team sports.

The game’s fast pace and high energy make it an exciting spectator sport. Players typically hold on to possession for short bursts, moving quickly to keep it from falling into enemy hands and avoid giving opponents too much time with it. They understand every second counts, so they rarely waste any of it!

Soccer may not be well known in America yet, but its popularity is steadily increasing. While American football, baseball, and basketball remain dominant sports within our culture, soccer could easily surpass all three through superstar athletes and world cups that bring it closer to more people – becoming the undisputed king of sports in time.


Lacrosse is one of the world’s most engaging and competitive team sports, having been developed by Native Americans over two millennia ago and becoming an icon of tradition, athleticism, and cultural unity across North America after European settlers arrived during the 17th century. Today, it’s played across over 20 nations!

Lacrosse players use sticks to catch and throw a rubber ball past their opponents into their goal, using rules designed to ensure the sport remains fair, safe, and competitive. Players cannot touch the ball with their hands unless trying to score, while each goal area features an offensive player-only zone marked off with a crease indicating where offensive players cannot enter.

Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) is in northern New York and Canada. Other tribes soon picked up on it, and by the 1800s, it had become a favorite pastime among young men across North America.

Lacrosse requires repeated practice to develop its necessary skills, particularly hand-eye coordination. As it’s an intense, fast-paced game that demands physical fitness, parents should evaluate whether or not their child is ready for lacrosse before enrolling them in lessons.

Field Hockey

Field hockey first gained widespread acceptance during its modern form’s establishment during the 1800s, and today continues to enjoy global renown. Played both by men and women in club settings worldwide, field hockey offers something for all age groups and ability levels.

This fast-paced game demands high energy from athletes, who must remain on their feet throughout. As a result, players develop great stamina that is beneficial to both physical health and overall well-being; plus, continuous running/sprinting can enhance agility significantly.

Another exciting aspect of soccer that makes the sport genuinely thrilling is its tactical nature. Players must plan out how best to position teammates to create clear pathways for goal-scoring while making use of limited field space – for instance, should defenders spread wide for increased coverage or stay closer together?

Field hockey is both enjoyable and social, encouraging teamwork and creating friendships among its participants. Furthermore, field hockey can develop feelings of local pride for schools, towns, or countries, which helps combat loneliness among both children and adults alike. A sense of community can also serve to motivate players to achieve more success in their game and reach their goals more quickly.


Volleyball is an engaging team sport in which its participants can build strong bonds between teammates, enhance interpersonal communication skills, and foster socialization within their communities. Furthermore, volleyball gives its players a sense of responsibility and accountability that helps them excel regardless of whether they play professionally or not.

Volleyball requires excellent cardiovascular endurance and stamina. It helps develop balance, agility, and coordination while increasing muscle strength, flexibility, and speed. Furthermore, volleyball demands quick reactions in response to changing situations as well as good concentration – ultimately increasing mental alertness in its players.

Volleyball offers many benefits to participants of all ages and can be played on different surfaces without becoming tedious over time. Furthermore, groups can play more frequently without worrying about competing against other teams for supremacy in competitions between different players or groups.

According to a recent poll, muscle strength is considered the cornerstone of volleyball fitness for players. Other essential components include cardiorespiratory endurance, balance/coordination, agility, and power. All these qualities help enhance quality play on the court.