Pewaukee Sports Complex


Towering oaks and wetlands frame four ideal-sized baseball fields, seven significant and five small soccer fields across 64 acres, and playgrounds and picnic areas.

After Pewaukee Road, the river becomes much more visually appealing, featuring narrow passages and a wooded canopy reminiscent of Cherokee Marsh in Madison. Unfortunately, this stretch can be challenging to paddle on hot days.

Sports Facilities

Pewaukee Sports Complex will delight sports fans! These facilities feature state-of-the-art technology and offer something for athletes of all ages. In addition, Pewaukee offers recreational parks and facilities like Liberty Park, which offers sports such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and even a baseball field!

Pewaukee has made great strides toward improving its sports facilities for the community over the last three years, spending over $2 million in renovations to its parks. They also hired an expert consultant to aid with this process and make more informed decisions regarding which upgrades need to be done at each park.

Pewaukee City Hall recently approved a plan that will raise funds for a splash pad and all-inclusive playground at the N45 W23440 Lindsay Road facility by selling naming rights to specific amenities there. According to city planner Nick Fuchs, this project allows individuals or businesses to have their names attached to particular features at this complex for a fee that depends on both its duration and the type of amenity it is linked with.

Pewaukee Sports Complex is an ideal facility for hosting regional baseball and softball tournaments. Boasting four ideal-sized baseball fields used by several programs throughout the year, seven large soccer fields, as well as five small ones, it also houses Sussex United Soccer Club, which offers youth development programs for local players.

Regular sporting events at this facility have helped young members of the local community develop both physically and emotionally while providing valuable teamwork skills and other life lessons at the same time. Furthermore, this facility strives to become even more essential to local life as time goes on.


City of Pewaukee officials are seeking to raise money for an all-inclusive playground that will be added to its sports complex. A fundraiser scheduled for April 24 at Andrea’s Red Rooster on Watertown Road (N14 W22032 Watertown Road in Pewaukee), featuring bingo, raffle baskets, and 50-50 raffle, with part of proceeds donated directly towards this project. Well-behaved dogs are welcome at Andrea’s Red Rooster; note that its field and track opened this year!

The facility features an interlocking synthetic turf system.


Pewaukee Sports Complex provides numerous clubs and activities for sports enthusiasts of all ages at its complex. No matter if you prefer recreational or competitive activity, there is sure to be something suitable here.

The City of Pewaukee has begun raising money for an all-inclusive playground and splash pad at their sports complex. A fundraiser will take place on April 24 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Andrea’s Red Rooster (N14 W22032 Watertown Road) with bingo, 50/50 raffle, raffle basket sales, as well as a portion of all sales going toward funding the playground project.

Five Diamonds Owner Tom Kelenic and Milwaukee Real Estate Developer Sonny Bando’s proposal involves a collaboration featuring a 2,500-seat baseball stadium, golf course, public market, and two apartment complexes with 410 living units – with towering mature oaks and wetlands surrounding the site, carefully planned to reduce grading impact and environmental footprint.


Pewaukee offers an abundance of restaurants with delicious barbecued ribs, slow-cooked rotisserie chicken, and delicious burgers to suit every craving and palate. Furthermore, many boast scenic views over Lake Nagawicka or downtown Waukesha from these eateries!

Pewaukee boasts several hotels that provide comfortable lodging. Guests have their choice between various room types – suites offer separate living and sleeping areas – and some hotels even provide hot breakfasts or exercise facilities! Additional features may include complimentary Wi-Fi access, indoor pools or spas, and laundry services.

The Lake Country Trail starts at the Landsberg Center, featuring public restrooms and a water bottle filling station, located off Golf Road in Pewaukee off Interstate Highway 94. Additionally, this trail features bike self-service stations as well as picnic tables for added convenience.

From its starting point, the trail travels west along Oakton Road for 1.6 miles before intersecting Glen Cove Road. Most of this section of the route is flat, with occasional slight inclines or one hill that ascends more than 150 feet in a half mile. Along its course are Naga-Waukee County Park, County Highway E (Maple Avenue), and Western Lakes Golf Club en route.

Once outside of Milwaukee’s city limits, the trail turns northwest along Lake Nagawicka before entering Delafield. Delafield was popular among vacationers from Milwaukee and Chicago during the late 19th and early 20th centuries who built summer homes along its shores; today, however, Delafield boasts an active economy as well as excellent schools.

Pewaukee offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation year-round. Choose between hiking and biking on local and state trails, canoeing/kayaking lake trips, or fishing at one of many muskie lakes nearby – plus there are ten golf courses offering courses for players of various skill levels and price points!