Pet Odor Eliminator Candle


Keep your home smelling fresh with this pet-safe candle that works by eliminating odors with powerful enzymes instead of simply masking them. With its 70-hour burn time and safe Paraffin/Soy blend formulated by pet professionals, you can rest easy knowing it will keep odors at bay.

These candles come packaged in an easy-to-use glass jar that makes cleaning simple. Proudly manufactured in the United States and designed to burn cleanly without wax leakage, these American-made candles make an impressive statement of quality and craftsmanship.

Product Description

Although odor eliminators and heavy cleaning are the go-to solutions for combatting pet scents, scented candles may provide extra help in keeping your home smelling pleasant. Many candle brands now specialize in candles specifically crafted to neutralize pet odors rather than mask them; their unique ingredients neutralize rather than mask odors for lasting freshness in your home.

Aroma Paws’ unique pet odor-eliminating candle is handcrafted using soy wax from American farms and contains no toxins, dyes, or pesticides – and with its fast-acting formula, it can effectively eliminate pet odors while leaving your home smelling clean and inviting.

Aroma Paws’ Pet Odor Exterminator Candle comes in a 13oz jar designed to effectively target and eliminate pet, litter box, and household odors. Using its unique enzyme formulation that neutralizes rather than masking smells, it will last up to 70 hours of burning time if used on a heat-resistant surface and kept out of reach from children and pets.

Aroma Paws offers this 13 oz candle with soothing lavender and chamomile fragrances blended with a delicate rose, soft rosewood, and fresh citrus notes for a beautiful home scent experience. Infused with all-natural pet grooming oils used in their all-natural pet grooming products, Aroma Paws ensures it will leave your home feeling calm while smelling great. Plus, with their pet odor eliminator candle options that include soothing lavender, soothing rose, refreshing citrus, or vanilla buttercream fragrances – Aroma Paws’ candle offers all these soothing scents so your home smells lovely while staying pet odor eliminator candle from Aroma Paws can eliminate pet odor!


Pet odor elimination requires more than just extensive cleaning; sometimes, light scenting may also help eliminate any lingering scents. Candles are a favorite choice among many pet parents as a quick and easy way to add some fragrance to any room, and many specialty candles for pets provide aromatherapy while helping deodorize and clean.

If you want to purchase a pet-safe candle, look for one made with all-natural ingredients free from harmful additives like dyes and parabens. Some products also utilize safe fragrances that won’t harm their respiratory systems and might contain essential oils that evoke feelings like relaxation or playfulness in pets.

The K9 Granola Factory provides several pet odor-eliminator candles in various fragrances. A popular option is Calming Lavender, which eliminates unwanted pet odors while creating a relaxing environment for you and your pets. This 12-ounce candle features soy paraffin blend wax that burns for up to 70 hours – ideal for eliminating those unpleasant pet smells!

Scripted Fragrance offers another solution with their Fresh Linen candle, designed to eliminate odors with its combination of lemon and light musk aroma. Not only is this hand-poured candle environmentally friendly, but its design also eliminates parabens, dyes, additives, and petroleum, providing up to 70 hours of burn time! Plus! There are more soothing options!

Scripted Fragrance’s Rescue Dog Scented Candle offers something genuinely distinctive. Capturing the scents of fresh-cut green grass, wildflower hints, oak moss with redwood twigs and rugged oak moss, as well as its proprietary Funk Lock technology, which neutralizes unpleasant odor molecules so they become unrecognizable to your nose – this candle offers something truly different than most others on the market!

If you prefer sprays over candles, the PetPourri Odor Eliminator might be your ideal solution. Formulated from natural plant extracts and essential oils, it offers more effective odor elimination than its competitors – killing 99% of urine-related odors within 60 seconds in your home or car! Plus, it is safe for animals and free from alcohol deodorizers, perfumes, and deodorizers – plus it comes equipped with its handy travel spritzer! Two sizes are available, plus both come equipped with their travel spritzer!

Burn Time

Heavy-duty cleaning may be the most effective way to eliminate pet odors, but for added deodorizing help at home, it may be wise to add some additional deodorizing help in the form of an odor-eliminator candle! These candles contain fragrances and chemicals designed to safely neutralize unpleasant odors while simultaneously creating a delightful scent that both humans and pets can appreciate!

These 13 oz jar candles have been experimentally tested to eliminate over 99% of pet-related odors. Crafted with nontoxic materials like paraffin and soy wax blend, it features a zinc wick that will extend burn times up to 70 hours on average!

Scripted Fragrance’s Rescue Dog pet odor eliminator candle was inspired by the tremendous outdoorsy aromas of welcoming a new furry family member, such as freshly cut grass and wildflowers. It features a fast-acting nanotech formula to eliminate odors quickly. Furthermore, these candles are 100% soy, dye-free, additive-free, preservative-free, petroleum-free, and phthalate-free; plus, they adhere to IFRA safety standards when used around sugar gliders or other caged pets.

Scripted Fragrance’s Puppiccino candle offers another pet odor eliminator solution, featuring dark roasted coffee with delicate chocolate and vanilla notes for an enjoyable cup of joe while still managing to eliminate odors.

If you’re searching for something lighter, the Tree of Life Scented Candle may just be what you need! With rustic winds from the rain forest mixed in with sparkling citrus notes, woody oak moss, Emerald fir needles, and fragrant Redwood twigs – this fragrance will transport you right through to your home!

Nag Champa scented candles offer an appealing aromatic experience that transports you back to childhood memories, offering serenity and meditation while eliminating unpleasant odors from your home environment.


As any pet parent knows, odor-fighting should always be at the top of one’s priority list. While cleaning products and air fresheners can help to rid yourself of smelly messes left behind by your furry friends, candles provide an additional burst of fragrance long after they’ve left. A candle designed to address pet odors should contain enzymes that not only scent the air but can eliminate unpleasant odors at their source – this would be an ideal candle!

Vanilla Sandalwood Odor Eliminating Candle is a favorite among pet owners due to its relaxing fragrance and long burn time of up to 60 hours. Furthermore, its non-toxic composition ensures it’s safe for both humans and pets alike – not forgetting a money-back guarantee that adds another bonus for those searching for high-quality yet cost-effective solutions for combatting unwanted odors in the home.

Fur Moon offers this jar-shaped candle in various scent options, including Lavender Green Tea, Fresh Citrus, and Sugar Cookies. Crafted with paraffin and soy wax to be pet-safe for cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, and other small pets, it features a metal lid to prevent flame from spreading onto nearby surfaces or objects and a zinc wick to provide even burn and long-lasting fragrance.

Hippie Love Odor Eliminating Candle is an impressive 70-hour burn candle featuring tropical fruits and patchouli for an intoxicating aroma that will transform any space into an idyllic sanctuary. While other deodorizers mask unpleasant odors with fragrance, this one uses powerful enzymes to attack and eliminate them for an authentic, relaxing aroma in your home.

This product is constructed of paraffin and soy blend wax with a zinc wick, making it safe for use around pets and small animals. Additionally, its safety rim and metal lid help prevent the flame from spreading to surrounding surfaces or objects and any potential fire hazards. Please place it on a secure feeling and out of reach from curious paws; additionally, trim the wick before each use to reduce smoking and prolong its life span.