How to Make a Coal Miners Cake


Coal miner’s cake is an iconic dessert, enjoyed both sweet and savory. Made by combining pie filling with baked cake and topping it off with caramel or chocolate topping, its ease of preparation and long-term warmth makes it ideal for picnics!

Caramel Topping

If you want a deliciously smooth caramel sauce to drizzle on ice cream, stir into milk, drape over cappuccinos, or fold into batter, this recipe is for you. No candy thermometer is necessary, and it makes an ideal present for anyone who appreciates baking or sweet treats!

Homemade caramel can be made using just four simple ingredients for an irresistibly salty-sweet-buttery treat! A classic dessert topping, caramel can be used in nearly every meal, from cakes and pastries to pizza and more! However, while this process is relatively simple, it is essential to pay close attention while sugar cooks, as it can burn quickly!

When making caramel, the first step involves heating granulated sugar in a heavy-based saucepan over low heat and stirring continuously until it turns a deep amber color. Once this stage has been reached, remove it from heat immediately and pour it into the bowl as liquid sugar may continue to cook and bubble up; working quickly is key!

Sugar may crystallize when exposed to moisture; in such instances, caramel can still be saved by stirring in some additional water to resoak and dissolve it back into a liquid state. Crystallization often results from early stirring before the sugar has been fortified with butter or cream fats.

Once the sugar crystals have dissipated, slowly pour in room-temperature or slightly warmer butter and whisk into your caramel until smooth. Next, slowly drizzle in cream while continuously whisking – whisk until the entire mixture has become evenly blended and smooth.

This flavorful sauce can transform any dessert into an exquisite gourmet experience – drizzle it over ice cream, fold it into the batter, or use it as a dipping sauce for fruits or pretzels! A spoon may even suffice when eating this decadent treat!

Tip: Before beginning, have your cream and butter ready by your pan. Caramel-making requires quick movements; any time spent searching for ingredients will cause its sugar to burn. Chefs may prefer filling a sink with cold, icy water to help regulate heat without raising it too quickly.