Confirmation Cake Ideas For a Special Occasion


Confirmation cakes are more than just dessert; they can mark an important family milestone. By adding some religious symbols, such as a cross or dove, confirmation cakes can add even greater significance to this event.

Little Communion Girl Models Make an Angelic Cake Topper by Sweet Bloom (below left) and Verusca Walker (below suitable). A quilled cake design makes for the ideal cake topper!!

Gilded floral swags

Floral swags and gilded detailing make a striking design feature on confirmation cakes with more feminine touches, making floral swags and gilded detailing stunning features of confirmation cakes with feminine tones. Sweet Bloom in Australia creates stunning doile lace designs on their communion cake (above left). Meanwhile, The White Cakery uses shell pink designs with gilded crosses and delicate framing details on its delectable creation (below suitable). Both would work equally well as pretty first communion cakes or even christening cakes! If desired, ornamental white crosses could add further appeal – genuinely making a magnificent statement piece!

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Pretty lattice lace stenciling

Are you searching for a beautiful lattice lace stenciling idea to add an eye-catching element to your confirmation cake design? Take a look at Robin Martin of Gateaux Inc.’s tutorial, in which she shows how to make Alencon lace designs quickly and effortlessly using precise acrylic stencils, tulle, and royal icing – creating results that appear hand-traced! This would make an elegant addition to a girl’s communion dress, too; see these cakes by Roses and Bows Cakery (left) and Andrea’s Sweet Cakes (right), both featuring stunning pearl cross pearl-encrusted designs alongside this attractive lace design.

Angelic little communion girl cake topper

If you’re searching for an impressive cake topper to commemorate your first communion, look no further than Precious Moments’ porcelain figurine featuring a little girl praying beside her teddy bear. It can be personalized with both their name and the date of their first communion.

Edible lace makes an eye-catching statement on these stunning communion cakes and dessert tables, such as Simply Sweet Cakes & Cupcakes’ pink cake featuring delicate floral swags and frame detailing; Sweet Bloom adds delicate lattice lace stenciling for their purple damask cake; both would make beautiful communion or confirmation cakes for girls! Additionally, Andrea’s Sweet Cakes’ lavender damask cake also boasts a cameo side design – another elegant option available to them for their confirmation cake for girls!

Quilled cake design

Quilling as a cake decoration idea can really add a beautiful flourish to your creation. This papercraft technique involves creating intricate patterns from strips of colored paper rolled into pleats and curls – an excellent way to bring visual interest and create fun effects against pale backgrounds!

Quilling techniques were employed when crafting the flowers on this pastel pink and blue confirmation cake, according to its florist, who credits her cousin-in-law’s introduction of quilling seven years prior while visiting Korea.

House of the Rising Cake has perfected this decorative technique to produce a stunning peacock feather effect on cakes using this decorative technique. They use different colored feathers for each tier for a spectacular display – an effective way of adding flair and making cakes less traditional!

Angelic pigtailed little communion girl model

Karla Chumpitaz of Sweet K Cake Design showcased how beautiful communion girl models would make an excellent cake topper for confirmation or first holy communion by using one on this stylish white and pink floral damask cake. Roses and Bows Cakery offers this adorable edible pigtailed model topped with lovely angel wings for your first communion or confirmation cake topper needs. Doyle lace designs and lattice lace stenciling add a charming finishing touch to the luxury white communion cake from Verusca Walker (left), as well as this stylish pale blue design by The White Cakery with gold lettering (right). Both of these first communion cake ideas also include beautiful gold floral swags and frame detailing, which work just as well on confirmation cakes.

Mannequin and dressing table cake topper

When hosting a fashion-themed birthday, bat mitzvah, or fundraiser event, a dress form makes for the ideal centerpiece or gift holder. Here are ten ways you can repurpose it into stylish party decor.

Edible lace makes an eye-catching centerpiece on this communion dress worn by Karen Keaney of Roses and Bows Cakery (below left), while Andrea’s Sweet cakes added an eye-catching quilled design adorned with a lavender damask cake featuring quilled flowers as part of its decor (below suitable). Both would also make impressive toppings for confirmation cakes for girls!

Paula Cake Couture provides another exquisite finishing touch for a confirmation cake for girls with this lovely mannequin and dressing table topper, which perfectly encapsulates their beauty in their unique communion gown. Additionally, it makes an ideal cake idea for baby showers or weddings.

Pretty pink communion cake design

Pink and white cake designs make a stunning finishing touch for communion and confirmation cakes for girls, such as this docile lace design from Sweet Bloom or this glamorous shell pink one with gilded silver details from The White Cakery – they make fantastic confirmation cake ideas!

Quilled cake designs can make a beautiful communion cake for both boys and girls; see these adorable toppers by Karla Chumpitaz (left) and Paula Cake Couture (right). Or try featuring an eye-catching cameo side design such as that featured here by Cake & Cupboard or this lovely angelic pigtailed little communion girl model by Hada Straviesas.