Hood River, Oregon – Home to the Best of Craigslist


Craigslist is an extensive online classified advertisement website offering jobs, housing, items for sale, services, community announcements, and personal ads. It is owned and managed by a privately held company founded by Craig Newmark.

The plaintiff alleges that Defendants engaged in trademark infringement by using the mark CRAIGSLIST without authorization when listing items that did not belong to Craigslist as part of an unlawful scheme to list items without paying commission fees to Craigslist. Punitive damages would seem appropriate due to this willful, wanton, and deceptive conduct on the part of the Defendants.

Downtown Hood River

Hood River, situated between Mount Hood and Columbia River Gorge, offers year-round adventure. A wide array of restaurants, unique boutiques, and popular coffee shops line its streets; nearby breweries, wineries, and Fruit Loop offer even more outdoor recreation opportunities.

Hood River boasts an exciting art scene, multiple galleries, and permanent venues offering everything from acoustic music and theater productions to glassblowing workshops and painting classes – not to mention being able to support local artists during open studio tours!

Hood River offers an abundance of dining options ranging from quick and convenient to fine dining. Additionally, its vibrant brewery scene adds another dimension to Hood River’s culinary options. Don’t miss pFriem Family Brewers, with its industrial tasting room located along the river and delicious beers, or Doppio Coffee, which serves up homemade pastries and intricate latte art!

Downtown Hood River provides residents with ample dining, shopping, and recreational activities while maintaining low living expenses. Situated one hour east of Portland yet feeling distant from the hustle and bustle of Seattle and Los Angeles cities such as this one, Hood River provides the ideal combination of small-town charm with big-city conveniences; views of Mount Hood make you feel as if you are always vacationing there!

West Cascade

Cascade was designed and constructed by bKL architects and developed by Lendlease as a 37-story crystalline tower, offering studio to 3-bedroom apartment rental residences within its distinctively faceted all-glass facade. Offering more than 45,000 sq. feet of amenity space over three levels spanning three levels, Cascade offers a resort-style urban oasis complete with an indoor lap pool/hydrotherapy pool/tiered sunning lawn/32nd-floor outdoor terrace, jam room, maker’s space/golf simulator/multiple resident lounges, etc.

The western boundary of the High Cascades graben is defined by the 55 km (35 mi) Mount Hood fault zone that stretches from Columbia River through Mount Hood’s summit and to Clear Lake (Figure 5-3). Furthermore, the Hood River fault zone contains numerous oblique-slip faults linked to master faults that define its eastern limit (Figure 5-4).

The eastern boundaries of the High Cascades are unclear due to lava flows from early to middle Miocene CRBG eruptions; however, their northern graben segment exhibiting northward younging can be defined by two kilometers south of the Smullin Road fault zone (Figure 5-2) that runs two kilometers (0.8 mi). This two-kilometer segment of Smullin Road fault zones connects directly with the Bluegrass Ridge fault zone in the south and Pocket Creek fault zone in the west; other segments both north and south may exist that suggest their geothermal properties or seismic interpretations (Conrey et al. 2002).

Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks is a historic town that hosts some of the best attractions of the Columbia Gorge. Conveniently situated near Portland, Hood River, and Mount Hood – Cascade Locks provides families and visitors looking to discover all that this particular region has to offer an opportunity for exploration.

Cascade Locks’ history is closely interwoven with that of the Columbia River. Before the creation of government canals and locks in the late nineteenth century, river travelers had to portage around Cascade Rapids, or brave captains attempted to shoot it with their sternwheelers – both endeavors that often proved risky business. When the construction of government locks was finally completed in November 1896, Cascade Locks came into being.

Cascade Locks remains an attractive stopover for travelers and vacationers, featuring many restaurants, shops, and hotels, such as the Columbia Gorge Lodge. There’s also a public swimming pool, hiking trails, and bike rental services in Cascade Locks – plus its stunning national scenic area boasts subalpine meadows decorated with flowers from every variety and hidden waterfalls! Alongside this mountainous scenery lies rare species of wildlife as well as gorgeous glacial lakes at altitude.

Cascade Locks’ highlights should not be missed when visiting, such as the Bonneville Dam and Fish Ladder, which serve as testaments of human creativity and provide visitors with an incredible sense of awe and wonder.

Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, provides the backdrop for an astounding variety of wildlife, plants, geology, history, recreation, and recreational opportunities. People have long traveled this dramatic route in search of adventure and discovery.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law an Act establishing the 292,500-acre National Scenic Area (NSA). This land use law and its regulations were designed to preserve the unique features of the Gorge while supporting sustainable urban growth.

Today, the National Snow and Avalanche Area consists of three counties from Washington state and three from Oregon. A bi-state agency manages non-federal lands while the Forest Service oversees any federally managed properties within this NSA.

The Columbia River Gorge has quickly become one of the world’s premier windsurfing and kiteboarding locations, where world champions compete. You can even give it a try yourself; lessons and equipment rentals are readily available. In addition, hiking trails abound here – stroll along waterfront paths or follow trails leading to hidden waterfalls; its unique geography also produces some of the country’s finest wine, from Pinot Noir to Tempranillo to Syrah in cool western hills to Tempranillo and Syrah in drier eastern valleys!