Getting From Hoboken to NYC


The trip from Hoboken to NYC is simple thanks to multiple transportation options – bus, train, PATH, or ferry!

Hoboken to NYC can easily be reached using the PATH subway – it’s affordable and reliable and offers direct service from Hoboken to downtown NYC.


Different travel options from Hoboken to NYC vary in cost according to the time and day of day. For instance, during rush hour, taking the subway train can be more costly than ever, while ferry rides often offer much lower fares and provide great views, as well as the opportunity to buy snacks and drinks while relaxing! Many prefer ferrying as a more accessible and less-crowded alternative than taking subway trains to get to NYC.

Use the PATH subway as an economical and fast alternative for getting from Hoboken to Manhattan – not only is this less costly than bus or driving, but the commute time may not be suitable for families with young children. However, Hoboken PATH station is conveniently located near Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and Ferry Landing for fast service to NYC!

Uber or Lyft cars may also provide an economical way of traveling from Hoboken to New York City; however, sourcing reliable drivers during busy hours may be challenging. Also, be sure to ask if they permit pets.

Hoboken Terminal is one of the region’s significant transportation hubs. Home to nine NJ Transit commuter rail lines and Metro-North Railroad line services as well as several private bus lines, the Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) rapid transit system, and NY Waterway-operated ferries, it serves as one of the region’s primary transportation links.

Hoboken residents looking for alternative transportation methods to reach New York City from Hoboken can also take the ferry provided by NY Waterway, which runs between Hoboken and Manhattan and costs $9 for one-way trips and $107 monthly passes.

The 122 Bus operates on weekdays between Hoboken Terminal and Midtown / W. 39th Street in Manhattan. You can purchase your ticket at the bus stop or online; travel takes about 30 minutes. In addition, other ferries also depart Hoboken for Brookfield Place and Pier 11/ Wall Street, respectively, in Manhattan.


If you plan to take a ferry from Hoboken, NJ, to Manhattan, you must factor in how long it will take to arrive at the ferry terminal. Be sure to allow enough time for parking, walking to the dock, and boarding. Furthermore, early on weekends can save time as ferries often fill quickly.

The NYC Ferry is an affordable way to travel between Manhattan and New Jersey, and six year-round routes are already operational with more planned. These trips include Coney Island and Governor’s Island visits; you can even hop aboard to experience a Manhattan sunset!

Booking tickets before taking the NYC Ferry is essential to guarantee a spot and avoid delays or cancellations; its schedule can change anytime, so always consult their website before embarking.

Staten Island Ferry provides a fantastic way to discover New York City, but weekends can become congested. On weekdays alone, approximately 70,000 passengers board; that number swells further on sunny weekends when more visitors use this free tourist destination that provides stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

For an optimal Staten Island Ferry experience, plan to depart before or after commuter rush hours. As these ferries tend to become overcrowded at these times, finding seating with an ocean view may become impossible. Furthermore, it’s recommended that tickets be reserved in advance as popular days and weekends may sell out ultimately.

For an economical approach, take the PATH subway or bus from Port Authority Midtown Terminal in New York to Hoboken’s Hudson River Ferry Dock via the PATH subway or bus. Parking near this dock is available during weekends, afternoons/evenings, but beware: spaces fill quickly!


Hoboken offers many attractive aspects for prospective residents, including its efficient transportation hub and many public transit options, according to Prevu Real Estate. However, newcomers might find them daunting; therefore, they must learn about these services before moving.

One option is taking the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail from Newark Airport directly into Hoboken Terminal on Hoboken’s waterfront, which serves nine NJT commuter rail lines, two Metro-North Railroad lines, several private bus services, Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) rapid transit system and NY Waterway-operated ferries.

An alternative option for getting to Hoboken from New York is a taxi, which may cost as much as $70-plus, depending on where it begins and ends. Rush hour traffic in Manhattan may last an hour for this route alone! Taxis also tend to be more costly than other forms of transport.

PATH subway trains run nearly 24/7 and can get you into Manhattan within 20 minutes – though this option tends to be more costly and less convenient during rush hours.

Take the ferry for a beautiful view of the city skyline at an economical cost of $9 round-trip, but keep in mind that these rides don’t run after 9:30 p.m.; therefore, if you plan to be out late, it may be more effective to commute via train or bus instead.

If you plan to take a ferry ride from Hoboken to Manhattan, you must know where the terminal is. Knowing its location lets you see which ferries are available for use and will give the most accurate information possible. Faretrotter provides objective data enabling users to navigate efficiently between these cities.

The ferry is an efficient and scenic way to travel between Hoboken and Manhattan from Hoboken, offering climate-controlled cabins, ample seating space, and stunning skyline views. Pet friendly with bikes and strollers allowed on board; please check schedules as they can change quickly before boarding!

Getting There

Hoboken residents looking to avoid traffic and enjoy breathtaking views of Manhattan will appreciate taking the NYC Ferry as their commute option, with fare costs less than subway tickets and providing an inviting environment thanks to indoor seating and climate-controlled cabins. Unfortunately, however, rush hour congestion may make this mode of transport less than ideal and increase travel time considerably compared to other forms of transit.

The NY Waterway Ferry travels between Hoboken / NJ Transit Terminal and Pier 11/ Wall St in Downtown Manhattan in approximately 10 minutes and costs $9 for one-way ticket purchase at either terminal. Monthly passes may also be purchased.

Hoboken residents looking to reach the ferry terminal by bus have another way: taking the 126 bus service, which operates every 20 minutes from NYC’s Port Authority Bus Terminal – making this option especially attractive when traveling with children or not wanting to wait on PATH trains.

Once at the ferry terminal, parking in one of the lots near it costs $16 daily or you can take a taxi ride for approximately $5. Weekend parking spots tend to fill quickly, so plan accordingly.

Hoboken to New York can be easily reached using public transit systems like the PATH subway. Running nearly 24/7, it offers cost savings over taxi cabs while dropping you off as close as two blocks from the Empire State Building.

Alternative transportation methods include taking the New Jersey Transit train. This will take you directly to the Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) station on 33rd Street and 6th Avenue – conveniently located across Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan – taking around 30 minutes with less expensive charges than taxis, making this option especially suitable for students needing fast campus access, saving both money on gas costs as well as time!