How SOLIDWORKS Certification Training Can Help You Stand Out From the Competition


Certification in SOLIDWORKS can be an invaluable asset to career CAD professionals. However, setting aside enough time to study can often prove challenging – leading to procrastination or an underprepared feeling on test day. What do you need to consider about آموزش سالیدورک.

There are ways you can ease the strain of test prep with some practical solutions, like learning shortcuts and mouse gestures that will streamline your workflow.
Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)

SOLIDWORKS users with advanced skills may take the Higher-level Certification exams. These tests are more demanding than basic Associate certifications and focus on more tools and features than Associate ones; additionally, higher-level certifications often require hands-on experience using SOLIDWORKS software and knowledge of CAD principles.

Gaining SOLIDWORKS Certification can bring many advantages for both individual users and businesses. It serves as proof of proficiency, can give an edge over competitors, boost career advancement, and establish professional credibility – but remembering to invest time into ongoing learning efforts to stay informed of new developments in the industry will only further these advantages.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA). The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate program (CSWA) is the starting point of SOLIDWORKS certification, tailored for those just out of formal education or having no prior experience with 3D modeling. Divided into three segments covering part modeling, drawing fundamentals, and assembly creation; it serves as an ideal first step toward becoming a SOLIDWORKS Certified Professional.

Once a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) certification has been earned, the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) exam should be taken. As one of the most coveted SOLIDWORKS exams available today, CSWP proves particularly challenging and takes place over three parts. Exam takers must demonstrate an ability to create solid prismatic mechanical part models while understanding design intent in an exam that lasts six hours and has five parts.

Successful CSWP exam takers can then proceed with taking the Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) examination – known as “the final boss.” It has a 4-hour time limit and covers everything from fundamental concepts to the latest tools and features; to pass, a minimum score of 85% must be attained; it is thus one of the highest SOLIDWORKS Certifications.

All SOLIDWORKS Certification exams are administered via the MySolidWorks online portal, where users can purchase exam credits, schedule their test, receive results, and retake it after a waiting period that varies according to each level of certification exam.

Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)

SOLIDWORKS certification can give you the edge in today’s highly competitive job market, by showing proof of software proficiency. Certification may even help secure employment or promote career advancement as it proves your software competency and can even help secure higher salaries and promotions – not to mention developing and honing skills!

SOLIDWORKS is a robust mechanical design automation software tool, used across industries like aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and construction. Certifications exist for various levels of expertise using SOLIDWORKS: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Professional (CSWP), and Simulation Expert (CSX).

To become a Certified SolidWorks Analyst (CSWA), students must complete a SOLIDWORKS training course designed to prepare them for a certification exam. The exam can be found at qualified educational institutions or Academic Certification Providers and is proctored. Students must pass both parts to receive their certificate.

The CSWA Exam is intended to test student knowledge of basic engineering fundamentals and industry practices using SOLIDWORKS CAD software. Before taking this two-part exam, students should review online tutorials on Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings before sitting the CSWA test itself. Questions on this exam are based upon an in-depth illustrated dimensioned model with a minimum passing score set at 165 out of 240 points.

Students may take SOLIDWORKS Advanced Topic exams to enhance their SOLIDWORKS knowledge and increase their chances of earning certifications. These exams are available for a limited time only in any SOLIDWORKS country and provide an opportunity to demonstrate your SOLIDWORKS proficiency, helping set you apart from the competition.

The Certified Safety Worker Assessment exam (CSWA exam) can be challenging, with only a 64% passing rate on average. To increase your chances of passing it successfully on your first try, attending SOLIDWORKS training courses and practicing regularly are highly recommended to build up the skills necessary for passing this examination on the first attempt.

Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Educator (TECE)

SOLIDWORKS Certification can give you an edge in today’s highly competitive job marketplace. It demonstrates your dedication to ongoing education and professional growth while increasing job security or salary. In addition, achieving certification demonstrates to potential employers that you possess all of the knowledge and skills required for fulfilling a task successfully – be it as an undergraduate student or an experienced CAD professional. Getting certified gives you the edge you’ll need for success in today’s job marketplace!

SolidWorks is the world’s leading CAD software, and there are multiple certifications available for it. To earn one of these credentials, an exam must be successfully passed covering everything from creating equations to using assembly wizard. Examinations usually last 3 hours long and must achieve at least 70% to pass successfully.

SOLIDWORKS Certification training courses can be found both online and at a SOLIDWORKS-authorized reseller. Many training programs include practice quizzes and mock exams designed to prepare you for the exam; however, for optimal preparation, it’s best to enroll in a comprehensive course that offers extensive practice with ample structure – this should include full study materials, expert instruction, and a tutor.

The SOLIDWORKS Educator Competency Exam (TECE) is intended for educators teaching SOLIDWORKS software in their classrooms. This credential helps educators demonstrate technical proficiency when teaching 3D CAD, simulation, and sustainable design concepts to students while listing them in the public SOLIDWORKS Certified Users Directory.

Certifications do not expire, however, you may need to retake an exam to keep up with changes in the SOLIDWORKS interface and tools, such as the recent version’s powerful fluid flow simulation feature that requires professional training to understand.

Joining forces as a SOLIDWORKS-licensed educator to give your students every tool necessary for success is key in shaping future engineers. By unlocking SOLIDWORKS Educational Edition licenses, they can experience an immersive virtual environment while developing practical 3D CAD mechanical engineering knowledge to advance their careers.

Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSX)

If you are serious about furthering your mechanical design career or becoming certified, SOLIDWORKS certification training offers a wealth of lessons. Not only is it an effective way to demonstrate your SOLIDWORKS knowledge but it can help secure employment or earn more at current companies – plus two free exams each year through the SOLIDWORKS Certification program!

To become certified in SOLIDWORKS, it’s necessary to complete a hands-on exam that uses the software to solve modeling challenges. Timed exams must be passed with at least 70% correct answers within the allotted period; otherwise, there will be an extended waiting period until retaking occurs. Exams should be challenging; you need a solid knowledge of SOLIDWORKS fundamentals as a prerequisite.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) certification provides an excellent starting point for high school students, postsecondary students, and entry-level engineering design professionals alike. This is the most frequently obtained SOLIDWORKS certification level and covers all of the essential tools and features you’ll need when creating 3D models.

Once you’ve passed the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), the next step should be the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP). This more challenging exam covers everything that the CSWA does as well as some additional advanced tools and features; topics include mass properties, sketching equations, and assemblies – it is a rigorous test, but essential in getting into mechanical design or furthering current positions.

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Topic certifications cover specific tools and techniques. These exams are among the toughest available; each one takes 90 minutes and requires at least 75% for passing.

SOLIDWORKS Acclaim allows users to earn Digital Badges that can be added to LinkedIn profiles or used as proof of achievements, making you stand out among the competition. Employers across industries recognize these badges.