Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers


Chip’s is a beloved Dallas institution, famed for their cooked-to-order one-third to one-half pound hamburger served on a poppy seed bun. Additionally, it offers salads, Tex-Mex dishes, and “football-sized” baked potatoes.

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Chip’s used to offer dedicated gluten-free fryers, but now they don’t. Celiacs should take extra precautions.


A hamburger is a sandwich consisting of fillings – typically ground meat patty – placed inside a sliced bun or bread roll and may include various condiments and toppings. A popular fast food, hamburgers can often contain processed meat. Still, vegetarian and vegan versions exist depending on the ingredients and cooking method used, providing valuable protein sources as part of an overall balanced diet.

Burgers vary in size and style, with most featuring a thin patty of meat combined with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. Burgers may be prepared on a stovetop, grill, or deep fryer and typically involve mixing fat-rich liquid such as milk or water to form a moist yet tender patty; additional ingredients may include salt, pepper, and other seasonings for flavoring purposes.

Traditional hamburgers are typically topped with American cheese; At the same time, other people may prefer different kinds of cheese, so it is essential to select one which melts well for optimal taste and texture. Cheddar, Swiss, or Monterey Jack all work great as melting cheeses; choosing quality toppings and sauces can also add a great depth of flavor to your burger’s final product!

A patty melt is an innovative take on the classic hamburger sandwich, comprising a patty with sauteed onions served on rye bread. It is usually coated with mustard and mayonnaise; sometimes, it may even feature grilled mushrooms or tomatoes for decoration. Other versions of the patty melt include turkey or tuna burgers, fish sandwiches, or vegetable patties – each adding their distinct twist!

Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers is a family-friendly restaurant in Dallas offering an assortment of burgers, fries, and beverages. Owned by Brent Gamster and with locations all across town. Customers can use Postmates delivery/pickup services and order meals online – making it easier for busy families to have nutritious meals on the go.


Fries are an American snack favorite, making it hard to go wrong when ordering them. Unfortunately, many Americans can be misled into ordering chips instead since their appearance may be similar. Although chips and fries look identical, their differences are very significant.

The perfect fries are made of potatoes cut into long slices and deep-fried until golden before being sprinkled with salt or your preferred seasoning while hot so that it sticks to their surface. Fries make an ideal side dish or appetizer to accompany other foods, such as burgers.

When it comes to cooking fries, a few tricks will ensure they turn out perfect every time. First and foremost, ensure your pan is hot enough to maintain an appropriate oil temperature, and do not overcrowd as this will lead to stuck-together fries. Furthermore, occasionally shaking the pan ensures even cooking.

For a delectable yet easy burger experience, select high-quality ground beef with an 80/20 ratio of meat to fat. Shape the patties loosely and resist pressing down while cooking to prevent drying out of your masterpiece!

Assemble your patty in your preferred combination of salt and pepper before placing it on a bun and topping it off as desired. Enjoy!

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers made its latest foray into Oak Cliff on Monday, marking 31 years in business under Brent Gamster’s ownership and now with locations on Lovers Lane at Dallas North Tollway, Lakewood and Plano, and Oak Cliff.

A delicious burger starts with high-quality ground meat that has been ground by hand and formed into loose patties by hand before being topped with cheese, onions, and tangy burger sauce before being placed onto a soft and sweet potato roll for easy consumption – this one’s worth the drive!


Salads have come a long way since Spongebob Squarepants popularised them when he defined them as taking all the buns, patties, and cheese off a Krabby Patty and serving it on a bed of lettuce. Modern salads contain much more than greens – they may include other cooked and raw vegetables, grains, legumes, meat proteins, and fruit, with various sauces or dressings available to add zest or zesty bites! Salads can be made fresh for guests or served buffet-style – perfect as side dishes or main courses!

Vegetables are among the most frequently included salad ingredients, such as leafy greens, carrots, and celery. Vegetables provide essential fiber, vitamins, and minerals while being low in both fat content and calories.

Fruits make delicious salad toppings but should be consumed in moderation due to being high in both sugar and sodium content. Popular options for consumption include berries, apples, and oranges; fresh fruits can add sweetness while providing added health benefits; for instance, one cup of berries provides vitamin C, which boosts immune systems while decreasing cardiovascular disease risks.

Nuts, seeds, and beans are popular salad ingredients due to their abundance of protein, fiber, and other essential nutritional properties that help people feel fuller more quickly after eating a salad. Beans like black, kidney, and lima beans provide excellent protein sources; one cup of boiled beans offers around 17 grams. Other sources of protein are tofu and edamame.

Pre-cooked chicken, shrimp, or fish may make for convenient salad additions; however, they often contain an abundance of salt and unhealthy fats that are detrimental to our health. Grilling your chicken instead can be both healthier and cheaper!

Avoid adding high-fat items like croutons, bacon bits, and cheese to your salad; these ingredients can increase sodium and fat while making it less satisfying. Also, limit how much coleslaw, potato salad, and creamy fruit salad you consume.


Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers offers classic American homestyle cooking. Family-owned, its relaxed environment will put guests at ease. Furthermore, an assortment of beverages complement burgers here, such as wine, beer, and milkshakes. Wine pairs well with sweet and salty tastes, while its umami content enhances food flavor – pairing red wine well with cheeseburgers, while white wines pair better with veggie burgers.

This local favorite is known for its juicy one-third to one-half pound burgers served on poppy seed buns, with add-ons such as guacamole and fried green tomatoes. There are also giant salads, classic sandwiches, Tex-Mex favorites, sweet potato fries, and a wide variety of delicious shakes on their menu.

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburger offers delicious and reasonably priced burgers made with freshly cut Idaho potatoes and premium beef. For maximum satisfaction, each burger is served with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Indulge yourself with delicious food at Chip’s. Chip’s Restaurant provides the ideal setting for casual meals with friends and family, while sports fans also frequent it regularly due to its large-screen TV and ample seating capacity. Their friendly and helpful staff members ensure an enjoyable dining experience! Notably, this restaurant does not specialize in gluten-free cuisine and cannot guarantee that all items will be safe for celiacs. Nonetheless, their food remains worth trying – their staff is knowledgeable about gluten allergies and will take precautions to reduce cross-contact. As this is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, customers should consult the manager regarding safety precautions before dining there.