Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream


Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream of Denton, Texas, offers over 80 flavors of homemade ice cream and an antique soda fountain, and lunch fare. Their restaurant provides a cozy environment and prompt service for their patrons.

Ice cream treats await those visiting Denton Square! Located within a historic building, plenty of seating is here so everyone in your party can indulge.

The atmosphere

Beth Marie’s is located in an adorable old-fashioned building on the town square and provides delicious homemade ice cream in more than 100 flavors, perfect for family visits and friend gatherings. Their friendly and helpful staff makes their shop even more welcoming, offering everything from vanilla and chocolate flavors to unique combinations such as lavender honey or honey jalapeno!

This original location of this ice cream shop opened its doors for business in 1998, but its black-and-white checkered floor, marble countertop, and pressed metal ceiling could give one the impression it has been around much longer. They use an antique machine capable of producing 10 gallons in 18 minutes and super-premium ice cream made on-site that boasts 14% butterfat content.

Beth Marie’s owners take great pride in contributing to the Denton community, with two being active participants in various organizations that benefit the city – from Denton Main Street and its Downtown Task Force, through Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton Chamber of Commerce, Good Samaritan-Lake Forest Retirement Center and Denton State Supported Living Center.

The food

Beth Marie’s first opened its doors in 1998, yet its black-and-white checkered floor and marble countertop give it a nostalgic vibe. Ice cream production takes place right there with an original 1927 machine producing 10 gallons every 18 minutes; their menu offers 80 different sundae flavors along with house-made waffle cones containing 14 percent butterfat super-premium ice cream as well as cake batter and bubble gum-themed sorbets!

Denton’s Historic Square is home to this vintage-style landmark offering over 100 flavors of homemade ice cream in an antique soda fountain and sandwiches and bun cha as lunch items. Their staff is accommodating, while service is fast.

Ice cream at this spot is exceptional, boasting an exquisite texture that’s neither rock-hard nor brittle and an ideal sweetness that isn’t overly sweet. Their flavors are equally inventive – classic vanilla and chocolate flavors and more unique ones such as lavender honey, honey jalapeno ice creams, and even delicious sorbets that taste divine.

The service

Something new and delicious awaits you at this charming, old-fashioned ice cream shop with homemade flavors that rival any gourmet version. Friendly staff offer plenty of choice among their wide variety of delightful waffle cones – crispy yet not rock hard or brittle; toppings and whipped cream add extra sweetness for added sweetness – I highly recommend this place to anyone searching for an enjoyable treat!

Beth Marie’s of Denton opened in 1998, yet its timeless black-and-white checkered floor, marble countertop, and pressed metal ceiling make you think it has been around forever. Still using an antique ice cream machine on site to produce 14 percent butterfat super-premium ice cream flavors, seasonally changing menu (over 130 available!). They also offer milkshakes, banana splits floats featuring many of these varieties.

Maurice’s Muddy Mess is one of my all-time favorites, featuring chocolate ice cream, vanilla fudge, and a hint of salt – it makes for the ultimate dessert experience! Each bite makes me long for more.

Beth Marie’s provides prompt and courteous service at reasonable prices, making this family-friendly restaurant accept credit cards. Perfect for an after-work treat! With old-fashioned flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough and plenty of traditional recipes like raspberry or cinnamon rolls – their staff is ready and waiting to help find your new favorites – plus, there is even an area in the back where you can sit back and indulge.

The prices

Beth Marie’s is your go-to spot for old-fashioned ice cream treats at reasonable prices, with classic options like vanilla and chocolate and special ones like lavender honey and honey jalapeno. Their prices are incredibly fair, and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Denton, Texas, residents love this vintage-style oasis featuring over 100 flavors of homemade ice cream, an antique soda fountain, and lunch fare! Bring the whole family for some delicious sweet treats.

This menu offers all the classics, as sundaes and bananas split into 80 flavors. They used an antique ice cream machine in 1927 to produce 14 percent butterfat super-premium ice cream. They offer fresh waffle cones and friendly, helpful and friendly staff; their place is clean. Plus, there are picnic tables so you can enjoy your treat outside!