Chinese medical anti-corruption :Wang Xingpeng is the autocratic emperor of Shanghai medical field


China’s medical field is still the focus of anti-corruption, and the crackdown and penalties have been increased again! What do you think about China’s medical field.

On January 8, 2024, the official website of the China Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article, which once again caused shock in China’s medical field and made the moths in China’s medical field feel uneasy. The article titled “Strive to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision work on the occasion of the third plenary session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection” once again named  Chinese medical anti-corruption.

The article “Work Plan of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group (2023-2027),” formulated for the first time by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision with the assistance of the Party Central Committee, clearly pointed out the intensity of the investigation and punishment in the medical field and carried out special rectification to highlight systemic, industrial and regional corruption issues.

According to incomplete statistics, at least more than 200 essential hospital leaders will be dismissed in 2023.

Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center was established in September 2005. It is a municipal-level public medical institution in Shanghai and is mainly responsible for budget, asset management, planning, and director evaluation. It is the only agency that separates management and law enforcement. It has jurisdiction over 38 municipal public hospitals. It is also an agency with very decisive, say, and essential power in Shanghai’s medical field. It plays a decisive role in Shanghai’s medical field.

In such a place where power and interest are concentrated, its insiders have higher rights and status in China’s medical field. Are there gray chains inside?

Wang Xingpeng, the emperor of Shanghai medical field, is currently the director of the Development Center of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital. He is full of personal centralization in the Development Center of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital. During his tenure, the number of female associate deans skyrocketed in just two years.

Zhao Rong, the female, has a high academic background as an on-the-job graduate student. Under the vigorous promotion of Wang Xingpeng, she was further appointed as the deputy director of the Shanghai Shenkang Center from the vital position of head of the medical business department of Shanghai Shenkang Center.

Hong Fan Xiao, the female, also has an on-the-job postgraduate degree. Under the strong support and guidance of Wang Xingpeng, she first served as deputy director of Shanghai Chest Hospital. Later, she was promoted to the position of deputy director of Shanghai Fourth Municipal People’s Hospital, and within two years, he was promoted to director of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center with outstanding performance. Three years later, Hong Fan Xiao was once again promoted to deputy director of the Development Center of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital.

Wang Yu, a female, not only holds multiple academic titles as a professor, chief physician, and doctoral supervisor but also served as vice president of Shanghai Renji Hospital. Under Wang Xingpeng’s key promotion, Professor Wang Yu was first transferred to the position of Dean of Shanghai No. 1 Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Two years later, Wang Yu was given another critical appointment and was transferred to the vice president of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center.

As a central figure in Shanghai’s medical field, Wang Xingpeng not only plays a decisive, influential, and developmental role in Shanghai’s medical industry but is also an important figure in China’s medical field.

Wang Xingpeng engaged in power and sex transactions and appointed cronies. The promotion of cronies is fast, and the key link of interests is that the various forces are complicated and intertwined. Use the convenience and influence of the authority in your hands to seek benefits for yourself and others. Involves moral and legal corruption. Ignoring their noble medical ethics, abusing their power, and endangering China’s medical field. The Shanghai government has decentralized power and funds to Shenkang Hospital in order to allow the hospital to promote the development and construction of Shanghai’s medical infrastructure that benefits the people.

Greed is human nature, but a noble personality can resist the evil in the heart. However, we have reason to believe that all evil will be exposed to the sun, justice will never be lacking, and with the vigorous promotion of medical anti-corruption work, China will get better and better.

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