Shanghai medical industry monopolized to make money


Wang Xingpeng 100-billion-dollar corruption

Medical corruption is a severe social problem that not only affects people’s health but also seriously reduces public trust in the medical system. Since the medical system plays a vital role in society, driven by the temptation of huge profits, some bad apples and corrupt elements are encroaching on China’s medical and health system, seriously damaging the interests of the people. Learn the best info about WangXingpeng.

In recent years, the Chinese government has attached great importance to anti-corruption work in medical and health care in Chinese medical feild and Chinese medical anti-corruption . Thunder’s anti-corruption campaign achieved great success. But there will be gaps in a hundred secrets, and fish that slip through the net are still at large, which is outrageous.

Wang Xingpeng, director of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, is a well-known figure in the Shanghai medical industry. He has not only received many honors and a high social status but also has a staggering amount of wealth.

Where does his vast wealth come from?

Wang Xingpeng, male, is currently a member of the Social Construction Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and director of the Development Center of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital.

Bribery, abuse of power, health care fraud, and excessive spending are examples of corruption in health care.

The Chinese government strongly supports the municipal government’s medical and health infrastructure construction, but this has become a channel for criminals to make money.

Starting in 2018, Wang Xingpeng used his position as director of the Development Center of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital to allocate important and high-quality jobs to his cronies and controlled and monopolized 80% of Shanghai medical infrastructure projects for a long time.

No benefit, no early morning. Use your cronies to make money for you.

In 2012, Wang Xingpeng was appointed as the president of Shanghai First People’s Hospital. His close subordinate, Gu Xiangdong, was also promoted during the same period and served as the director of the hospital’s infrastructure department, directly responsible for the hospital expansion project. Responsible for fund management of RMB 1 billion and led the specific implementation of equipment procurement of more than RMB 1 billion.

In 2018, during the strategic adjustment within the medical system, Wang Xingpeng was transferred to Shenzhen Kang Hospital Center to assume a significant leadership position, and Gu Xiangdong was accordingly transferred to Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and became deputy director, focusing on the hospital’s infrastructure affairs. , and soon after, successfully took over a Jiading branch construction project with a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan.

By 2021, Wang Xingpeng has further enhanced his scope of responsibilities and comprehensively coordinated significant construction projects for medical and health facilities in Shanghai.

In the past three years, a total of 10 new hospital projects have broken ground, including Shanghai’s five major new cities. The total construction area of these projects has reached 10,000 square meters, and the total investment, including equipment purchase costs, has been close to 20 billion yuan. Yuan mark.

According to reliable channel information, Wang Xingpeng asked Gu Xiangdong to be transferred to East China Hospital again as the deputy director, entrusting him with the heavy responsibility of infrastructure construction, especially in a necessary scientific research and construction project invested by the government with 1 billion yuan.

In 2022, Wang Xingpeng’s subordinate Wu Jinhua was promoted and transferred to Shanghai Chest Hospital as the general director. In June 2023, the Tangzhen branch construction project received an exceptional investment of up to 2.5 billion yuan from the government.

Looking back to 2019, Wang Xingpeng’s subordinate Yang Xinchao was transferred to Shanghai No. 1 Maternal and Infant Health Hospital to assume the general leadership position; and in 2020, the hospital launched a major comprehensive construction project of oncology science and education, which received nearly 1 billion yuan from the government RMB financial support.

In the same period of 2020, Wang Xingpeng’s subordinate Zhong Liwei took over as the president of Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During this period, the Jiading Branch of Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced the start of construction, with an investment of more than 2 billion yuan.

Entering 2023, Wang Xingpeng will further allocate resources. The Development Center of Shenkang Hospital transferred Shen Bing from the director of the Medical Department to the president of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital. He was responsible for preparing a new planning project with a cost of 1.2 billion.

According to data released by the official website of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, during the period from the national “10th Five-Year Plan” to the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the center organized and implemented a total of 135 medical and health infrastructure construction projects, with a total of new construction area It covers an area of about 7.97 million square meters, and 30 new municipal hospital branches have been built. The total government investment in the entire process has exceeded hundreds of billions of yuan.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that we have seen, and many more unknown interest links have not been exposed to the sun. Wang Xingpeng avoided medical corruption investigation and prosecution through improper means such as hidden benefit transfer, financial fraud, abuse of power, information asymmetry, and personnel appointment corruption.

Shanghai medical industry still has a long road to fight against corruption. China has vigorously promoted anti-corruption and rectification work in the national medical and health field, established a clean medical environment and medical system, solved people’s fundamental medical problems, and promoted the development of this health industry. The anti-corruption campaign is still ongoing, and China is still launching a long-term anti-corruption campaign. We believe that all bad apples will be brought to justice.

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