Which team has beaten Liverpool the most in Premier League?


Liverpool Football Club is one of the biggest teams in England when you talk about the English Premier League, and the club is located in Liverpool. This club was founded in 1892 after John Houlding who was the president of Everton and the owner of Anfield stadium had an issue with the board of Everton. In the list of teams that Liverpool is playing against the most is Everton. Everton is the only club that they have played against the most in all the football leagues and tournaments. Among all these clubs in the Premier League, the only club that Liverpool has beaten the most is Aston Villa. Liverpool played against Aston Villa 191 times and they won them 94 times out of 191.What do you need to consider about Soccer Victor.

Which team has beaten Liverpool the most in the Premier League? Manchester United is the only team in the Premier League that has beaten Liverpool the most. So far, Manchester United has beaten Liverpool 69 times, which is 69 successful wins.

What is the Biggest Defeat for Liverpool?

  • On December 11th, 1954, Liverpool lost 1-7 to Birmingham City in England’s Second Division.

  • On the 19th of April 1930, Liverpool recorded a defeat of 0-6 at Anfield Stadium when they were playing against Sunderland in England’s First Division.

  • On the 1st of January 1934, Liverpool was defeated by Newcastle United and the scoreline was 2-9 during England’s First Division.

  • List of all Liverpool recorded defeats in Premier League: On the 24th of May 2015 Liverpool recorded a defeat when they were playing against Stoke City the scoreline was 1-6, followed by another defeat by Manchester City on the 9th of September 2017 the scoreline was 0-5, it was not a fair one on 4th of October 2020 as Liverpool recorded another defeat against Aston Villa and the scoreline was 2-7.

  • A brief Liverpool FA Cup recorded defeat: On the 16th of January 1946 Liverpool recorded a defeat when they were playing against Bolton Wanderers in the fourth round in their first leg and the scoreline was 0-5.

  • Liverpool League Cup defeat that was recorded: On 17th of December 2019 Liverpool recorded another defeat when they were playing against Aston Villa in the quarter-finals and the scoreline was 0-5.

  • Liverpool recorded the most league defeats in a season: In the year 1953 – 1954 season Liverpool recorded straight 23 defeats out of 42 games played.

  • Liverpool recorded the fewest defeats in the Premier League: In the years 1983 – 1984 Liverpool played 28 games unbeaten.

  • How many times have Liverpool beaten Manchester United? Liverpool has beaten Manchester United 71 times, while Manchester United has taken the lead 83 times. In their remaining 59 games, they end up playing a draw during their full-time (90 minutes).
  • How many times has Man City beat Liverpool? Manchester City and Liverpool have played a total games of 196. And Manchester City has beaten Liverpool for good 50 times. While Liverpool has beaten Manchester City for good 93 times the rest 53 games they end up playing a draw after full time (90 minutes).
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