What to Order at Cava?


Cava’s unique build-your-own format, high-quality Mediterranean ingredients, and fan-favorite dips have been an instantaneous hit among lunch-goers, evidenced by hour-long lines waiting to enjoy their bowls or pita sandwiches from this fast-casual chain. TikTok clips show large crowds waiting their turn at Cava to satisfy their hunger with its build-your-own bowls or pita sandwiches.

But even salad can pack plenty of calories and sugar; therefore, we ranked the best cava orders.

1. Lemon Chicken Bowl

Cava, founded by three friends from Washington, DC, is rapidly growing in popularity nationwide. Their food is fresh, flavorful, and Mediterranean-inspired. Plus, its build-your-own format lets you personalize it to fit your dietary needs! And don’t worry about breaking the bank either; one bowl typically costs between $11-12, which should provide enough for a satisfying lunch! They offer many delicious choices ranging from bowls, pitas, and salads; it may just take some trial and error before finding something perfect!

Real fans know the Lemon Chicken Bowl is the way to go; its delicate grilled chicken, feta cheese, and red pepper hummus provide an optimal combination of protein and savory flavors that complement each other perfectly, with pickled onions for texture and creamy Tahini Caesar dressing adding even more zesty bites of flavor!

Avocado slices add some satisfying texture to the salad and prevent it from being too light, while corn may not be necessary. Cava offers generous sauce and dressing choices, such as their spicy version of their signature hug, which delivers plenty of heat!

Harissa Avocado Bowl may also be an option if you prefer something lighter. It contains shredded chicken, feta, roasted red pepper hummus, and pickled onions like in the Lemon Chicken Bowl but with additional spice provided by harissa dressing and spicy skhug, plus an irresistibly crunchy toasted pita!

2. Greek Salad

Cava has increased fast-casual dining by using premium Mediterranean ingredients and emphasizing healthy eating. Their build-your-own format echoes similar offerings by Chipotle or Sweetgreen, where customers move down an assembly line while customizing their meals. While Cava offers several premade menu items, true fans know that making their bowl or pita wrap sets them apart from competitors.

Cava’s Greek Salad is an all-time fan-favorite due to its classic combination of flavors and textures. A garden variety typically features lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and olives, but ours adds grilled chicken for extra protein and flavor! Hummus and Tzatziki pair nicely with it, while pickles, corn, and Feta add texture and zesty zestiness – though avocado may turn brown quickly, so requesting it on the side may be best if possible!

If you love Cava’s Greek Salad but fancy something different, order their Greek Grilled Chicken Pita instead, combining all its components into one wrap. Tender grilled chicken comes in delicious flavors such as hummus, tzatziki, pickles, tomatoes, and onions, while texture additions like shredded romaine lettuce and avocado make this meal unforgettable! It is finished perfectly with yogurt dill dressing, adding another refreshing element.

Pita bread can be challenging to fold, so if you prefer thinner wraps, it might be best to check out one of the other available pitas on our menu, such as Lamb or Spicy Skhug Pitas.

3. Grilled Chicken + RightRice Bowl

Fast-casual dining can often feel like an intricate DIY project; selecting meats, veggies, sauces, and other ingredients to build your meal from scratch can take considerable time and may result in something that doesn’t quite live up to your imagination. But with Cava, creating your perfect bowl has never been simpler! With pre-designed meals that are sure to hit the spot.

One delicious starter option is the Cava Classic bowl, featuring grilled chicken, classic hummus, pita crisps, rosey pickled onions, and crumbled feta on a blend of romaine and arugula greens. Plus, it comes complete with Tahini Caesar dressing – its subtle sesame flavor pairs beautifully with rich hummus and fresh chicken!

For something heartier, check out the Grilled Chicken + RightRice bowl created by popchips founder Keith Belling that packs double the protein and five times more fiber than traditional white rice while cutting carbs by 40%. In addition to being filled with high-quality grilled chicken, this meal includes delicious ingredients like hummus, red pepper baba ganoush, cabbage slaw, tomatoes, onions, and peppers, plus an aromatic and zesty spicy skhug and garlic dressing for extra savory flavor!

Cava’s Harissa Avocado bowl is another fan favorite, boasting generous portions of harissa honey chicken, silky slices of avocado, red pepper hummus, Crazy Feta cheese, and corn, along with greens for toppings. Two salad dressing options (skhug for its vibrant neon green hue and creamy garlic one) provide additional toppings! Both options make this an excellent selection for topping lovers who crave more toppings in each bite.

A perfect cava order combines the incredible textures, flavors, and nutrients you expect from this chain. It makes an ideal lunch option if you want to switch up your delivery habit in favor of picking up food directly; additionally, this approach may save money by eliminating delivery fees and tipping.

4. Falafel Pita

Grilled chicken Greek salad may be their signature menu item, but their falafel pita offers an equally filling alternative when looking for something lighter. Packed of grilled falafel, hummus, skhug sauce, cabbage slaw, pickles, tomatoes, onions, and garlic dressing, it will keep you feeling full for hours after devouring it!

Falafel boasts a light texture that pairs beautifully with crunchy vegetables and creamy hummus for an indulgent yet nutritious meal. Skhug sauce adds zesty heat, pairing perfectly with pickles and onions to provide crunch and tart flavor – not forgetting roasted eggplant, adding another dimension of flavor while the pillowy pita bread provides added comfort!

Cava’s vegetarian and vegan menu offers several delicious and healthful options, and this pita is one of our favorites due to its delicious and nutritious components. Packed full of falafel, hummus, avocado, lentil tabbouleh, spinach, and other greens, plus delicious toppings like falafel, skhug sauce, and garlic dressing add zesty flavors while the crunchy falafel provides texture contrast. We especially love adding tomatoes, onions, and cabbage slaw for crunch!

Cava is a fast-casual restaurant chain known for serving customizable Mediterranean bowls and pitas, making them immensely popular with customers who can create their meals precisely to their specifications. Their meals have quickly become the talk of social media – TikTok videos of people trying Cava for the first time have even gone viral on TikTok! Headquartered in Washington, DC, with over 200 locations nationwide.

To experience Cava, visit their website and locate your closest location. Their menus are organized by region; select one based on dietary restrictions for a personalized selection of dishes; order ahead for pickup on the way home – don’t forget a refreshing beverage along the way!