What to Look for in a Web Development Company


Web development companies offer the perfect way to meet your business goals with website creation, maintenance, and support services for existing sites or applications, using various tools and technologies for development purposes. Pick out the best web development company in florida.

Einwick has worked on projects such as brand localization for a beauty company and revamping a consumer electronics firm’s image. Their team is also committed to human rights and strives for transparency in the workplace.

AMP agency

AMP Agency is a full-service marketing agency that creates brand ecosystems and digital products to expand businesses. Their clients span technology, healthcare, retail, and more – they specialize in tech services as well as providing data-driven insights into thriving in today’s competitive marketplace. Their services include media strategy & and planning, creative development, social media management, and search engine optimization services, as well as more.

AMP is based in Boston, Massachusetts, with an office in Los Angeles. Their average salary stands at $96,200, which exceeds the national average of $84,613. Salaries may differ significantly depending on job title and location.

AMP announced its acquisition of SmallTalk, a digital experience design agency that works with VMware and other North American companies. SmallTalk’s team will join AMP’s Boston-based Digital Transformation group to form AMPXD; together, this new division will offer an extensive set of marketing and product capabilities to drive brand growth for clients throughout the US, including Facebook and Sam Edelman as examples of these clients.


SmartSites is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes acquire more customers and increase sales. Their services include SEO, PPC advertising, and website development, as well as website management and landing page optimization strategies. In addition, Google Analytics and other analytical tools provide detailed reporting with monthly metrics; plus, they’re transparent with pricing by offering quotes before starting work on any projects.

SmartSites was established by brothers Alex and Michael Melen in 2011 with an excellent track record of client success. Boasting over 365 people working for them, SmartSites can build new websites, optimize existing ones for SEO purposes, and manage long-term PPC campaigns, as well as being recognized as Premier Google Partners, Bing Elite Agency, and HubSpot Certified Partners.

Case studies compiled by the company show their expertise in industries spanning home service, retail, and automotive. Results such as an 89% surge in traffic to an immigration law firm are evidenced in their efforts.

Storm Brain

Storm Brain, an online digital marketing agency, provides comprehensive web design and development, SEO services, social media marketing campaigns, and e-commerce development services. Their experienced team has gained insight from working across industries, thus enabling your business to redefine and differentiate with innovative digital strategies and designs.

A marketing consulting firm hired Storm Brain to develop a new website that would raise brand and work awareness. They were delighted with the outcome of this engagement, noting how the team was efficient, reliable, and friendly while communicating well and responding promptly to any inquiries they had about their engagement.

The retail company hired Storm Brain to design a Shopify-based microsite as well as provide SEO, keyword research, and ad services. They were highly pleased with the results of their partnership, which saw dramatic increases in both traffic and conversions. They noted how responsive, flexible, and professional the team was in meeting deadlines, plus stated how easily they communicated via phone call or email the client was.


Webvolty IT Solution offers a range of digital services, such as website design and development. Their team of experts specializes in crafting personalized customer experiences across industries like finance, hospitality, and retail. New customers are eligible for a complimentary trial of their software in order to determine whether it meets their business needs.

When selecting a web design agency, be sure to find one with experience in your industry. For instance, if you need an eCommerce store built, find a firm offering eCommerce development and compatible with the CMS of your choice – this will help prevent costly errors while assuring compliance with industry standards – Doctor Multimedia stands out among healthcare website builders because its CMS meets HIPAA and ADA compliance.

Build in Amsterdam is another top choice, providing creative solutions for e-commerce brands. Their work has received widespread acclaim on leading design platforms, and they’ve collaborated with various industries – most recently on developing an art website for Frans Hals Museum that mixes contemporary and classic pieces.

Build in Amsterdam

Build in Amsterdam is a full-service design agency operating under the principles of strategy, branding, and e-commerce. Their beautiful website showcases their work beautifully in bold yet minimal design with beautiful imagery showcasing clients like Adidas, Mamut, and Ace & Tate – they even use a Productive project management tool, which gives them control of projects while saving them time on invoicing!

Build in Amsterdam helped Moi launch Paper Play, the third chapter of their immersive digital flagship store experience. This interactive digital experience showcases Moooi’s Life Extraordinary philosophy through theatrical storytelling techniques. An example of Build in Amsterdam using interactive 3D demos to communicate their client’s features is seen with the Polaroid I-2.

Build in Amsterdam has won multiple awards over the years, including three Webbys – considered to be “The Internet’s Highest Honor” by The New York Times and one of the longest-running award programs that recognize digital culture.

Savas Labs

Savas Labs, a full-service digital agency, creates APIs, apps, websites, and web products that drive business results for clients while making an impactful statement about them to users. Offering flexible work schedules with an emphasis on self-improvement, socialization, and collaboration – its team includes experienced designers and developers providing strategies, UX/design services as well as development services – this digital agency strives to build APIs, apps, websites, and web products which lead to meaningful business results for its clients and make significant impressions for users alike.

Services provided by this firm include user journey mapping, technical audits and planning, content strategy development, design concepting and wireframing/prototyping services, automation testing services, hosting consultations, and hosting automated tests for automation testing purposes. In addition, this company is known for upholding high coding standards while remaining transparent and driving impact through innovation.

Savas Labs provided virtual boot camps for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating an engaging website to depict it accurately. Their team was able to complete this project within budget and timeline while showing excellent communication and teamwork skills throughout. Similarly, they assisted an educational consultancy in revamping its student portal frontend; quickly developing and deploying the new site was well received by clients, who appreciated Savas Labs’ responsiveness and flexibility throughout.


trellis is a software and systems integration consultancy offering simple technology solutions. Their products are tailored to meet the needs of users across industries – software, mobile apps, and hardware alike. Their consulting services include agile project management, technical program management, and user-centric design, while their development services include frontend development as well as backend and complete stack development services.

The Product provides a central hub to gather, reformat, and display critical performance indicator data across your Azure DevOps organization. This includes such things as:

GD Web Design collaborates with local businesses and organizations in Boston to help them realize returns on investment while building connections with their target audiences. Their team designs and develops responsive websites with user-friendliness in mind using various programming languages, such as Lyons Pride Construction Co. and Lincoln Park Zoo, as clients. GD also offers content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media integration services, as well as search engine marketing – something this Boston-based firm has been providing web development / graphic designing services for over 12 years!


Monogrid is a digital agency known for producing stunning visuals, helping brands stand out from the competition. Their work exudes beauty and innovation; their work in VR design projects creates immersive experiences that connect virtual to analog worlds, while their website features mesmerizing animations that draw visitors in.

This company is a full-service creative agency in NJ offering web design, landing page development, and conversion rate optimization. Their unconventional thinking team also provides social media strategy and copywriting services. TrustRadius reviews for them consistently rank them with five stars, while their competitive pricing makes them an ideal choice.

This firm possesses extensive expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as 3D virtual techniques and blockchain. Their team can implement artificial intelligence and augmented reality into digital products to expand their online presence and attract new customers. Their highly qualified experts bring years of industry experience. Their technical capabilities encompass coding, testing, and quality assurance – perfect for businesses that wish to expand their presence online and attract more customers.

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