What Time of Year Are Most Boats Sold?


Boating industry members typically don’t give much thought to Christmas in terms of boat purchasing. Gift-giving, family trips, holiday parties, and office schedules often distract them from thinking about purchasing their dream vessel during this season. Find out the best info about What time of year are most boats sold?

In many parts of the country, dealers face their slowest selling season at this time of year. They’re trying to clear out current year models before next year’s models start arriving at their showroom floors.


Winter months can be an ideal time for buying a boat. In most areas, dealers are typically in their slowest season during this time, and they’re looking to clear out current model-year boats before newer ones arrive in spring. You might find some excellent bargains during this season and negotiate additional perks such as free storage or slips for summer use.

At the tail-end of December, you may also notice some exciting discounts as dealers rush to sell off unsold boat inventory before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Being an aggressive shopper pays off – potentially saving a significant amount.

For boat shoppers searching for the newest offerings, early spring might be an optimal time. Many manufacturers unveil their model-year offerings in late summer before showing them to the public at winter boat shows; therefore, buying in spring will guarantee you receive one of these new boats.


Spring and summer are often the ideal times for purchasing boats. People are eager to shake off winter scarves, wear sunblock, and hit the water to experience life under the sun – which means buying during these seasons could yield access to more inventory at better prices.

Additionally, spring and summer are when boat manufacturers launch new models at reduced prices, giving you an excellent opportunity to find a brand-new vessel at an unbeatably reduced price. Dealers also frequently have model year holdovers they want to unload before the season’s end that may interest you as well.

Fall is also an advantageous time for purchasing a boat, with tax write-off benefits and fewer crowds in the spring market, bringing tire kickers.

Sellers offering fall boat purchases typically include additional incentives like winter storage or dock space as part of the deal, making this an effective way to save money while enjoying all of the perks associated with owning one for an entire season!


Small boats typically sell most quickly between June and July due to being more considered purchases that allow buyers to hit the water as soon as possible.

Larger boats are investments to be considered all year round, and sales are spread throughout the year. But during fall, sales are concentrated into concentrated discounts as manufacturers try to maintain production numbers at their lowest point; this results in great deals for you!

Dealerships often look to sell off current-model-year inventory before the new model year arrives, which means if you’re shopping for a boat, now could be an excellent time to find great deals! If this applies to you, now may be a great time to find great bargains.

But by far, the ideal time to purchase a boat is the second half of December. Not only are dealers eager to clear out their showrooms quickly, but buyers looking for a ship in time for spring are also keen to wrap up holiday shopping so they can get out on the water as soon as possible.


As summer transitions to fall, many boat owners will start considering upgrading to a new model – now is an excellent time!

The reason is that many boaters who wish to upgrade will offer significant discounts to move the old boat off their hands and complete a deal.

Since most potential buyers will likely also be in the market for new boats, competition will probably exist when purchasing an older model. On the bright side for savvy buyers, though, demand should drive prices down and allow them to grab themselves an incredible bargain!

As an added incentive to purchasing a boat in the fall, dealers often provide attractive deals and incentives. This is because they want to make room for new models with all kinds of advanced technologies and features; therefore, they want to get rid of old inventory to make room for these innovative boats.

Many boat buyers try to save on taxes when purchasing in the fall, as it usually allows them to deduct it entirely from their taxes at year’s end.

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