What is a Reclaim Catcher?


Reclaim catchers have become an essential addition to dabbing enthusiasts’ arsenals in recent years, making their experience both more pleasant and cost-efficient. A simple attachment, this device can transform your dabbing experience while saving you money on new wax purchases. The best guide to finding Reclaim Catchers.

Reclaiming allows you to capture any un-vaporized resin that usually spills over or condenses back into wax form following a dab session and add it back into future dab sessions or reuse it. Once harvested, this reclaim can then be harvested and used again in subsequent dab sessions.

Reclaim Catchers

Reclaim catchers are attachments for bongs or dab rigs that capture any extra resin after each hit, providing benefits such as improving your experience with oil concentrates while making cleanup much more straightforward. More dabbing enthusiasts have started adopting them, offering benefits such as improving the overall experience as well as making cleaning your rig much simpler.

Reclaim catchers work by collecting any excess wax that leaks out through your banger’s neck while dabbing and diverting it into a small dish at the base of the catcher instead of back into your rig. They can either be placed directly in the neck of your banger or attached via the drop-down accessory that connects to its mouthpiece; many reclaim catchers look similar to an ash catcher found on bongs; these types of catchers attach and detach quickly from any pipe-style bong.

Once the reclaim collects in its dish at the bottom of your catcher, you can pull it from your banger and dump out any leftover resin – making cleaning up your rig much more straightforward than before! Reclaim can also be used in other ways, like smoking it or baking it into treats; some people even eat it, although its flavor can vary considerably!

Reclaim catchers provide many advantages over time, not least by eliminating those unpleasant lumps of reclaimed resin that clog your device and compromise your dabbing session. They may be challenging to extract using a larger banger device and may make your rig smell very severe!

Reclaim catchers are an effective solution to this problem. They collect all of the excess reclaimed resin and allow it to drain into a container on the bottom of the catcher. This makes cleaning your rig much more straightforward, while you can use any excess in other ways, such as smoking or baking. Reclaim catchers also make maintaining your rig more accessible than ever while helping save money over time by eliminating the need to purchase additional bangers or accessories that attach directly to it.

How They Work

Reclaim catchers are an easy and valuable addition for dab enthusiasts looking for maximum yield from each session. These small silicone or glass pieces attach to the bottom of your banger, collecting any unused concentrates that slip past during dabbing sessions and may otherwise go to waste. Reclaim catchers function similarly to regular ash catchers but with added versatility: instead of just collecting ashes, they aim to catch usable concentrate as well.

Placed atop your banger, when using a reclaim catcher, the pure vapor rises through the connecting joint and into a receiving receptacle in your reclaim catcher, where any residual concentrate will drip down into it. Designed for easy retrieval and cleaning purposes, its use helps prevent it from becoming full of sticky, clogged residue.

Reclaim catchers are designed to be simple and intuitive for any banger, from dome nails and drop downs to dome nailless pipes and water pipes. While drop downs can work too, their effectiveness tends to improve with shorter reclaim catchers so that unvaporized wax has less time to cool before dripping into its catcher.

An efficient reclaim catcher can dramatically decrease the amount of wasted wax you throw away during each dab session, saving money and helping ensure it lasts longer while also cutting back on cleaning efforts. It will reduce cleaning needs on your rig setup and its accessories by significantly decreasing wasteful disposals.

Reclaim catchers come in both glass and silicone varieties, with silicone models often serving as the more commonly seen solution. They feature a small cylindrical piece, usually placed directly below your banger. They’re often angled at 90-degree angles, so they’re easily attached or detached from your dab rig without needing complicated maneuvers to connect or separate from it. Ensure your chosen Reclaim Catcher suits your rig size requirements by searching the variety of joint sizes available – they should work great regardless of which setup you use!


There are various kinds of reclaim catchers on the market; some are made from glass, while others utilize silicone. Your material choice will impact its functionality and maintenance needs; glass reclaim catchers tend to be more durable and easier to clean than silicone versions. When selecting a reclaim catcher for use with your dab rig setup, ensure it fits snugly on its attachment joint(s). Most catchers offer various joint-size options, so find one that will work for you before purchasing one.

Reclaim catchers typically work by way of an angled drop-down attachment that sits directly under your nail or banger on a dab rig, providing for a more precise dabbing experience by collecting any unvaporized concentrates that might usually coat or fall over onto your dab rig, sending them down tubes into an empty receiving receptacle for further disposal.

Reclaim catchers with straight attachments resemble traditional ash catchers in terms of use; these tend to be easier for beginners while not providing as much control over dabbing sessions.

Reclaim catcher attachments come in various sizes to fit any rig. Smaller models can better suit smaller dab rigs, while larger ones are suitable for those using dab rigs with larger joint sizes. Reclaim catchers may even be attached directly onto dab rigs with built-in reclaim catchers, wherein any unvaporized wax that adheres to its walls will drip into a receptacle below for collection.

Reclaim catchers can make the dabbing experience more pleasurable, yet using one may alter the flavor of your concentrates. This could result in them taking on more of a burnt taste due to heat from the reclaim catcher vapor or from being heated up during dabbing sessions; however, regular and proper usage should have minimal impact on overall dabbing enjoyment.


Reclaim catchers are indispensable tools for dab enthusiasts looking to maximize their vaping experience and minimize waste. By collecting excess oil and wax that would otherwise get lost in their device’s chamber or percolator and helping keep glass pieces cleaner for more accessible cleaning sessions – they make using dabbing devices even more worthwhile and are an indispensable investment for anyone serious about vaping sessions.

Reclaim catchers come in different sizes and materials depending on your tastes and device specifications, although most can fit onto all smoking devices with joints. Popular glass varieties are widely used; silicone or titanium options may also exist. You must select an ideal choice based on its heat resistance and durability for your needs.

Reclaim catcher bowls aren’t only functional; they’re also visually appealing. Available in various colors and styles, you’re sure to find the ideal addition to your rig. Easily cleaned using appropriate cleaning solutions for the safe operation of the reclaim catcher bowl.

Though seemingly minor, the quality of your reclaim catcher can have a significant effect on your dabbing experience. Low-grade models may leak and waste products while potentially damaging your rig; high-end versions are typically constructed of durable materials designed to prevent leaks or spills.

No matter your experience level as a daber, a reclaim catcher should be an indispensable component of your dabbing setup. Easy and effective use make them invaluable tools that can save money through reduced waste product usage; moreover, using one can extend the longevity and lifespan of your concentrates as it prevents buildup or debris buildup on rigs or water pipes – so what are you waiting for? Get one now!

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