What Is a Reclaim Catcher?


Dabbing experts understand how frustrating it can be to find themselves stuck with an extra chunk of wax in their banger or nail, leaving precious concentrate to go to waste or forcing themselves through it with lighter. Instead of throwing this sticky residue away with each session, use a reclaim catcher to collect any sticky remnants left behind from dabbing sessions. Receive the Best information about Reclaim Catcher.

Reclaim catchers have quickly become popular among dabbing enthusiasts, providing a simple solution for efficient and easy cleanup. Reclaim catchers work similarly to an ashtray while being more accessible than its counterpart to maintain and dispose of waste material.

It sifts through your vapor.

Reclaim Catchers (commonly known as Dab Catchers) are an efficient accessory that helps save vape juice while decreasing the frequency of cleaning sessions. Reclaim Catchers work by collecting any vapor that rises through a dab nail or banger and condenses before falling back down into its reservoir – then using an easy-to-use cup-shaped Reclaim Catcher to catch and store this precious concentrate without ever losing any. Reclaim Catchers come in both glass and silicone varieties, with silicone being increasingly popular due to its lower cost and durable design.

Reclaim Catchers can be attached to any joint with 14mm male connectors and will fit snugly on top of nail or banger tips. Most have removable bottoms to make cleaning and emptying them more efficient and are built to withstand high temperatures; glass models often boast unique colors and designs, making them appealing options for users looking for showmanship.

Reclaim Catchers make dabbing easier and offer more flavorful hits thanks to preventing old residue from mixing with the new vapor, creating the optimal conditions for flavorful hits. Furthermore, Reclaim Catchers provides much easier dabbing experiences as an alternative dab nail or spoon would.

It’s easy to clean.

The use of a reclaim catcher will keep your dab rig clean and free from clogging, helping it remain uncluttered and effortless to use. These convenient accessories come in different styles and materials such as glass and silicone; cleaning is made incredibly straightforward as many new dab rigs already come equipped with them attached directly to their banger or nail.

Reclaim Catchers are essential tools for anyone using a dab rig or bubbler, capturing any additional concentrate that doesn’t get vaporized during dabbing sessions and using them at later dates. They also provide excellent protection from residue build-up and heat exposure for your device.

Reclaim catchers come in various styles and sizes. Some are straight and easy to clean, while others feature a removable silicone dish at the base where reclaimed can collect. They may also be made out of durable borosilicate glass that resists heat.

Some reclaim catchers come equipped with 14mm or 19mm adapters, so they can accommodate virtually all bangers or nails, while other models are specifically tailored to one banger or nail type. You can purchase one separately or as part of a kit; many people find using both methods beneficial as the latter helps capture more concentration while keeping it warm for longer.

It’s convenient

Reclaim Catcher is an accessory for dab rigs that makes collecting residue easier, saves money, and prolongs cleaner sessions. The convenient yet aesthetic glass design of Reclaim Catcher means less cleaning hassle for longer. Plus, it comes complete with a silicone storage jar to store any extra concentrates!

Reclaim Catchers makes using Reclaim Catcher simple once you find one that suits your rig setup in terms of size and attachment style. Most models provide detailed user instructions that make setup straightforward – all it takes to use one is attaching it to your glass joint and then placing your nail or banger inside of it!

Once connected, your reclaim catcher allows for convenient use with either your banger or dab nail to catch sticky dark residue that would otherwise build up in your rig. Disconnect and store in its built-in silicone container once finished using.

White Rhino’s Reclaim Catcher is an indispensable tool for dabbing enthusiasts, with sizes designed to accommodate most rigs. This particular model fits both 14mm and 18mm bangers for versatility on different water pipes.

It’s affordable

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to upgrade your dab rig, consider investing in silicone or glass reclaim catchers as budget-friendly accessories. Easy to maintain and lightweight enough not to weigh down your dab rig, these accessories help maintain cleaner sessions for longer without the chance of clogging occurring. However, keep in mind they may not be as durable as quartz or ceramic options, so be careful when using these.

When you’re ready to dab, attach the reclaim catcher to one joint of your rig and connect your banger or nail to its joint. Next, heat the nail or banger before taking a hit! The reclaim catcher collects any excess concentrate that might drip down from your nail or banger, preventing waste and providing more value than before.

Reclaim catchers are an ideal investment for any dabbing enthusiast, and their use is easy enough that even novice users can quickly master them.

Reclaim catchers come in various sizes and angles, so select one that complements your rig’s joint size and angle bend. The best reclaim catchers are made of either borosilicate glass or silicon for optimal durability and ease of cleaning.

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