Types of Electric Wheelchair Carrier


Your selection of wheelchair carriers should depend upon a combination of factors, including the weight capacity of both the chair and vehicle, as well as your ability to lift and fold your wheelchair. Discover the best info about خودرو بر.

Roof-mounted automatic car-top carriers utilize an electric motor-driven hoist to pick up and raise wheelchairs onto platforms, folding them as they go. This option provides plenty of trunk space without hindering storage capacity.

The Hitch-Mounted Carrier

Hitch-mounted carriers (also referred to as outside auto lifts) offer an easy solution for transporting wheelchairs or scooters into and out of vehicles, making them one of the most commonly used wheelchair car carriers available. Employing an external platform and your wheelchair’s securement system, these lifts enable users to drive up onto them, exit their scooter/wheelchair from its securement system, and lock it securely before locking it back into place for transport. When ready, press a single button on its simple controller that raises it back onto the back of your vehicle and into its tailgate or trunk for easy storing or return.

Bruno remains one of the industry’s premier manufacturers and offers both manual and powered lifts suitable for cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. These lifts can also transport class II or III scooter/wheelchair models, depending on your requirements and the towing capacity of your vehicle.

These electric scooter/wheelchair lifts are the most cost-effective of the three styles available, typically costing under $500 for basic models. To increase durability and simplify operation, upgrade to stainless steel or powder-coated units; for easier rear access, they also feature swing-away options to take large cargo loads with ease.

Automatic car-top carriers are sophisticated devices designed to attach directly to the roof of your vehicle with an electric motor-driven hoist and automatically fold and pick up chairs or scooters as they rise. Due to limited space constraints, this type of wheelchair carrier is typically only suitable for manual chairs as it cannot carry heavy loads.

Like an outside auto lift, an indoor scooter/wheelchair lift can protect power wheelchairs or scooters from weather and highway hazards. Unlike hoists, however, these inside wheelchair lifts feature a flat platform onto which wheelchairs or scooters drive before being lowered into the trunk, tailgate, or back of vehicles for storage – with many having swing-away features for easy access backward without having to remove them first.

The Automatic Car-Top Carrier

Roof-top carriers provide another excellent method for transporting wheelchairs. The page attaches securely to your car using four U-shaped mounting brackets installed along its edges and lifted onto its roof using threaded knobs – enabling easy loading and unloading without assistance.

This carrier style can also save space in your car without investing in a full wheelchair ramp. When selecting this style of carrier, it’s essential to understand its weight capacity. Prolonged usage may cause damage to the roof of your vehicle; as such, it should only be used on short trips.

The bumper-mounted carrier is another primary wheelchair car carrier designed for manual wheelchairs, easily installed onto hitch racks. Although easy to set up and use, this carrier cannot be installed onto vehicles with molded bumpers; additionally, QAP dealers will need to drill holes into your bumper during installation – although these holes can later be filled back in with plugs if you wish to take down or remove your carrier later on. However, its removal could make accessing your trunk more challenging.

Though less expensive than other carriers, bumper-mounted carriers require physical strength to use. Furthermore, this option does not permit wheelchair transport inside your vehicle, making it a good fit for individuals with fewer interior space requirements in their car.

Pickup truck carriers can make any truck handicap accessible. This type of carrier uses an electric motor to lift wheelchairs into the bed of your pickup truck for transport. While this method adds mobility, it should be noted that users will need to stand for short periods to operate the lift and drive their wheelchair onto an exterior platform carrier before moving it into their vehicle.

The Pickup Truck Carrier

As one method of making their truck or SUV handicap accessible, lifts are becoming increasingly popular. They mount to the truck’s bumper and use motorized lift technology to lift your wheelchair into its bed. Be sure to find one compatible with both your wheelchair weight and truck or SUV – vehicle lift carriers can make things much simpler for people who prefer driving their wheelchair right into the back. This type of carrier may be ideal if ramps aren’t an option, and you would instead go straight in from behind!

The Rage Powersports model wheelchair carrier for cars is one of the most sought-after carriers due to its affordable price and user-friendly design. Crafted from heavy-duty materials that are both rust and bend-resistant and tailored for 2-inch trailer hitches, its foldable ramp makes loading wheelchairs simpler while locking into place when not being used can provide added security.

Another advantage of the wheelchair carrier is that it can also be used with other equipment like mobility scooters. However, its best suitings lie with traditional manual wheelchairs and light-to-medium weight scooters. Furthermore, its operation is straightforward, and it won’t occupy your trunk space when not in use.

Car-top carriers generally come in two varieties – arm and platform. Arm carriers use actuators to fold your wheelchair up and secure it to the car top; while this method may save time, specific wheelchair models may make use of such carriers difficult. Platform carriers, on the other hand, are typically more straightforward to use. All you have to do is drive onto a platform mounted to your rear hitch before driving away with it!

The RAGE Powersports car-top carrier is an excellent solution for drivers of SUVs or pickup trucks. Suitable for class III and IV trailer hitches, it can carry up to 350 lbs safely. Equipped with four self-tensioning Q’Straint retractors for maximum safety and flexibility when secured at different heights, its ramp is 42′ long when fully extended but folds back down for storage purposes when not in use.

The Vehicle Lift

Vehicle lifts are designed to transport wheelchairs, powerchairs, and scooters directly into your trunk or cargo area without the need for ramps. Available as interior and exterior models for cars, minivans, vans, and trucks alike – with hitch-mounted or gooseneck-mounted options as well as manual or remote operation options, vehicle lifts provide the ideal solution for those unable to use wheelchair ramps themselves independently or lack upper body strength to drive scooters or power chairs alone.

Hitch Mount or outside scooter lifts attach to the rear of your car, van, or truck via a trailer hitch and provide a platform on which you can drive your mobility device. They are easy and safe for users of mobility devices and convenient storage solutions when not being used; folding up for compact storage against the back of the vehicle when not in use is available as an added feature. These types of lifts can also be utilized by those with pickup trucks who wish to transport their wheelchair or power scooters within their beds.

An interior or hoist-style wheelchair & scooter lift works similar to a crane and is typically installed inside the rear hatch of a minivan or SUV, car trunk, or pickup truck bed. When activated with its remote pendant, this device lifts or lowers your mobility device into your vehicle when activated by pressing its button.

Hybrid lifts provide another solution for those transporting mobility equipment in their vehicle: this combination of hitch and hoist lift can easily fit on most vehicles, making it simple and convenient to use. Press a button to raise or lower your scooter or power chair into your car quickly – saving parking space as well as protecting it from inclement weather!

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