Trading Card Size Varieties


Trading card sizes depend on the type of cards being created. For instance, Pokemon cards measure 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall; other card games utilize different measurements.

An easy way to approximate card sizes is by holding up a standard playing card to your computer screen and holding it against its resolution. Be sure to zoom your document at 100% for accurate sizing results.


A standard trading card measures 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall; this size matches that of most baseball and playing cards and those used for Magic the Gathering and Pokemon trading card games. Some other games require different-sized trading cards that can often be identified using Geeklist or similar resources.

Although some individuals design cards with unique sizing specifications, most trading card manufacturers opt for standard sizes to optimize printing and cutting processes and allow cards to fit easily in card-collecting sleeves or album pages. It is also the most prevalent size used by credit cards and identification cards in many countries.

Some artists create Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) in a smaller size than the standard 2.5-inch by 3.5-inch size, known as miniature artist trading card format. This particular group of enthusiasts makes and trades these mini ATCs. Many even incorporate interesting shapes on top for extra visual impact!

Mini trading cards feature rounded tops easily stored in small pouches like pencil cases for convenient travel companionship. Furthermore, these cards may also be sleeved to protect them; usually, clear sleeves but other colors or patterns may be used depending on the artist’s preference.


These mini trading card holders (commonly called mini snap titers) are made of crystal clear polystyrene with a precision fit two-piece snap design for secure storage of collectible trading cards, sports cards, and gaming cards of any type. Perfect for protecting and displaying collectible trading cards like sports, gaming, and collectible trading cards in general; ideal for handing out awards at sporting events or adding an eye-catching touch to a business handout; smaller sizes make these holders especially suitable for modern games where small decks of trading cards play an essential role – order yours now online!

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Silk Laminated

Silk lamination is a luxurious protective coating that adds a luxurious feel and look to printed materials. Silk laminated business cards are used by businesses who wish to leave an everlasting impression on clients and customers, featuring a luxurious flat matte appearance with a silky smooth feel – plus more excellent tear resistance and water resistance compared to matte business cards.

Silk lamination offers many advantages beyond being an excellent business card finish; it can also add elegance and distinction to postcards, hang tags, sell sheets, and presentation folders – plus make an announcement stand out.

Have you seen silk laminate on smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices? Tech companies frequently employ this coating as part of their product packaging because its luxurious feel reflects each business’s quality of services and products.

At Legit Print, we offer an array of silk-laminated products. This includes business cards in standard and rounded corner options, postcards, and sell sheets – not forgetting our spot UV service, which adds an eye-catching effect to get people talking! Silk lamination protects cards from smudges, stains, and damage, making it the ideal solution for professionals looking to stand out among a crowd; it is also a popular choice among business cards that need frequent handling/travel.

Super Thick

Super thick trading cards printed on premium 32 pt. Black EDGE stock provides an extraordinary touch when handled. Perfect for printing summaries of training information and general guidelines to be followed, Premium Card Games, or handing out temporary IDs during events and corporate training sessions, these super thick cards make a statement and leave an unforgettable impression when used.

BCW Supplies has created a Card Thickness Point Gauge to assist collectors in measuring the thickness of memorabilia, jersey, and auto sports cards for proper storage in top loaders or magnetic holders. The gauges can measure at any angle without touching or disturbing the card during measurement – even while inside the top loader.