Top IT Companies in Magarpatta


Magarpatta is a 450-acre gated community near Hadapsar in Pune that features residential and commercial areas, schools, a shopping mall, hospitals with various specializations, as well as 30% green space.

Magarpatta City stands out as an exceptional example of inclusive development. 120 farmers joined together and formed a company in order to construct this innovative township.

Red Hat Software Services (India) Private Limited

Red Hat Software Services (India) Private Limited, founded on 1 December 2004 and located in Pune, Maharashtra India has three directors with an initial paid-up capital of 1 Lakh; their shares can be found trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

Products and services provided by this company include software development, IT infrastructure management, cloud computing, business intelligence & analytics consulting as well as technology consulting. In addition, support & maintenance services are also provided as needed by their customer base which includes both large enterprises as well as small businesses alike. Their customer service is outstanding while their pricing remains highly competitive.

This company has an outstanding culture of openness and trust among employees, and their workplace environment has received high marks from staff; some even describe it as their dream job! Furthermore, this organization boasts an exceptional track record for innovation – becoming one of the premier IT employers.

Its products are used by thousands of organizations around the world, and its employees are well known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality. Their software solutions help lenders navigate changing regulations, complex workflows and tight margins so as to close loans quickly while simultaneously increasing profits; its technology solutions reduce operating costs while improving data quality; their customer base includes financial institutions, retail chains and real estate firms.

Systems Plus Transformations LLP

Systems Plus Transformations LLP is a limited liability partnership firm which specializes in IT services and solutions, including cloud services, technology consulting, testing and quality assurance services. Their clients include companies in both India and America; with headquarters located in Pune Maharashtra; registered office at E-12-A Commerce Centre Tardeo Mumbai 400034.

Systems plus Transformations Private Limited is a leading global boutique IT Solution and Services Provider serving customers throughout Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Led by a team of seasoned executives and dedicated to delivering high value customer-centric services.

SYSTEMS PLUS TRANSFORMATIONS LLP may share your personal information with its subsidiaries, business partners, service vendors, authorized third-party agents or contractors located anywhere around the world in order to process, store and fulfill a requested service or transaction after assuring such entities have contractually binding data privacy obligations. Furthermore, as per applicable laws SYSTEMS PLUS TRANSFORMATIONS may disclose your data.

Capita India Private Limited

Capita India Private Limited stands out as an outstanding choice when it comes to providing top-quality IT services. They’ve built up an outstanding track record of providing clients with innovative solutions while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Their experienced team can assist in navigating through the complexities of IT while crafting custom solutions tailored to fit individual requirements.

This company has an established history of creating quality industrial automation products and upgrading their software and services in line with industry demands. They also offer various support and training packages, while their engineers are readily available for consultation to make sure that you maximize the return on your investment.

Tech Mahindra, a global IT services provider with headquarters at One Giga IT Park in Pune, India employs over 80,000 worldwide. Their software helps clients navigate changing regulations and complex workflows while increasing compliance and decreasing operational costs while offering improved compliance rates while simultaneously reducing operational costs – these factors all combine to form the company’s high level of service delivery.


eInfochips is a leading IT company offering an expansive variety of services with an emphasis on innovation. Boasting over 10,000 clients across various industries, eInfochips’ expertise allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of cutting-edge IT solutions such as application development and maintenance, enterprise mobility solutions, cloud services, BI & analytics and technology consulting solutions.

Edge computing infrastructure from eInfochips helps alleviate data workloads from centralized cloud providers that cause latency issues, while artificial intelligence capabilities allow businesses to make more informed decisions and increase productivity. In addition to these IT services, eInfochips also offers various software and hardware engineering services.

Comparably’s employee survey indicates that employees at eInfochips tend to be satisfied with their jobs. They enjoy working alongside their team and enjoying the flexibility of the benefits program; additionally, many find their managers available and helpful when any questions arise.

eInfochips offers digital transformation and product engineering services to clients worldwide. Their expertise includes IoT, AI/ML security sensors silicon wireless cloud power as well as global delivery centers innovation labs which ensure clients receive top quality service. Furthermore, this company has earned itself an exceptional customer satisfaction track record with their staff always ready to assist clients and prioritizing client needs above everything else.