Top 5 Image Trends for 2019


Images play an essential part in online sales. They help stimulate viewers’ senses, foster customer connection with brands, and communicate complex products in an easily understandable manner. Find out the best info about Google Blog Network.

This image trend subverts traditional gender roles by employing androgynous modeling, poses, and styling that defy conventional gender roles. This style usually uses neutral or monochromatic color palettes with lots of texture elements added.


As 2017 and 2021 were defined by loud shoes and tiny sunglasses, 2020 belongs to masks. Once intended for antiviral protection, masks have now become an iconic fashion statement and cultural battle symbol in America.

Heuritech reports that Weibo and Instagram image trends featuring masks have grown along with public health policies. Mask images peaked in mid-March on Weibo and mid-May on Instagram; shares featuring people also spiked in mid-March before declining over subsequent weeks.

As people adhere to stay-at-home state policies and social distancing, images depicting individuals wearing masks increase. On the other hand, models using Week Counter predict that instances of mask-wearing decrease when leaving home to shop for groceries; these correlations are statistically significant.

Solo Outdoor Adventures

Solo adventures appeal to outdoor enthusiasts because they provide both an exhilarating and calming experience. Furthermore, adventuring alone enables one to refocus and prioritize safety when engaging with nature. The actual Interesting Info about Google Blog Network.

If you are participating in an outdoor adventure like hiking or camping, make sure you inform someone where and for how long you plan on being absent. This will reduce any concerns from family members regarding the whereabouts of missing individuals; additionally, you should always wear a helmet or stay hydrated while outdoors.

Subtle Filters

Though some photographers may dismiss the use of filters as mere tricks to alter images, when correctly applied, they can make your photographs and videos genuinely outstanding. A filter can add depth, enhance colors, or highlight specific features in addition to adding an upbeat, mood-lifting vibe.

Clarendon filter boosts contrast and colors for an eye-catching effect, while Juno adds soft lighting with subtle color shifts for more ethereal photos. Skyline highlights details like your nose tip, apples of cheeks, and eyelashes for an endearing portrait.

Hefe is an elegant yet subtle filter, offering a cool blue hue with subtle vignetting to give a vintage vibe. Perfect for landscapes or cityscapes with cooler tones, as well as for improving skin tones when taking selfies! What do you need to consider about Google Booster?

The Golden Hour

Golden hour is that particular time of day when sunlight takes on its glorious golden hue, and photographers seek it out to capture everything from serene landscapes and cityscapes to flattering portraits.

At this magical time of day, light is more soft and diffused than at other points during the day, making it more flattering for skin tones. Furthermore, this period adds warmth and glow that cannot be replicated through any other source of lighting.

Post-processing offers you the ability to add subtle increases in saturation and vibrance for vibrant hues, as well as adjust contrast levels so as not to cause highlights to blow out too early. Golden hour offers more dynamic range than other times of the day, which may allow you to accentuate specific details or create dramatic effects more effectively; additionally, this time of day provides ample opportunity for lens flare experimentation.

Patterns & Textures

Patterns and textures add visual interest to designs in subtle yet effective ways, supporting your message while adding visual rhythm, such as lines in a grid or dots in a polka dot pattern.

The texture is more organic, conjuring up an actual feeling. Cedar shingles, brick walls, torn paper, or dirt on pavement can all be considered textures when observed at close enough scales.

Minimalism remains a popular style in photography. Many photographers use filters to achieve an antique or vintage aesthetic by desaturating and fading colors, while some opt for monochrome for an impactful and striking image.

Realistic Portraits

Realistic portraits offer an intimate and engaging portraiture experience for their subjects. While traditional photographs often showcase artificial, staged relationships between subjects, this technique allows photographers to show a natural dynamic between them that gives viewers trust in the image.

Photorealism and hyperrealism are two styles of art that combine photorealist elements with subtle pictorial elements, creating the illusion of photography for viewers. Realism in art takes many forms, including light used to evoke depth, detailed brushwork, and bold and soft shadows as examples of using light realism effectively.

One variation on this trend involves using photographs depicting individuals from all stages of life – from childhood and youth through old age – highlighting their journey from early years through adulthood. This approach can serve to foster diversity and inclusion by challenging stereotypes while raising awareness of global issues like climate change, human rights violations, poverty, etc.