Top 5 Apps to Dominate This IPL Season


As the cricket fever reaches its zenith with the Indian Premier League (IPL), the excitement transcends the boundaries of the cricket field. It extends into the virtual world of fantasy cricket, where enthusiasts get a chance to test their strategic insight and win big. With a plethora of fantasy cricket apps available, choosing the right platform becomes pivotal. In this blog, we’ll explore the top five fantasy cricket apps that promise an immersive and rewarding experience during the IPL season: Dream11, My11Circle, MyTeam11, MPL, and Fantasy Akhada.

1. Dream11: The Pioneer of Fantasy Cricket

Dream11 stands as the trailblazer of a fantasy cricket app, setting the standard for others to follow. Launched in 2008, it has since become synonymous with fantasy sports in India. The app allows users to create their dream team for IPL matches, earning points based on the real-life performance of chosen players. With a user-friendly interface and a vast array of contests, Dream11 remains the go-to platform for millions of fantasy cricket enthusiasts.

2. My11Circle: Where Cricket Meets Strategy

My11Circle, endorsed by former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly, is making waves in the fantasy cricket landscape. The app boasts a unique feature called ‘Beat the Expert,’ where players can compete against cricketing legends. With an intuitive interface and engaging gameplay, My11Circle offers a seamless fantasy cricket experience. The app’s innovative features and user-friendly design make it an attractive choice for both beginners and seasoned fantasy players.

3. MyTeam11: Empowering Fantasy Cricket Enthusiasts

MyTeam11 is another compelling fantasy cricket platform that has gained popularity among users. Known for its straightforward team-building process and transparent scoring system, MyTeam11 provides a level playing field for participants. The app offers a variety of contests, allowing users to choose from different entry fees and prize pools. With regular updates and improvements, MyTeam11 continues to evolve, providing a dynamic and engaging fantasy cricket experience.

4. MPL (Mobile Premier League): Beyond Fantasy Cricket

MPL, initially known for its mobile gaming platform, has diversified into the fantasy sports arena, including cricket. MPL offers not only fantasy cricket but a wide range of mobile games on a single platform. With a user-friendly interface and innovative gameplay options, MPL provides a holistic gaming experience. The app’s unique approach, combining fantasy sports with casual gaming, sets it apart in the crowded fantasy cricket landscape.

5. Fantasy Akhada: The Rising Star

Fantasy Akhada is a relatively newer entrant in the fantasy sports arena but has quickly gained traction among users. The app offers a simple and intuitive platform for creating fantasy teams, with a focus on user experience. Fantasy Akhada provides a range of contests catering to different skill levels and preferences. With regular promotions and attractive rewards, Fantasy Akhada aims to carve its niche in the competitive world of fantasy cricket apps.

Choosing the Right App: A Comparative Analysis

Now that we have introduced the top five fantasy cricket apps let’s delve into a comparative analysis based on various parameters to help you make an informed decision:

User Interface and Experience:

Dream11: Known for its user-friendly interface and seamless experience.

My11Circle: Offers an intuitive platform with engaging graphics and features.

MyTeam11: Provides a straightforward team-building process with a clean interface.

   – MPL: Combines fantasy sports with casual gaming for a unique user experience.

Fantasy Akhada: Focuses on simplicity and ease of use for a smooth user experience.

Contest Variety:

– Dream11: Boasts a wide range of IPL match contests, from minor leagues to grand contests.

   – My11Circle: Features diverse contests, including ‘Beat the Expert’ for added excitement.

– MyTeam11: Offers various contests with different entry fees to suit different preferences.

   – MPL: Provides fantasy cricket alongside a plethora of mobile games for diverse gaming options.

   – Fantasy Akhada: Presents a variety of contests catering to different skill levels.

Scoring System:

   – Dream11: Features a transparent scoring system, awarding points for various cricketing actions.

   – My11Circle: Follows a standard scoring system, ensuring fairness and clarity.

   – MyTeam11: Utilizes a straightforward scoring system, making it easy for users to understand.

   – MPL: Implements a fair scoring system for both fantasy sports and casual gaming.

  – Fantasy Akhada: Adopts a user-friendly scoring system, focusing on clarity and simplicity.

Promotions and Rewards:

   – Dream11: Offers frequent promotions and mega contests with substantial rewards.

   – My11Circle: Features regular promotions and incentives, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

   – MyTeam11: Provides attractive rewards and bonuses to keep users engaged.

   – MPL: Incorporates a rewarding system for both fantasy sports and mobile gaming.

   – Fantasy Akhada: Introduces enticing promotions and rewards to attract users.

Credibility and Legality:

   – Dream11: Established as a pioneer, Dream11 is a legal and credible platform.

   – My11Circle: Endorsed by cricketing legends, My11Circle operates within legal frameworks.

   – MyTeam11: Complies with legal regulations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy gaming environment.

   – MPL: Recognized for its legality and credibility in both fantasy sports and gaming.

   – Fantasy Akhada: Adheres to legal standards, providing users with a secure gaming platform.


As the IPL season unfolds, fantasy cricket enthusiasts have an array of options to choose from. Dream11, My11Circle, MyTeam11, MPL, and Fantasy Akhada each bring their unique strengths to the table, catering to different preferences and playing styles. Whether you prioritize user experience, contest variety, scoring system transparency, promotions, or credibility, there’s a fantasy cricket app tailored to meet your needs. Ultimately, the key is to explore and experience these platforms to find the one that resonates with your gaming style and elevates your IPL fantasy cricket journey to new heights. So, gear up, create your dream team, and get ready to dominate the fantasy cricket arena this IPL season!

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