The Egg Cracker – How to Crack an Egg One-Handed


Cracking an egg one-handed is sure to impress friends and family! The trick lies in applying just the right amount of pressure onto its equator to achieve success. The Amazing fact about industrial egg crackers.

Too light of an impact, and you risk smashing the shell; too forceful of one, and there could be pieces of shell left inside your egg.

Easy to use

An egg cracker is an indispensable kitchen tool that makes cracking an egg effortless and germ-free. Designed with elevated edges to collect any egg white that might fall, its high edges prevent your hands and kitchen utensils from getting messy while also helping contain germs.

This brilliant tool, created specifically to assist those with limited hand function, quickly cracks an eggshell and separates its yolk from its white with minimal effort. Perfectly portable and dishwasher safe, its compact form makes storage effortless; plus, no sharp curves or blades make this device kid-safe!

This egg cracker is constructed of durable stainless steel and features a handle to hold an egg securely. With its rounded edge that separates eggshells from white and its hole that allows one to break off tops quickly for easier scooping out of their contents, the cracker makes breaking eggs open both hard-boiled and raw easier than ever!

This user-friendly tool will save time and effort! Place an egg in its egg holder, tap lightly, and invert. Your egg should come right out from its shell while its lid remains attached to its holder!

No mess

Are You an Egg Eater or Cracking One Without Making a Mess? Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. This egg-cracking tool features a ridge that helps cleanly break apart shell pieces into neat lines; plus, it doubles up as a spoon rest – ideal for people with limited hand function or those who may struggle using their thumbs!

This kitchen essential makes eating eggs easier for all. Designed to prevent pieces of eggshell from breaking off during raw or brutal boiled egg consumption, this tool fits conveniently in drawers or cupboards until needed and looks beautiful when displayed on a countertop. Furthermore, its add-on provides separation of egg whites and yolks – essential if you’re making meringue or other recipes calling for both types.

KDKA’s Kate Bennett tested out this product and discovered that it does exactly as advertised. Ideal for those with limited hand function or children wishing to help in the kitchen, its price may seem steep, but considering its convenience, it is well worth the additional investment.

Saves time

If you are fed up struggling to use eggshells in your breakfast or cooking or creating an unnecessary mess while baking, the egg cracker (commonly referred to as an egg topper or Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher in German) could be just what’s needed to open eggs without breaking yolks or spraying egg shrapnel everywhere. This helpful device uses calibrated shock waves to crack eggshells cleanly before disassembling them from each other – perfect for a clean opening!

This handy tool can be used for various tasks in the kitchen, from opening soft and hard-boiled eggs, separating egg whites from yolks, or making meringues. The design makes cleanup quick and painless; safe storage makes this an essential addition to any kitchen! Its compact size makes this versatile tool an essential one.

This heavy-duty automatic egg cracker is an ideal solution for large bakeries, confectioneries, restaurant chains, and other industrial facilities. It cracks liquid eggs into designated containers while collecting shells into its filter system – helping minimize costs while cutting waste significantly. Furthermore, this egg cracker can accommodate raw or cooked eggs at up to 210 eggs an hour for optimal efficiency!

Saves money

Cracking an egg using your fingers, pan, or bowl can often result in bits of shell making its way into your food. With the Crack Them Egg cracker’s center ridge, you can crack an egg against it to separate yolk and shell neatly – meaning no broken yolks or tiny fragments of shell! Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe – making this our new go-to egg-cracking device.

Crack them Egg Crackers come in various colors – blue, red, black, and white are among them – made with durable materials that can withstand both raw eggs and hard-boiled ones. Their handle can also accommodate left and right-handed individuals alike for ease of use. Initially, it may take practice figuring out just how much pressure should be used, but once users master their use, they often report being able to crack eggs without issue quickly.

Crack them is an invaluable kitchen tool for anyone who regularly cooks with eggs. Not only will it save time and mess in your kitchen, but it can also reduce eggshell waste – not to mention being a stylish addition that will look good anywhere!

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