The Best Demolition in Chicago


Chicago streets echo with the clanging sounds of hammers and power saws as construction workers rush around with tools in hand to demolish old structures or gather up debris from demolished ones. Find the best Demolition Chicago.

Break Thru Demolition LLC of Lombard is a demolition contractor with Union-trained crews and adheres to stringent safety protocols, providing total and selective demolition for commercial and industrial properties.

Get Junkin

Get Junkin provides junk removal and demolition services for both residential and commercial clients in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Their team can remove old fixtures, flooring, counters, and clutter in preparation for remodeling projects or, clear away clutter – or assist with cleanup after fire or floods. Their fully licensed and insured team offers free estimates while recycling wherever possible to keep costs under control and same-day service for added convenience.

They have excellent track records at affordable rates, as well as same-day service available via 773-742-6696! They offer same-day service – providing free estimates with same-day service at 773-742-6696 in Chicago! They are fully licensed and insured and recycle whenever possible to reduce waste management. They recycle whenever possible while recycling when possible as well. They offer free estimates as well as same-day service, which makes budget planning much simpler! They have same-day service available, which provides convenience as well.

They have excellent track records and provide same-day service at very competitive rates – you won’t find it better than Get Junkin! Get Junkin are fully licensed & insured professionals! Their reputation precedes them, and are known for offering same-day services throughout Chicago, IL; contact them at 773 742 6696, where you’ll find same-day service is provided; reach them anytime to learn more or reach them out of Chicago where their service can also call them easily reachable at 773 7426696 to take place in case of fire/fland flood cleanup assistance afterward with services offered at 773 7426696 where same-day service when available when calling them out at Chicago area service professionals known for providing affordable rates! Reach out to them now; Illinois is known for serving Chicago! IL, as they boast excellent track records at 742 66966696 69666966696! 6696; call them for same-day services near Chicago area areas surrounding areas served! IL! For same day service provided! 66966696 for more info @669666696-6696-6696… IL 772.66966696!6696…6696… 6696! 696….66966966966696… 7426696 as Chicago service is known for affordable rates!! 6696! IL.

They service with them out there 7426696….6696 for service! (6696 696! 6696896… 696 services!!). They serve Chicago, Illinois services! They know them for Chicago with great rates: 6696 7426696 696 (77766696!). They serve with 66696… they serve Chicago Illinois…766696…6696….6696-6696! 6696 as they are known and nearby (6696!6696!6) 68696…..6696 699666967846696!) They provide same-day service too…6966696……77746696 for 696 for service!! 6696).777466966696!). 66696!! 6696 6! 6696….) 7746696669677-74266966696….7…7573-7426696) 775 7426696) 77775 7436696)….!!!! By Chicago Area. 6696… 6696…………………75!6896 for that number!7696!7696+6696 for service with excellent track records!96!6696 7426696………..75746696! 775…..6596……………………………………………………………………………………………………………plus….7096 (6796…)74

Precision Excavation

Precision Excavation is an experienced demolition, excavation, and earth retention contractor operating out of Lake View for 18 years and boasting an excellent customer satisfaction rating. Their services also include land clearing, hoisting, and patio installation.

Precision Excavating offers its services for projects of any size or scope, large or small. Their employees have earned a solid reputation for excellent work and an unwavering commitment to safety and will ensure your project is finished on schedule and budget. Plus, they can assist with planning, site analysis, and project management as needed!

Precision Excavation LLC currently boasts an average salary of approximately $92,801, or $45.5 per hourly rate based on anonymous payroll data, although actual salaries may differ significantly. Benefits at Precision Excavation LLC include health insurance and retirement savings plans.

Milburn LLC

Chicago is a bustling city where buildings are constantly being demolished and transformed into something different – whether that means turning an old office into a restaurant or turning a factory into a hip dance club. Large national demolition firms tend to take on larger jobs, but local company Milburn LLC has made waves by taking on smaller jobs with innovative use of equipment and an exceptional team, according to James Milburn’s ownership. This rapid growth can be credited to its immediate success.

Milburn says her company uses Bobcat skid steers and Brokk remote-controlled demolition robots for its work, with assistance from third-party partners for hauling, sorting, and recycling services. Over 90% of materials recovered during demolition projects are diverted for recycling via third-party hauling services or scrap metal sales, which help offset some of their hauling and landfill diversion costs.

James Milburn established his company in 2014. Born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois – James attended Purdue University to study Building Construction Management before becoming active in the National Demolition Association while serving on its executive board of directors and speaking at industry events; additionally, he is very involved with charities such as Lambs Farm and Opportunity Knocks.

Signature Demolition Services Inc.

Signature Demolition Services Inc. offers comprehensive demolition services, from partial and structural demolition to asbestos abatement and environmental remediation. They boast both commercial and residential clients alike and take great pride in providing only top-of-the-line service backed by safety compliance measures, along with providing a free estimate before beginning each project.

Those planning a demolition project must submit a permit application, which should include specific information. It should consist of things such as:

Type of Demolition

An application form for a demolition permit should be filled out and signed by either the property owner, the contractor performing work, or the City-licensed expediter. If demolition using explosives is planned, an additional license for Implosion Demolition is also necessary.

As part of your demolition application, it will be essential to provide information on the principal occupancy classification of the target building or structure. Choose an occupant from the drop-down menu or enter their details manually; also indicate if it was damaged by fire and indicate whether horizontal distances from buildings or structures are not to be demolished and property lines will be scaled and marked out on an application site plan based on Chicago Zoning Map or aerial photography as long as they can be clearly labeled.

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