TD Snap App For Professionals and Families


TD Snap is a user-friendly software solution, perfect for professionals and families, offering various page sets accessible via touch, eye gaze, or scanning, providing clear speech output.

TD Snap is designed for learners who use scanning as their primary method of accessing content. It includes Tobii Dynavox’s Core First page set and Motor Plan’s symbol-supported Motor Plan page set, designed to facilitate efficient language acquisition.

TD Snap is a flexible software.

TD Snap provides professionals and families with AAC solutions tailored to different communication needs and preferences, available on several Tobii Dynavox devices accessible via touch, eye gaze, or switch and providing clear speech output. There are multiple page sets to select, such as Core First and Motor Plan Text Scanning, and additional in-app purchases like PODD Gateway for further customization of page sets.

TD Snap is an AAC solution developed specifically to assist those living with autism or other speech and language disorders to increase communication, literacy, independence, and independence. Designed to meet each communicator where they are and foster their development of communication and literacy skills – all through an enjoyable user experience! Easy setup, use, and management with customizable options make TD Snap the ideal AAC choice.

TD Snap’s interface is intuitive and straightforward, featuring an easily navigable layout with an extensive database of line-drawn icons. A built-in camera roll enables customization of icon images according to individual interests, while other tools are provided to streamline editing and improve communication, such as an alphabet filter that allows professionals to slowly increase learner vocabulary growth or temporarily restrict certain words during therapy sessions.

This software features pages tailored for various types of vocabulary, from single and multi-word choices to creating word lists to facilitate learning; this feature can significantly benefit users with limited mobility who find traditional keyboards challenging to use.

TD Snap is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, offering an extensive library of pre-programmed sentences for easy customization by parents, teachers, and therapists alike. However, selecting an AAC application to fit your child or client best can be challenging as each offers unique benefits and drawbacks.

TD Snap offers a choice of page sets.

TD Snap provides eye gaze, touch, and switch-enabled page sets to support people with diverse communication needs and preferences. This flexibility enables professionals and families to meet users where they are on their speech, language, and literacy journey. Core First features symbol-supported pages designed to assist learners in building early communication skills while Motor Plan encourages efficient language acquisition using touch/eye gaze input while Text allows those transitioning from symbol supports into literacy to access this collection of page sets.

TD Snap includes features to support individuals who primarily access information using scanning as their primary access method, including its free-of-charge Lite version, which offers speech output through in-app purchases. The Lite version provides access to pages and navigation buttons, which allow for selections, vocabulary searches, and navigation between apps, in addition to creating a customized home screen with quick links for frequently visited pages.

All TD Snap Page Sets can be accessed with touch, eye gaze, or a switch, providing clear speech output. They feature powerful tools that simplify editing and enhance communication; furthermore, users can access printable low-tech resources like communication boards, communication books, and getting-started guides.

The Tobii Dynavox Snap Page Sets are specifically designed to work with their X1 and X2 devices but are compatible with other Android and iOS devices with touch or eye gaze input capabilities. However, Tobii Dynavox cannot guarantee compatibility with non-TD Snap Page Sets or non-TD Dynavox hardware used.

TD Snap recognizes and respects the intellectual property rights of others and does not permit misuse of its software that infringes these rights. Suppose users allege the Services violate an individual user’s copyright, patent, or trademark protection. In that case, Snap may revoke its use and require removing Software from devices where these violations have occurred.

TD Snap is easy to use

TD Snap is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system designed for use by AAC users and their communication partners. The software offers quick and intuitive access to frequently used words and phrases. TD Snap features an easily customized interface, making it more straightforward to learn and use. In addition, TD Snap provides several tools for expanding vocabulary and aiding language development while providing AAC users access to their favorite pictures and music. TD Snap comes in two versions, both free to use without speech-generating capability and a paid performance that does provide this function. As it’s ASHA-approved, speech-language pathologists can request their free version and unlock its speech-generating feature using their ASHA number.

SNAP+ Core First is a comprehensive symbol-based AAC solution that promotes the growth of communication, literacy, and reading skills. It meets learners where they are while encouraging further progress – accessible via touch, eye gaze, or scanning technology.

TD Snap offers more than just its initial page set; Tobii Dynavox and third parties have designed additional pages tailored explicitly for use by scanning as an access method. These include the Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display vocabulary strategy developed by Gayle Porter and the Gateway strategy by Joan Bruno – two such strategies developed by Tobii Dynavox themselves and third parties, respectively. Furthermore, there is even an exclusive set designed exclusively for scanning users!

All TD Snap page sets have powerful editing and communication tools designed to streamline editing and enhance communication. Customizable for scanning, head tilt, eye gaze access methods, and tracking button usage data, which helps track progress over time, they are easily customizable for individual needs and support a range of access methods, including scanning. In addition, TD Snap can follow and visualize button usage data, which helps track progression over time.

Selecting an AAC application, autism talker device, and mode of communication may seem challenging at first. Finding an app that best meets each person’s communication abilities, motor planning requirements, and support resources is critical – TD Snap and Goally offer distinct advantages: the former caters to younger users, while Goally features natural voices with various levels of simplicity.

TD Snap is affordable.

TD Snap is a flexible communication app designed to meet the needs of people with speech and language disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, Rett syndrome, and cerebral palsy. The app meets users where they are on their communication journey from first words through literacy with touch, eye gaze, and scanning as ways of communication; built-in help tools make set up easy; features supporting aphasia include speech production support as well as visual supports; as well as having a whiteboard feature enabling shared writing with communication partners.

Comparable with other AAC software, TD Snap is more cost-effective and user-friendly than its competition, featuring expandable grid sizes that grow with each user, icons based on core words that appear 80% of the time in daily conversation, and medical certification with any iPad device as well as a comprehensive warranty policy – with monthly or yearly options for subscription available.

Finding an AAC software suitable for children with autism can be challenging. While many families favor Proloquo2Go due to its price, scheduling features, and customer service, others might prefer TD Snap due to its pricing options, customer support features, or scheduling features. Both programs have advantages and disadvantages, so it is wise to carefully weigh all available solutions before deciding.

TD Snap is available for download through Tobii Dynavox resellers with the necessary license. It includes several Tobii Dynavox page sets such as Core First, Motor Plan, Text Scanning, Aphasia, and Aphasia, while third-party-created sets may be purchased in-app. With its robust set of integrated tools designed to make use simpler while helping communicators, professionals, and caregivers succeed successfully.