Stick on Clothing Labels


Stick on clothing labels are an easy and hassle-free solution for labeling clothes that do not require ironing. Attach directly to synthetic fabrics’ care/content or brand labels for permanent identification. Often the Amazing fact about printed satin labels.

Our printed self-adhesive fabric labels have passed Kids Safe, Reach, and Rohs testing standards, making them suitable for washing machines. Furthermore, the material used is dishwasher-safe and waterproof – adding peace of mind for both washing machine users and dishwasher operators alike!

Easy to apply

Stick on labels provide an easy and quick solution for labeling clothes without ironing or sewing, perfect for labeling school uniforms and camp gear without leaving glue residue behind. Adhered to garment care tags, these labels make labeling clothing effortless – ideal for school-bound students as well as siblings sharing clothing at home or away. It’s also great when sharing between siblings at camp! Easily applied and lasting through multiple washes (such as underwear or socks that get washed together!), stick on labels can easily be removed when no longer needed and should leave no glue residue behind – perfect!

Stick on labels are made of a soft, flexible material that is tear-resistant and waterproof, with a strong adhesive backing that stays attached through multiple washes and outdoor wear. They offer more convenience than sew-on labels as they can be applied directly onto items of clothing and equipment that need waterproof identification, such as water bottles, lunch boxes, or shoes.

Another method of labeling children’s clothing using fabric ink stamps to apply the name care or brand tags can be done using fabric ink stamps that apply ink directly onto care tags or brand tags. While not as quick or convenient, this approach offers another great alternative to woven labels – just be careful that the ink becomes manageable and gentle, as that could result in skin rashes on sensitive areas!

Clothing labels should be placed in an easily visible location to maximize their chances of being located and returned to their respective owners. The top of a shirt pocket is often an effective spot for embroidering names; others, such as inside the collar or button row, are also popular choices; it’s wise, however, not to put labels on items requiring special handling, such as shoes and gloves.

Depending upon the type of label you’re attaching, it should be placed where it can easily be read by anyone wearing the garment – this means avoiding places like an inner cuff or hemline, which might irritate them as much.

Easy to remove

Stick on clothing labels are an easy and convenient way to label clothes for school, work, or the kids’ summer camp. Adhere them directly onto wash care labels found in most clothing. They’re waterproof and can withstand multiple washing cycles before coming off! Additionally, these stickers make great additions for backpacks, water bottles, hats, and other accessories to avoid losing or misplacing items!

To remove an adhesive label from a garment, place parchment paper over it and iron on its lowest setting for approximately 15 seconds at press firmly for 15 seconds – if still stuck after that period, heat again until flexible, then use tweezers to peel away or use nail polish remover or commercial products designed specifically to get adhesives off fabric.

Iron-on labels may not be as easy to remove as their sticker counterparts, but there are still ways of taking off these tags from your clothing. One method involves reheating the label with iron on baking paper between it and the label to remelt its adhesive backing; another solution would be soaking the garment in hot, soapy water in order to loosen the glue; alternatively, you may try using Goo Gone solvent to dissolve its hold on clothing.

Before attaching a label to clothing, thoroughly examine it to ensure that its removal can be accomplished without causing damage. If in doubt, consult the owner of the dress for alternative methods of removal; failing that, consider boiling the garment in order to do it safely and efficiently.

Stick on clothing name labels are an easy and cost-effective way to add personalization to children’s wardrobes. Available in various shapes and sizes, they’re easy to apply directly onto wash care labels found inside most clothes; water resistant; they even withstand multiple washing machine cycles – an excellent solution if clothes are frequently handed down from older siblings or cousins.

Easy to personalize

Stick on clothing labels are an easy way to customize and remove, making them ideal for clothing that needs to be washed frequently or passed along between siblings or cousins. Their adhesive film sticks securely to any fabric surface instantly – even synthetic brand tags! No ironing is necessary as they come off once your garment has been washed and tumble-dried – perfect for frequent washing sessions or when passing items along between siblings or cousins!

Labels can also be applied to objects like school bags, water bottles, and hats for easy identification and labeling. With over 10,000 designs to choose from – you’re sure to find something fitting your child’s personality and style!

Stickers provide a much easier and cost-effective alternative to iron-on labels that are difficult to remove once applied since the adhesive film can be peeled off by hand and discarded. They’re waterproof too – wash and dry as standard – making this option far more cost-effective and longer-term; unfortunately, they cannot be used on cotton, silk, or wool fabrics, though!

These washable labels can help keep expensive clothing and accessories safe from getting misplaced in the wash, such as school uniforms and sports apparel. Furthermore, they’re an ideal way to identify items that should be washed separately, such as socks and underwear, and reduce loss.

Label Daddy’s woven labels offer another convenient solution to keep track of your children’s belongings. Customize it to include their first and last name, phone number, or allergy information – or choose from one of their many colors and fonts so it fits their style!

If you prefer sewing your labels yourself, using a standard sewing machine is an easy and time-saving project that looks much more professional than felt tip markers! It takes only minutes to finish this easy DIY task!

Easy to wash

Stick on clothing labels are an easy and hassle-free alternative to iron-on clothing labels. Attach the stickers directly to the care tag or brand label of your child’s garments, and they will remain securely in place even after repeated washes. They make for great school, camp, and sports team uniform labels, as well as marking backpacks, lunchboxes, and water bottles!

Stick-on clothing labels come in an assortment of sizes and colors. Not only are they waterproof, they’re easy to apply in the washer/dryer as well. Furthermore, children often prefer them over iron-on labels since they’re easy to remove; however, if your garments require delicate fabrics or extensive amounts of clothing, iron-on labels may be best.

Cleaning sticker residue off clothing made from natural fibers is easy when you use acetone nail polish remover to rub over the area in question. Be sure to test a small patch of fabric first! Alternatively, freeze your garment in the freezer for 45-90 minutes in order to break down adhesive tapes, after which it can be washed as usual.

If you’re having difficulty with label residue on clothing, try rubbing it with peanut butter or olive oil; many glues are lipid soluble and will dissolve when exposed to these products. After applying these agents, wash with soap and water. If this still doesn’t help, consider purchasing some specialized removal products like Un-Du, as it has virtually no chemical smell when used to remove sticky residues.

Mine4Sure offers stick-on clothes labels as an easy and cost-effective alternative to ironed name tags for kids who frequently change outfits without time for ironing or sewing. Available in multiple colors and text styles, these labels are easy to apply and durable enough for school and camp use.

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