Snapchat Planets and Your Best Friends List


Snapchat now offers a new feature called Friend Planets that ranks your friends according to their friendship intensity on the app, showing a planet symbol next to their Bitmoji or name in chat windows.

Mercury symbolizes your closeness with friends, followed by Venus, Earth, Jupiter, and finally, Uranus and Neptune – each planet has unique characteristics that add an exciting edge to the Snapchat experience.


If someone on Snapchat displays the planet Mercury bitmoji, this indicates they are one of your closest and most frequent friends based on how many streaks you share.

Venus stands in for your second closest friend; this ranking is determined by how often you chat on Snapchat. If a friend’s Bitmoji shows the symbol for Venus, this indicates they rank second in your friendship order.

With its orange hue and an array of pink, blue, and yellow stars forming its constellation, Jupiter lands fifth place based on how often and with what intensity users send each other snaps and interact.

Saturn, representing your sixth-closest friend, represents how often and closely you speak. This measure considers how often and for how long each conversation occurs.

Neptune, with its cool blue hue, stands in for your eighth-closest friend based on how often and the quality of conversations with them you share. Snapchat created this system as an engaging way of visualizing friendship. Exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers; for anyone curious enough, try it yourself by signing up now – there is even a 7-day free trial available if that makes the decision even more challenging!


Snapchat is an innovative app that enables users to send and receive photos or videos, known as snaps, via both iPhone and Android devices. The Snapchat platform includes multiple features that will allow you to add numerous friends to a group chat or upload stories; one notable one of these is its unique Friend Solar System that shows just how close friends are.

Mercury represents your closest friendship; this friend with whom you share the most snaps, chats, and streaks is represented by a pink planet with red hearts. Venus describes your second closest friend – they share pink, blue, and yellow stars like Mercury does – Mars represents your fourth close friendship, Jupiter represents your fifth; Uranus features green planets with yellow stars, and Neptune stands as your eighth close associate.

Planet Order is only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers; if you aren’t one, however, you can still view your friends’ planets by visiting their profiles.


Snapchat planets provide a fun way to measure relationships on the social platform. The feature assigns your top eight friends a different world depending on how often you interact with them, with Mercury representing your closest relationship and Neptune describing your farthest interactions. Users can see which planet each friend belongs to by tapping a badge with an emoji planet symbol with gold rings around it on their Friendship Profiles.

Mercury, your closest Snapchat friend, symbolizes this relationship as it appears as a pink planet with red hearts.

Venus, or your second Snapchat planet, stands in for your next closest friend. They share many snaps and interact more regularly than your most intimate confidant, representing a beige-colored planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts.

Earth, representing your next-closest friends who chat less frequently, is depicted by a green planet with red hearts, while Mars shows your fourth-closest friend with purple and blue hearts.


Are You A Snapchat Plus User? If so, it may have come to your attention that friends who share your relationship are assigned planet spots based on how close or distant it is between you and them – from Mercury (closest friend) to Neptune (farthest).

Venus, represented as a pink planet adorned with red hearts, symbolizes your second closest friend and should be communicated with frequently through Snapchat. Next comes Mars – an orange-hued red world with purple and blue hearts representing your third closest ally; Jupiter (represented by a yellow planet with rings), followed by Saturn as ranking slightly lower on your friend list, then finally Uranus with its green hue adorned with stars represents your fifth close friend and so on until Uranus which can also represent close relationships among friends.

If someone’s profile displays a badge with gold borders for “Best Friends” or “Friends,” this signifies that you are one of their eight closest contacts on Snapchat. To maintain accurate rankings, send messages regularly; otherwise, if their planets are misdisplaying incorrectly, try restarting Snapchat or contact support for assistance.


Snapchat Planets is a unique feature that assigns each of your friends an asteroid based on their ranking in your Best Friends list. It uses an analogy drawn from solar system imagery to visually depict friendship rankings – from Mercury as your closest pal out to Neptune representing those farther away. This dynamic tool lets you prioritize interactions with friends on Snapchat while forging meaningful bonds on this social platform.

A friend assigned Venus on Snapchat represents your second closest ally and shares an intense connection. They frequently communicate through chats, snaps, and stories while providing excellent motivation and advice in your relationship.

Earth, representing your third closest friend on the platform, shares strong affinities with your personality and interests. Mars (representing a red planet with pink and blue hearts) comes next; their fourth closest ally is Jupiter, which represents an orange-hued planet with yellow, blue, and purple stars, and sixthly closest is Mercury with pink hearts on it – not as close a friend but often communicates nonetheless!


Subscribers of Snapchat Plus, the paid version of the social media app Snapchat, have access to an exciting feature called Friend Solar Systems. This system classifies your level of friendship with someone based on the planet they represent – from closeness to distance from you – with each planet representing different ranks in their list of friends from nearest to farthest from you. To see this in action, tap their friendship profile.

Mercury, represented by a pink planet with red hearts, will likely appear closest to you on any chart or graph. It signifies the most exchanges among your streaks, chats, and snaps with that individual. Venus comes next, followed by Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn, and Neptune.

If a friend has multiple planets, this indicates their position among your list of eight closest friends. You are among their top eight close relationships when you see the Best Friends’ or Friends’ badge on their friendship profile. Tapping on their badge allows you to see their planet order; for instance, if they are Mercury, that person considers you their closest best friend; Venus represents second closest, etc. Snapchat uses different ranking systems to order its planet depending on factors like time spent with friends, quality interactions between friends, streak counts, etc.


If you subscribe to Snapchat Plus, chances are you have noticed some of your friends have an interesting new way of measuring friendship with them – like an orderly solar system, these planet badges represent unique ranking systems for them and how well you interact.

Example: If your closest and best friend has Mercury as their zodiac sign, this person will represent your most significant number of snaps and streaks. Venus describes your second closest and longest streaking relationship. At the same time, Mars symbolizes your fourth nearest by appearing as a red planet with purple & blue hearts – also symbolic of how Mars represents your fourth closest friendship and your fourth-best relationship! Jupiter would represent the fifth, symbolized by an orange planet with yellow stars; Uranus represents the seventh, defined as green without hearts; Neptune becomes your eighth closest friendship, represented by a dark blue world without guts!

Snapchat Planets feature is an engaging way to show how vital each friend is in your life. However, its rankings depend on how frequently you communicate with them; otherwise, their planet could become inaccurate.