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Continuity: This series shares its universe with most of Bonelli’s (the publisher) other comics, such as Tex Willer, Zagor, and Dampyr; characters can move between series freely, while cameo appearances are expected. Scenery Censorship: Breasts and butts may occasionally be shown; sometimes, even genitals might be revealed through clothing placement or excessive water splashes – although these details would usually be covered up through clothing placement or water splashes that seem unrealistically high. Find out the best info about buste per fumetti.

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According to Bonelli (the publisher), Dylan Dog characters appear in other series as part of its shared universe. Tex Willer, Zagor, Martin Mystery (of whom the cartoon Martin Mystery is loosely based), Dampyr, and Dellamorte all make appearances in Dylan Dog tales. Scenery Censorship: Breasts and butts can often be seen alongside male genitals, found chiefly on corpses as well as frontal nudity is displayed quite frequently.

Bagging manga can actually seal in humidity and speed yellowing. For optimal results, leave an airflow flap open so air can circulate. Dehumidifiers may also assist.


The sleeve is made from stiff, high-quality plastic designed to protect comics without impeding page movement. A slightly open sleeve should be left for optimal results when stored in humid environments; tight packing can actually trap humidity inside and lead to faster yellowing than expected; dehumidifiers may be beneficial when stored in damp basements and garages.

The Dylan Dog series by Bonelli Publishers shares an extended universe with other titles from Bonelli, such as Tex Willer, Zagor, Martin Mystery, and Dampyr, with shared timelines and appearances by characters from other series.

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