PFA Hose


PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) tubing provides the benefits of both PTFE and FEP materials in one tubing material, with improved visibility during fluid transfer as well as inspection for any contaminants or blockages that might arise during fluid transport. What do you need to consider about Groot assortiment PFA slang.

PFA boasts a molecular structure that protects against ionic contamination and is nonreactive with all common chemicals, making it suitable for fluid transfer and air passage applications such as those involved with Semicon applications. HP 450 grade PFA can also be found to meet this need.

Chemical Resistance

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) polymers offer outstanding chemical resistance against many corrosive chemicals due to tight fluorine-carbon bonding within their polymer structures, protecting them against corrosion, permeation, and reactions.

Chemical resistance is another feature that draws semiconductor industry workers to this hose, which is used to transport high-purity DI water and liquid chemicals for wafer processing. They require a fluid transfer line that won’t react with any of the chemicals present during wafer manufacturing processes.

This hose can safely handle harsh and toxic chemicals used by mining operations to extract precious metals from their ore. These industrial chemicals must be stored safely if they leak to prevent environmental contamination.

Pharmaceutical applications of PFA hose include transporting drugs and chemicals that must remain highly pure. This application is critical in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that customers receive accurate medication while manufacturing takes place under clean conditions. PFA tubing meets SEMI F-57 certification for critical fluid transfer systems with HP versions featuring lower extractable levels, protection from ionic contamination, and mechanical integrity at very high temperatures.


PFA tubing is highly transparent, making it the ideal material choice for tubing systems requiring visual inspection of liquid or gas flow. Furthermore, PFA allows operators to spot blockages within their system and make corrections accordingly easily.

Fluoropolymers are widely utilized in industries spanning semiconductor manufacturing, laboratory research, and environmental science, as well as pharmaceutical applications. They’re an ideal solution when extractable levels require low extractability, and the material must also withstand strong chemicals like nitric acid and phosphoric acid without breaking down.

PFA tubing is highly durable and easily withstands extreme temperatures. It makes an ideal replacement for PTFE or FEP tubes in numerous applications because it possesses similar mechanical strength over a more comprehensive temperature range while offering smoother surface finishes and higher transparency compared to either option.

Beyond these characteristics, silicone rubber is also an excellent material choice for medical applications, thanks to its resistance to UV-A and UV-C light that causes other plastic coverings to become brittle or discolored over time. Furthermore, its shatterproof properties make it suitable for UV lamp production by protecting it from glass fragments breaking free during manufacture, and wire and cable protection against extreme environments like heat, weather, or chemicals is another use.

High Purity

PFA tubing is a melt-processable fluoropolymer material with many of the same benefits as PTFE but differs in that it is more transparent, more flexible, and better at resisting UV damage. Although most chemicals and industrial solvents do not affect it, fluorine, sodium hydroxide, molten salt, and alkali metals can still react with it.

Contrary to PTFE, PEEK does not expand or contract when heated, maintaining its mechanical integrity over a broad temperature range while its visibility allows easy monitoring of fluid flow. Furthermore, its excellent resistance to outdoor weathering makes it ideal for use outdoors, while its nonoxidizing qualities mean it doesn’t oxidize in the presence of strong reducing acids or nitric acid environments.

Furon HP 450 UC tubing from Saint-Gobain’s PFA resin grades meets SEMI C90 requirements and offers outstanding chemical resistance, withstanding most organic solvents, weak or strong acids, mixed acids, and corrosion-causing materials without reacting adversely. Furthermore, cleanroom-produced Furon HP 450 UC tubing stands out with its highest purity level among them – ideal for applications that demand ultra-purity levels in their semiconductor applications.

PFA tubing can be found in applications requiring excellent chemical resistance, clarity, and flexibility – such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical research, food manufacturing, beverage distribution, sanitary suction, and discharge lines without adding odors or tastes to them. Furthermore, its insulation properties provide extra abrasion protection. PFA tubes also make excellent wire harness protection solutions.

Long Lengths

PFA tubing can be extruded in long, continuous lengths to reduce the number of connections required. It withstands broad temperature conditions from cryogenic to hot (+260 degrees Celsius) and high pressures without degrading its physical or chemical properties. Furthermore, its transparency enables users to monitor fluid flow without risking contamination or disruption to avoid unnecessary flow interruptions or obstructions.

Entegris offers weldable PFA tubing of both ultra-high purity (FluoroLine(r) PFA) and industrial grades to meet any requirement, providing dry lubrication that helps avoid static electricity build-up that could otherwise cause sparks or other electrical discharge. Pure FluoroLine(r) PFA tubing offers the highest level of purity and chemical resistance, while PFA PureBond industrial grades provide more cost-effective options where ultra-high purity (FluoroLine(r) PFA may not be required.

PFA tubing can be easily fitted with standard threaded and welded fittings, including flare fittings. The flexible tube can be easily moved around without altering its inner diameter, and its smooth surface enables wires and components to glide smoothly through extended tubing channels or tight spaces. Low Permeation PFA Tubing may be available as an additional choice to reduce contaminants penetrating its inner tube wall.

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