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Nollywood, long known for low-budget soapy romcoms, is now leaping action dramas – but can they break into global markets?

Nigeria’s economy has suffered despite rising oil prices. Millions still live in poverty, and Nigeria must reduce its dependence on oil revenues while addressing structural issues.

News from Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous and notable democracy, yet a weakening economy, deepening insecurity, and violent conflict are undermining progress toward stability and good governance ahead of its 2023 elections.

This week, gunmen attacked and killed several individuals at a church in southern Nigeria. Officials claim some of the attackers posed as worshippers to gain entry. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission says it is prepared for diaspora voting; however, lawmakers haven’t agreed yet. Should this become law, Nigerians living abroad could cast votes.

Amnesty International recently issued a report showing how Nigeria continues to use harsh methods to arrest and prosecute people who defend human rights – such as those fighting for equality or challenging injustice – including chaining people with mental health conditions or psychosocial disabilities who seek care that respects human rights; in turn, accessing support services offering care that respects these fundamental human rights remains extremely limited.

Schooling remains an issue in Nigeria, where 20.2 million children are out of school. Nigeria has long struggled to make education available for all, with funding issues and repeated kidnappings of girls being particularly troublesome. Furthermore, Nigeria’s economic slowdown has caused food inflation that strains families.

News from Africa

Africa has abundant natural resources and a youthful population, yet poverty still plagues this continent. Nigeria has made strides in socio-economic development in recent years, yet it ranks 150 out of 157 countries on the World Bank’s 2020 Human Capital Index. For over ten years, Nigeria has struggled with massive unemployment and underdevelopment issues threatening its continued existence as an African nation.

Nigerian military soldiers staged a dramatic rescue operation, successfully retrieving from the sea over 100 migrants – many women and children – stranded at sea for weeks aboard an overloaded Spanish boat that ran out of fuel after encountering rough waters off Mauretania. They were flown safely away by helicopters.

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News from the World

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous and largest democracy, but economic progress has been severely hindered by poverty and inequality. Job creation remains low, while inflation has strained household welfare. Furthermore, climate change-induced decreased crop yields present further economic obstacles for Nigeria.

Nigerian courts have ordered the release of former oil minister Babagana Zulum, who was charged with corruption in 2022. Babagana Zulum was found guilty of embezzling over US$5 million from government funds during a case that began around then.

Nigeria’s military claims it has executed an attack against suspected Boko Haram militants after raiding their Borno state base, and over 40 civilians also lost their lives during this operation.

Nigerian singer Divine Ikubor, commonly known by his stage name Rema, has reached a significant milestone with his chart-topping song ‘Calm Down’ featuring Selena Gomez becoming the first Afrobeats track to remain at number one for one full year on Billboard US charts.

In response to recent health concerns about increased consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs), Nigeria’s Federal Government announced on February 9, 2020, its intention to raise excise duty on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages by an amount equaling excise duty, effective June 2020, with hopes that this measure can reduce consumption by as much as 30 %.

News from the Middle East

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and home to over 250 ethnic groups and 500 distinct languages, boasting one of the richest cultures and traditions worldwide, such as music, dance, and its unique faith mix of Christianity and Islam. Furthermore, its natural beauty, abundant wildlife population, and vibrant economy have brought global recognition – one of which is business mogul Aliko Dangote, who is one of the best-known Nigerians globally.

Gunmen have abducted scores of children from a school in northern Nigeria, authorities announced Monday. The students, held at their hostel in Maiduguri city, were attending a wedding when gunmen stormed in and took away both girls and boys at once, leaving their teachers no time to protect themselves or evacuate.

Bola Tinubu of Nigeria’s ruling party candidate, Bola Tinubu, was declared winner of its 2023 presidential election, beating back opposition calls for reruns and promising to address security challenges and strengthen an economically weak nation.

Villagers in north-central Nigeria are mourning at least 40 deaths after a river bursts its banks, submerging several families and killing more than 100 bodies. According to local media, authorities believe the number may continue to grow as more bodies have been recovered and torrential rains and heavy winds swept across the region. Government rescue workers have been deployed to evacuate people from affected areas.

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