Neal Fun – How to Make a Lever That Will Divert a Trolley Into Another Track


Absurd Trolley Problems

Imagine standing atop some tram tracks as an out-of-control trolley hurtles downhill toward five unaware workers, only for you to have the option of throwing a lever that would divert it onto another way where it will only kill one worker instead of five. Should you throw it?

Trolley Problems are a famous philosophical thought experiment that asks you to decide whether it is morally permissible to cause some harm in order to prevent more significant damage. They have been used as an engaging way of exploring various topics such as war, torture, drones, abortion, and euthanasia, yet some have claimed these scenarios do not represent real-life moral decisions accurately enough; this view known as “The Trolley Fallacy” has often been criticized by philosophers.

Philippa Foot, an influential feminist philosopher, first introduced The Trolley Problem ethical dilemma in the 1960s. This situation requires someone to decide if it would be morally appropriate to take additional actions that mitigate the harm caused by their original actions – for instance, a driver setting the trolley rolling with full knowledge that it will kill five people may owe it to themselves to divert it in order to save one life instead.

Trolley problems provide us with an invaluable way to test our moral intuitions. They force us to compare outcomes between positive and negative actions, something many may find hard to accept. Yet the reality remains: every choice has an associated cost that should be remembered throughout daily life when making any decision.

Absurd Trolley Problems is an entertaining web-based game designed to let players experience morally challenging dilemmas in an interactive, enjoyable manner. As you advance through levels, scenarios become ever more demanding, requiring even more complex decisions for you to make.

While the game’s premise may be humorous, it still provides an entertaining way to examine moral dilemmas we encounter every day – decisions such as who to date, where we work, which school we attend, and which hobbies we pursue. All choices have consequences – even not making one! – which must always be kept in mind when making morally correct choices and decisions about morally appropriate behaviors; also serves as an excellent reminder to trust our instincts and do what feels most right regardless of possible consequences – something many of us need to learn.

Neal Agarwal

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