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Metallic epoxy floors combine aesthetic beauty with practical benefits, transforming any space into one you will remember forever. To know more, check out

Pigment powders in these coatings are continuously mixed into the curing process, creating unique visual effects for each floor despite using identical colors. Swirling in additional hues during application also adds visible variations.


Metallic epoxy floor coatings are an innovative multi-layered floor coating system that utilizes metallic pigments to produce eye-catching effects. As the epoxy and metal pigments cure together, they move through the resin, creating eye-catching lava flows or pearlescent designs that stand out. Metallic epoxy floor coatings add a distinctive aesthetic while offering many practical advantages over other flooring types, such as low yellowing, seamlessness, antimicrobial protection, chemical resistance, slip resistance, as we do, and highly durable!

Metallic floors offer many of the same benefits as epoxy-based systems for high-traffic indoor spaces, including aesthetic appeal, customizable patterns, and easy maintenance and cleaning. Metallics can even withstand impact, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and oils for enhanced resistance – and when finished off with a performance urethane top coat, they provide even more excellent resistance against scuffing and scratching!

Metallic epoxy finishes can be found on numerous surfaces, from commercial and residential floors to countertops and work surfaces. Popular options for countertops and work surfaces due to their resistance against damage and easy care, metallic epoxy finishes are an excellent choice in areas like kitchens where hygiene is a top priority.

When creating a metallic epoxy floor, your contractor will apply a standard solid color or transparent epoxy layer to cover any concrete imperfections and provide a base. After the base coat has dried, they’ll mix metallic pigments with the epoxy until you achieve your desired look – you may also swirl in extra colors with brushes or rollers and create different finishes!

Once the metallic epoxy has been mixed and installed, your contractor will apply a top coat of urethane to seal its design and provide protection from wear and tear. Urethane comes in matte, satin, or gloss sheen options to select which level best complements the atmosphere in which you live.


Metallic epoxy floors offer an eye-catching alternative to concrete in commercial spaces, offices, or garages. Not only are these stunning metallic epoxy floors highly durable yet stylish – yet affordable – installation systems, but their presence also creates an unforgettable first impression and increases property values significantly.

Metallic finishes differ from standard epoxy coatings in that they incorporate decorative pigments to produce an eye-catching shimmer that ranges from subtle elegance to dramatic glamour, creating stunning effects with this technique. Incorporate them with any color for a completely custom design!

This flooring solution has become increasingly popular with residential and commercial property owners, particularly those opting for contemporary or industrial designs. Its range of colors complements most home decor styles. Plus, they’re great options for high-traffic areas like auto showrooms and hotel lobbies!

Metallic epoxy floors are designed to replicate the look of polished metal or marbled surfaces and come in an array of colors, from shimmering silver and opulent gold to rich copper and timeless bronze. Plus, you can have these floors installed in custom patterns or designs for a truly eye-catching display that will amaze those who see it!

Metallic pigments in these flooring systems can be altered using brushing techniques and solvents to produce unique effects such as swirls, waves, or lava-like drippings. Furthermore, layers can be sprayed on to make cloudy or oceanic appearances for an immersive three-dimensional effect that mesmerizes these systems!

Though these flooring systems feature their distinctive aesthetic, they still provide the same advantages as standard epoxy coatings. They’re highly durable and able to withstand heavy foot traffic, punctures, chemical spills, and chemical exposure; plus, they’re easy to maintain without harboring bacterial growth.


Metallic epoxy flooring offers unending design possibilities and color choices, creating mesmerizing textures and unique hues that solid or chip systems cannot replicate. By mixing metallic pigment powders into a clear 100% solid epoxy base, this type of epoxy coating creates mesmerizing textures and one-of-a-kind hues that cannot be repeated. Furthermore, different color pigments can be mixed to produce custom looks that will never be repeated!

Due to their stunning visual appeal, these floors are popularly chosen in retail environments and spaces that exhibit products or exhibits. Their attention-grabbing qualities draw viewers in without distracting them from what’s being displayed.

These floors are efficient. They resist abrasion, can support heavy machinery without warping, and provide superior chemical and temperature resistance – ideal for environments requiring more excellent durability than most traditional flooring materials.

Metallic epoxy floors installed by professionals are exceptionally long-term and resilient, boasting thick molecular structures that withstand impact from various objects and vehicles, chemical exposure, temperature extremes, and temperature extremes. If you are searching for a long-term floor coating solution that is easily maintained and repaired, metallic epoxy might be necessary in your home.

Metallic epoxy floors not only add visual aesthetic appeal to your home, but they can also increase its monetary value. Potential buyers will be attracted by its beauty and feel drawn to its quality – thus making it easier for you to sell in the future.

Metallic epoxy floors add an exotic design element to commercial spaces. Their metallic hue can enliven any room by drawing attention to specific features, making this an attractive solution for businesses seeking to attract customers while distinguishing themselves from competitors. Furthermore, these floors are easy to maintain and highly long-term, so if you are considering installing new floors at your home or business soon, talk with a contractor specializing in metallic epoxy floors.


Metallic epoxy flooring offers many advantages for both home and office decor. It is easy to maintain and highly flexible – adapting to various envirocial and residential environments, like chemicals, fluids, and heat; resilient against staining and mildew – metallic epoxy floors make life simple!

If you decide to install a metallic epoxy floor in your home or office, consulting with an expert to ensure it’s done right is paramount to getting the maximum return from your investment. A flooring expert will provide the concrete surface is adequately prepared before applying a coat consisting of base coat and metallic pigment, mixing pigment proportionately between parts A and B epoxy to avoid creating clumps; additionally, they sift their mixture through a strainer to remove any potential debris that might remain.

Once the base coat has dried, metallic pigments will be poured on. A flooring specialist will manipulate these pigments as it sets, creating reflective patterns to match your desired aesthetic and reflect light differently. Finally, a clear urethane topcoat is added for protection and longevity.

Metallic epoxy floors come in an abundance of colors and designs. You can mix different hues to create unique patterns – or blend multiple shades to form new combinations with specific names in the industry, such as mixing orange and brown for a copper floor combination, jungle green with gunmetal grey, pearl white, and navy blue, wine red with chestnut brown or other varieties such as these.

Metallic epoxy floors not only boast aesthetic beauty but are incredibly resilient as well. Metallic epoxy systems can withstand up to 10 times more abrasion than standard systems, meaning that metallic flooring can withstand even intensive industrial and automotive usage with little signs of wear and tear.

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