Mario Has a Lot of Jokes Up His Sleeve


Mario is an icon in video game culture. But did you know he has some hilarious jokes up his sleeve?

What would you call a Mario with a mustache and an affinity for fun-guy characters? A fun-guy. What would you call someone who doesn’t care much for mushrooms, though? A mushroom-lover. And for those keeping track, those communicating with their deceased brother Luigi through Luigi boards? Known as Luigi-boarders.

1. Bowser is a Koopa

Bowser has long been one of Mario’s nemesis since the first Super Mario game. Often depicted bipedally and possessing an offensive spiny shell that can be kicked away, Bowser often abducts Princess Peach before challenging Mario in battle by placing 8 castles along his path before dueling occurs.

He is the King of Koopas and stands out as a distinguished form of Koopa who wears spiked armor and can breathe fire. Other Koopas, or Koopa Troopas as they are commonly referred to, are turtle-shaped.

Bowser is known to be more physical than intellectual, often being mocked for his strength and aggression. Yet despite this, he remains very proud to be a father to eight Koopa children whom he strives to meet their every demand.

2. Mario is a plumber

Mario may have held various jobs over his long and eventful life, but we will always know him as our beloved plumber. To stay fit he enjoys doing Koopa Cardio to keep himself in good shape.

Jumpman first appeared as Jumpman in 1981 pioneering Nintendo arcade game Donkey Kong, as a carpenter trying to help save an unfortunate damsel from barrels that were being dropped from a construction site. By 1985’s Super Mario Bros release, however, Mario had taken on his most enduring role yet: plumber! This underground game featured creatures coming out of sewer pipes!

Mario’s plumbing career has never stopped him from helping Princess Peach or defeating Bowser, making him truly adorable. If ever in need of plumbing help, call Mario; he’ll be at your door in no time – with over three decades of pipes, jumps, and Kooper crushing under his belt already, you don’t need to worry.

3. Mario is a Koopa-cutter

Mario reigns supreme in the video game world and his games are always enjoyable to play. Nintendo has sold millions of copies of Mario games over time; he can be found in multiple video games; first appearing in 1981 in their Game & Watch handheld video game series.

Mario jokes and puns can be found everywhere, some suitable for children while others are more risque. A group of Koopa Troopas on an outdoor camping trip are known as shell-a-vibration, and an impaired Goomba with drinking issues is known as drunk-a. Mario also is a huge fan of US news networks; watching CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC among them!

4. Mario is a Koopa-loser

Mario has been an integral part of Nintendo history for more than three decades, from his humble roots as Jumpman up to becoming a global phenomenon.

Mario can be seen rescuing Princess Peach from Koopa-villain Bowser by using various power-ups that grant him special abilities in video games and other media such as Saturday Supercade and Mario and Luigi Super Show! Lou Albano and Bob Hoskins both portray him as live-action characters.

Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario in 1981 for the Donkey Kong video game. At first referred to simply as “Jumpman”, questions have always persisted about his full name; Charles Martinet who voices Mario has since 1991 confirmed it as Mario; this may also reflect Mario and Luigi being Italian names and meaning “little mushroom,” with Mario also sometimes known as Luigi; or it could even have even deeper significance if Mario were his given first name.

5. Mario is a Koopa-cougher

Mario is part of Bowser’s Koopalings, an elite group of seven Koopa siblings that act as higher-ranked members of his army. While they don’t possess his regal presence, these badass brothers know how to fight effectively and can often outwit Mario in battle situations.

Larry Koopa is one of the four Koopalings and often leads them in their antics. He uses an orange magic wand and has often been depicted as the most joyful character within their group; his name comes from that of Larry Mullen Jr, drummer for rock band U2.

Lemmy Koopa is an elder member of Mario’s family and often acts as the heavy. His primary color representation is orange; however, early sprites lacked his ponytail similar to Lemmy Kilmister of British metal band Motorhead who passed away earlier. Also referred to in cartoons as “Hip,” Lemmy is the twin brother of Iggy Koopa.

6. Mario is a Koopa-sniffer

Mario, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and now widely popular worldwide as part of Nintendo’s video game franchises, is an international pop culture icon. He appeared in numerous video games, television shows, and films throughout his history. He remains one of the most celebrated characters ever featured in video gaming history.

Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo played Mario and Luigi respectively in the 1993 live-action film Super Mario Bros, although their portrayals may not have captured all aspects of his backstory – such as that his surname is actually “Mario”? Charles Martinet revealed this detail at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 during a Q&A session for this character.

7. Mario is a Koopa-sniffer

Mario is more than a plumber; he also acts as a Koopa Sniffer! In 2012 at SDCC Charles Martinet who voices Mario mentioned how he uses his senses to sniff out Koopas for Bowser to capture.

Miyamoto had planned on calling his character “Jumpman”, but changed it after workers at Nintendo’s warehouse noticed similarities to Mario Segale – someone who frequently visited their office seeking rental agreements.

Mario, Luigi, and the submarine captain find themselves trapped inside King Koopa’s cell in Paris after being drawn down a manhole by Sledge Brother guards. But their lives are saved when Toad arrives with power-ups from Toad’s chest in Toad’s vehicle – King Koopa grabs one to transform himself into Raccoon Koopa and escape to Paris where his turtle minions eventually became known as Bowsers – henceforth known as Koopas!

8. Mario is a Koopa-cutter with a cold

Mario has come a long way since first debuting as an extra in a videogame nearly 30 years ago, becoming the star of hundreds of Nintendo and non-Nintendo titles alike.

Ludwig Koopalings has an attitude in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga that ranges from precociousness to vanity. When entering his room, Ludwig often stares down his brothers with disdain while becoming furious when ignored during battles.

Ludwig’s arrogant nature shines through when he mocks Mario’s fear of darkness in Mario is Missing!. Ludwig is voiced by Michael Stark in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World cartoons; Rob Wallace voices him for Super Mario Wisdom Games Picture Book 3, while Mike Vaughn voices him in most New Super Mario Bros. games as well as other Nintendo video game franchises.

9. Mario is a Koopa-cutter with a cold

Mario is one of the most iconic video game characters ever. As part of Nintendo’s eponymous franchise, he has appeared in over 200 video games; as well as various television shows and movies.

Mario, known for his red hat, tradesman jumpsuit, and iconic Italian mustache is the iconic character who represents the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mario is known as an eager plumber ready to jump in and help. His red hat, tradesman jumpsuit, and signature Italian mustache distinguish him as one of their iconic mascots.

Mario was initially called Jumpman; however, Nintendo of America executives believed he needed something more identifiable for public consumption. They proposed naming him after Mario Segale – Miyamoto agreed and so began an epic story of Nintendo history!

10. Mario is a Koopa-cutter with a cold

Nothing could be more irritating than hearing about Mario and Luigi dating each other; their romance seems absurd considering they share the same last name and both brothers share it!

Mario first made his debut appearance in the Donkey Kong arcade game back in 1981 as Jumpman due to his unique ability to leap over barrels.

Bowser was designed by Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, initially envisioning him as an ox until Takashi Tezuka pointed out that his appearance more closely resembled that of a turtle.

Mario is an Italian given name that means “manly.” If you want your baby to embrace their masculine side, why not give them the name of Mario — everyone’s favorite Italian plumber who helps save Princess Peach from Bowser?! Who knows; perhaps one day they might become doctors!