John Muir Health Urgent Care Center


John Muir Health Urgent Care Center can be found at 1450 Treat Blvd in Walnut Creek. This clinic specializes in urgent care services and accepts Medicare and PPO plans as payment.

Patients enrolled in HMO insurance plans must select a primary care doctor, while most PPO plans don’t require this step. If you do not already have one in mind, contact your insurance company and inquire whether one will be assigned.

Convenient Location

John Muir Health Physician Network owns and operates foundation physician practices from Brentwood to Livermore. Additionally, hospitalist services (in-patient medical services) are offered at its hospitals, urgent care centers, and outpatient clinics throughout East Bay; there are about 1,100 primary care and specialist physicians employed by this network who belong to John Muir multispecialty medical groups as well as independent community physicians.

John Muir Health Urgent Care Center in Walnut Creek provides convenient access to quality urgent care services for patients in and around its vicinity, such as treating abscesses, asthma attacks, burns, cysts, and cysts; providing X-rays and minor surgery services as needed; vaccinations; ear wax removal and foreign body removal services are also offered at this clinic; plus they feature convenient operating hours to accommodate busy schedules.

John Muir Health Urgent Care Center provides comprehensive urgent care services, in addition to on-site laboratory tests and x-ray facilities that offer flu and glucose tests, STD testing, pregnancy tests, allergy strep, and TB screenings, sports physicals for school or sports league participation as well as blood tests, diagnostic testing chlamydia/herpes tests as well as lacerations repair services.

John Muir Health Urgent Care Center in Walnut Creek accepts various insurance plans, such as Medicare and PPO. They also offer self-pay options, making this an attractive option for people on tight budgets. Its convenient location, flexible hours, and comprehensive services provide complete urgent care solutions for anyone needing immediate attention. For more information or an appointment, visit their official website; dial the clinic directly for direct contact!

Short Wait Times

John Muir Health Urgent Care Center provides urgent medical assistance for non-life-threatening issues at 1450 Treat Blvd, Walnut Creek. Their staff can offer services including ear wax removal, sports physicals, and school physicals, as well as lab tests, strep tests, flu shots, and X-rays of chest and extremity injuries, as well as treating abscesses, asthma treatment, burns, fractures, and cysts among many other things.

Patients can schedule appointments or walk in for care; wait times will depend on how busy the facility is and the severity of your condition. Patients are typically evaluated by a triage nurse, who determines which injuries and illnesses need immediate medical care; this process normally takes up to an hour.

While most urgent care centers can treat minor health concerns, they may refer you to the emergency department for more extensive medical attention if your symptoms become more serious. This practice is common throughout hospitals to ensure patients receive appropriate medical care according to their illness or injury.

John Muir Health Physician Network features over 1,000 primary and specialist physicians. Their practices are led by foundation physicians located throughout Brentwood to Livermore; outpatient facilities can be found in Concord, Pleasanton, Vacaville, Tice Valley/Rossmoor, and Walnut Creek for your convenience. In addition, John Muir has hospitalists who work at its two hospitals and San Ramon Regional Medical Center as part of the network.

The Contra Costa Medical Center provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, with specialties including cancer, orthopedics, cardiovascular disease, high-risk obstetrics, and behavioral health services. Accredited by The Joint Commission, offering community-based outpatient facilities and serving a population of three million+ in eastern Contra Costa County, its designated trauma center also appears here.

Onsite Labs

Walnut Creek Urgent Care Center at 1450 Treat Boulevard offers quick and accurate testing in-house labs to save patients time and the hassle of traveling elsewhere for testing. They can perform glucose, pregnancy and STI (chlamydia and herpes), blood, flu, and sports physical testing and X-ray imaging of chest and extremity regions.

This clinic also provides other non-life-threatening urgent services, including splinting, casting, and wound treatment. They can even treat conditions like ear infections and dehydration. Furthermore, there is an infusion clinic available that can administer fluids directly to patients suffering from dehydration.

John Muir Health is a nationally renowned, not-for-profit healthcare organization east of San Francisco, serving Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano Counties. Their health system features primary and specialty doctors, various medical centers, and local hospitals with many renowned connections, such as UCSF Health, Tenet Healthcare/San Ramon Regional Medical Center, and Stanford Children’s Health as partners.

Under COVID-19, all visitors entering respiratory urgent care facilities will be required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of disease among visitors and staff members. Patients may wish to ask non-essential family and friends to wait outside or in their car to reduce potential spreading. They should also be aware that there are restrictions regarding bringing non-essential children into outpatient facilities, and those getting children will be required to provide additional forms of identification as proof.

Ear Wax Removal

Many individuals experience regular ear wax build-up. Although this may seem like an inconvenient ordeal, if left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications. If you’re experiencing symptoms like earache, ringing in your ears, or hearing loss, then they could be related to excess wax in your ears; Carbon Health advises visiting a clinic that offers professional wax removal services as a solution.

Ear wax removal is a relatively quick and painless procedure that trained clinicians perform. They may use drops of water-based solution in your ears to loosen any wax build-up before using a tool to extract it all from the ear canal.

This simple procedure can enhance your hearing and alleviate associated symptoms. However, it’s important to remember that any attempts at self-ear wax removal using cotton swabs or Q-tips could further embed it in the ear canal and increase associated symptoms. Instead, visit a Carbon Health clinic offering professional ear wax removal services and experience how much better life becomes with less wax in your ears! They also provide urgent care services like treatment for abscesses, asthma attacks, breathing treatments, burns, cyst wounds, pediatric physicals, IV hydration, Tetanus vaccines, flu tests, and vision exams – among many more services!