Its Learning Login


Learning Log is an online platform designed specifically for schools and students. It enables teachers and pupils to share stories and photos about their work; parents can connect with teachers directly.

To enable learning’s single sign-on, you must be an administrator on Microsoft Entra with access to its application configuration. Additionally, create a test user called B.Simon and enable “Users and groups.”


Students can access their learning from any location and at any time on its learning. Simply log in using your student email account and password, change the language displayed, and access their learning wherever, whenever! Be wary when sharing login details with anyone – as having access could allow someone else to exploit your account!

Once logged in, itslearning will display your course card homepage (by default), which shows all your courses, tasks, and upcoming events. You can click “home” to return to this page directly or use the navigation bar at the top of your screen for easy navigation.

Choose which site to enter by selecting it from the dropdown list and typing quickly to locate what you’re searching for – learning will automatically filter locations based on what you order. Furthermore, select which language you would like to be your default language from the navigation bar at the top of your screen when using its learning. Should you forget your password, you can reset it easily using this link.


Its learning is an online student information system designed to give teachers and students the tools they need to manage their courses effectively, such as assigning due dates and event calendars, messaging teachers directly, viewing progress reports, and communicating with classmates. Furthermore, its learning can be accessed worldwide.

At its learning, the first step to accessing your classes is logging in with your USO account. After doing so, click “Courses” to see your list of categories, and if any issues persist, please contact your library media tech specialist for help.

Course cards

Course cards provide courses as easy-to-read on your homepage, depending on how your school configures its learning. Each card displays important updates for students, such as new announcements or their tasks this week; additionally, it conceals assignments due in the future by placing them into an additional section called ‘Due later.’

Customize each course card to match your color scheme by clicking on its Options icon and choosing from available color choices and hex codes, or drag and drop them onto your dashboard. You can also rearrange their order as needed!

Its Learning Logins Report offers customers a graphical display of all logins tracked by student and teacher profiles, providing customers with a critical indicator of usage trends over time. Customers can filter this report according to date range, organization, or access type – for example, only showing logins from desktop or mobile users – or by filtering by specific itsLearning profiles.


itslearning is a cloud-based software solution used by schools and organizations worldwide, from schools such as BI Norwegian Business School in Norway to public schools across Denmark. As an end-to-end learning platform, it offers teachers and pupils alike an end-to-end suite of tools for effective instruction. Its learning has proven popular among educational institutions, including BI Norwegian Business School.

As soon as you log into itslearning, you will be asked to select your preferred language, which will become your default itslearning language until changed again. If you are a parent, registering an itslearning Parent Portal account may also be necessary in order to access student work and emails stored through itslearning. Please remember that email access through itslearning is separate from email through your mail client software.