Infinity Plumbing Can Help You Choose the Right Water Treatment System For Your Home


A plumbing system consists of pipes and fixtures installed within a home for the distribution and collection of potable water as well as the removal of wastewater, including the installation of filters or other appliances to filter it further.

No matter whether it is installing new fixtures or repairing existing ones, Infinity Plumbing has years of experience providing residential plumbing services in Tulsa and beyond.

Gas Line Installation

Installing a gas line in your home requires hiring an experienced company like Infinity Plumbing. Our team of skilled plumbers can install one for either residential or commercial purposes, including connecting it to existing natural gas piping and making sure all lines are adequately secured.

At our residential plumbing company, we provide installation, repair, and maintenance services. From sinks and toilets to water filtration systems – we have you covered! Get in touch with us now to discover more of our services.

Water heaters are essential to home comfort. Unfortunately, over time, yours can wear out and become ineffective, leaving your family without enough hot water for showering and bathing needs. If yours appears to be failing quickly or cost-effectively, don’t wait – call Infinity Plumbing Designs, Inc. immediately for fast, affordable repair or replacement service and warranty coverage plans that ensure complete protection! Contact us for pricing, scheduling, or further details today.

Water Heater Replacement

When your water heater starts to wear down, it is time for an upgrade. Infinity Plumbing can assist you with choosing from Rinnai’s selection of high-quality tankless models – providing energy-efficient hot water when needed while pairing perfectly with hydronic coils to form part of a whole home heating system.

We carry both gas and electric water heater models for your convenience, with new water heaters often costing less than replacing an existing unit – making this an affordable solution for home or business use.

If you live in an area with hard water, your manufacturer’s warranty may stipulate the installation of a scale shield to protect the heat exchanger from mineral buildup. At Infinity Plumbing Designs Inc., we can professionally install one for you and provide regular maintenance to keep it working at maximum performance.

Water quality in your home is integral to its inhabitants’ health and well-being, which is why Infinity Plumbing can assist in making sure you have access to clean drinking water through reverse osmosis (RO). RO systems can filter out lead and other heavy metals as well as viruses, bacteria, and pesticides from your water, protecting against hard water deposits on faucets and pipes that form over time. Infinity can also install softeners for optimal results in protecting against hard water deposits that build up over time.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier Installation

Reverse Osmosis systems use filters to remove contaminants from drinking water, leaving behind only purified brine that can be sent down the drain for reuse and reduce recycling efficiency. RO systems also increase recycling efficiency by limiting how many chemicals end up in landfills or riverbeds where nature filters through its hydrologic cycle to filter back out.

Reverse osmosis systems come in various forms; some can be placed under the sink to minimize clutter from countertops, while others can be installed remotely. Experts will need to measure space to make sure their system fits; this includes enough room for any water supply lines or garbage disposal pipes that might already exist in the home.

Pretreatment for reverse osmosis systems is necessary in order to protect its membrane from contaminants and prevent their ingress into drinking water supplies. Different contaminants require different solutions; well water usually requires more intensive pretreatment than city water supplies.

Reverse Osmosis systems transfer water from its source into a storage tank for later dispensation through faucets. After a set amount of time has elapsed, they automatically shut off their supply and refill their tanks, with one tank holding 100 gallons. A postfilter then connects directly with this storage tank so as to filter the final product for dispensing through faucets.

Water Softener Installation

Ground water contains too many minerals that can damage the plumbing, appliances, and the health of you and your family. Water systems like softeners and filters help filter these minerals out so you can enjoy a water source with fresh-tasting, clean, and healthy qualities – giving your family safe drinking water that tastes deliciously refreshing!

Water softeners work by rapidly moving water through their beds at high rates in reverse, flushing away calcium and other mineral hardness ions that accumulate over time. To keep this process functioning correctly, softeners must include a backwash drain line that connects directly to their bypass valve, allowing water to continue being used around the home while the softener goes through its backwash cycle.

To connect a water softener backwash drain line, follow the manufacturer’s directions. It should be at least 3/4″ in diameter, composed of copper, brass, or PEX pipe, and sealed using tubing connectors and hose clamps if necessary – leaving at least 6″ between soldered pipes and valves as soldering occurs will help avoid damaging this valve.

When installing a water softener, the bypass valve must be set in “Service.” This allows water to go directly through your system rather than being diverted toward your septic tank and allows your new softener to be tested and calibrated without being diverted elsewhere.