Industrial Automation Companies in Pune


OMRON is a worldwide leader in advanced sensing, control system and think technologies. Their products can be found everywhere from industrial automation and electronics and mechanical components manufacturing, home healthcare monitoring to other applications.

Pune is known for being a hub of technological innovation, propelling business growth and increasing office space demand. These innovative companies have played an instrumental role in shaping Pune’s real estate landscape significantly.

Swaraj Robotics & Automation

Pune’s flourishing robotics industry has dramatically transformed its industrial landscape, driving construction activities and stimulating real estate demand while improving living conditions in this nexus of industry and technology.

At Automation Systems Group, they specialize in top-tier industrial automation solutions with an expansive product portfolio. Their automation systems prioritize reliability for maximum business operations efficiency and effectiveness. Their solutions include automatic guided vehicles, conveyors and industrial automation systems.

OMRON’s sensing, control system and think technologies are widely utilized across industries ranging from automotive to consumer electronics, as well as providing industrial automation and IoT solutions for the home.

Matrix Robotics

Matrix Robotics provides Performance-based Operations and Maintenance Services on a turnkey basis, with the aim of increasing plant availability while decreasing maintenance costs; further minimizing unexpected breakdowns or downtime.

The company is headquartered in Pune, India. Among their many customers are some of the biggest industrial manufacturing firms. Services they offer include maintenance services, shutdown maintenance work procedures and both preventive and predictive maintenance solutions.

Matrix Robotics offers competitive salaries and benefits, including paid leave, life insurance and 401(k) matching. You can gain more insight into this company by reading reviews on Trustburn from former employees of Matrix Robotics themselves; their average rating stands at 2.6 while Work-Life Balance and Company Culture rank highly.

Patil Automation

Patil Automation is an Indian company with its global headquarters located in Pune. Specializing in welding and automation solutions, its products include metal stampings and welded assemblies. Established in 2010, the company now employs 51 to 200 staff in India under Manoj Pandurang Patil and Aarti Manoj Patil as directors; their registered address can be found at Gat No 154 Behind G.E Company Sudumbre Tal Maval Pune India with skill development rated highest while work-life balance ranks the lowest – you can view salary details by job title or department here.

Employees report flexible work hours; however, they do not seem overly pleased with their food or working environment.

Excellence in Automation & Robotics

As companies implement automation solutions, it is vital for them to establish a team familiar with current processes who can document any changes made and prioritize process improvements – this ensures they use automation efficiently and effectively within their enterprise.

Pune’s robotic innovations are revolutionizing its business environment, enabling businesses to expand more quickly while improving operational efficiencies. Furthermore, these advancements are prompting an uptick in office demand as construction activity and property values surge upwards.

Excellence in Automation & Robotics offers custom automation systems tailored specifically for its client’s needs, from PLC-controlled machinery and robotic welding solutions, through automated inspection systems that improve productivity and quality, to high reliability inspection systems ensuring peak performance in each case.

Affordable Robotic & Automation

Industrial automation companies in Pune are revolutionizing its business landscape with their innovations, fuelling commercial real estate demand, driving construction activities and raising property values – with ripple effects creating economic prosperity throughout surrounding communities.

Excellence in Automation & Robotics was established in 2021 to deliver cutting-edge automation solutions tailored to specific requirements. Ranging from collaborative robots designed to increase human-machine interaction and automated inspection systems that ensure quality to reliable collaborative robots that boost efficiency for businesses of any kind, their solutions are built with reliability in mind, allowing businesses to maximize efficiency while increasing profitability.

iPAC Automation is an engineering services firm offering turnkey plant automation projects from design through construction and commission. Their expertise covers multiple platforms including DCS/PLC/SCADA systems as well as various PLCs and microcontrollers. Their field engineers offer unparalleled support to process solution providers and OEMs.

Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics provides robotics-based fulfilment and distribution technology to e-commerce, retail and logistics enterprises. Their flexible ‘Robotics-as-a-Service’ or OPEX model enables customers to pay a monthly subscription fee to access any number of robots as required; enabling them to increase or decrease capacity as necessary.

This groundbreaking solution from the company automates warehouses and fulfilment centres using an AI-powered parcel sorting system that saves 50-70% space while improving employee productivity and lowering operational costs.

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SVR Infotech

SVR Infotech is a technology company offering engineering solutions with finite element analysis at their core across a range of domains. Led by young, innovative minds mentored by industry veterans, SVR Infotech serves as VSSC ISRO’s technical-commercial partner for their engineering simulation and analysis software FEAST.

Robotic & Automation Systems, Jigs & Fixtures are manufactured at competitive prices to satisfy customer needs, with experienced engineers producing quality products to fulfill these orders.

Employees at this company enjoy a positive working culture and find the work-life balance to be extremely appropriate. Employees take great pride in providing superior services to customers while taking pride in being part of a family-owned company.