Ideas For Paving Backyards


Pavers provide an economical and sustainable option for backyard patios, and to add depth and dimension, consider planting ground-cover plants in between pavers for an organic aesthetic. Best way to find the Asphalt companies Las Vegas.

For a contemporary garden, combine pavers, grasses, and ginkgo trees in an outdoor living space designed by JDDA that offers shade as well as seasonal color benefits.

Tight-Knit Brick Pavers

Brick paving adds instant charm and is durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. Used in various designs and colors to complement any home’s decor, brick paving makes an instantaneous statement about beauty, durability, and affordability. When contemplating installing a patio or retaining wall with brick pavers, it is wiser to hire a masonry contractor than attempt do-it-yourself work; an experienced mason can ensure the job is completed successfully and that you end up with lasting results.

If you prefer traditional designs, clay brick pavers may be just what’s needed to give any yard the classic feel it needs. They won’t fade in color either and are one of the most durable paving materials—ideal for areas subject to heavy foot traffic.

Those seeking modern aesthetics will benefit from using textured pavers. There are various paving materials with different textures, such as cobblestones and slate; rustic-feel cobblestones pair well with mountain landscaping or rough terrain, while smooth concrete pavers make for sleek modernist pieces that suit contemporary styles well. Mix and match different textured pavers to create eye-catching patterns reminiscent of nature; there are even wood-lookalike options!

Zen Garden Pavement Spirals

Create a stunning addition to your backyard by arranging rocks and gravel into a Zen garden for a truly distinctive aesthetic. A Zen garden serves as a space for meditation that fosters peace and equilibrium, helping reduce stress while improving sleep quality. Plus, creating this type of garden allows you to express your creativity while personalizing space – you can design one in any shape or size!

Professional installation may make this difficult task more straightforward to accomplish, mainly if your garden includes wooded areas to clear or large rocks and trees to remove. Once the area is leveled out, a layer of gravel should be spread onto it before being raked to create patterns or lines that evoke water flow or energy flows. You can add plants, statues, or even moss for additional serenity and harmony to make the garden experience genuinely serene and peaceful.

If you don’t have time to rake, another alternative would be using stone pavers for your pathway. They are easier to install and add an eye-catching style while being easy to mow over without damaging any stones. Modern concrete stepping stones could also work nicely in this zen garden-style setting.

Multi-Purpose Pavers

Paver patios provide the perfect setting for relaxing and gathering with friends, as well as a safe and comfortable walking space for pedestrians. Pavers are strong enough to support people and cars without cracking or shifting over time and allow water to pass through freely so it doesn’t pool and cause erosion issues.

Techo-Bloc offers an assortment of base materials designed to support paver projects in every backyard, such as crushed stone, recycled concrete, and organic compost. All are durable options that add an attractive finish while simultaneously improving the quality of a paver patio hardscape project.

Consider factors like soil conditions, drainage capabilities, and weed control when choosing a base material for your backyard patio paving project. An organic compost layer offers more effective weed control than traditional materials; additionally, it contains organic matter, which breaks down faster to provide richer soil amendment.

Non-permeable pavers are great for patios and driveways, but they don’t allow much water through their joints into the surrounding soil. If your backyard slopes toward your house, permeable pavers offer the best solution to avoid flooding and erosion problems, with various styles and colors to suit any aesthetic.


Gravel is a stylish choice for garden walkways and backyard patios alike, offering many practical advantages while remaining cost-effective and easy to lay. Plus, its pleasing crunch underfoot also helps retain soil moisture levels, suppresses weed growth, visually unifies spaces, and keeps paths free from hazards.

Gravel is a natural material available in an assortment of sizes and colors to meet the needs of any landscape design. Often mixed with pavers or used as an accent feature for pool decking and garden edging, purchasing gravel by truckload is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure consistent color selection while eliminating multiple bag purchases at once.

Certain varieties of gravel feature a natural sheen, while others can have more matte or even frost-like finishes, and it is essential to keep this factor in mind when ordering a garden patio or backyard patio project. The sheen can have an impactful visual impact in any outdoor living space, backyard, patio, or garden space.

Gravel makes an effective mulch alternative, as it prevents evaporation and does not promote the growth of invasive weeds. Furthermore, gravel is an excellent material for spreading around water features such as ponds or fountains to help stop erosion and stabilize soil conditions.