How to Promote Your Asphalt Paving Company


Whether you need paving for residential or commercial purposes, professional paving companies offer cost-effective solutions that can make life easier. This is the best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving of Fontana.

Finding new customers for your paving business requires creating a comprehensive marketing plan. Here are a few suggestions to get you underway:


Flyers are an effective, cost-efficient marketing strategy for asphalt paving companies to use. These small pieces of paper can be sent out by mail or posted up around public areas; these advertisements can include important details about services provided, contact numbers or websites of companies offering these projects, as well as images from previous paving jobs completed to give potential clients an accurate representation of quality work provided by these contractors.

Local online business directories can be an effective way to advertise an asphalt paving company. By placing your business information before a broad audience for free, these directories often outshone other marketing methods in terms of effectiveness. You can add listings on Google Maps and Facebook that will reach further.

An effective way to promote your asphalt paving company is by networking with landscapers, architects, and other contractors. These professionals may know people who require paving work and could refer them directly. You could also consider offering a referral program where each new customer brought by these sources is compensated accordingly.


Postcards can be an easy and affordable way to market your asphalt paving business. They can be created quickly and printed in bulk for minimal costs. Then, they can be sent directly to residents or businesses in need of pavement services. They can even be combined with other marketing tactics, like door hangers and social media ads, for maximum effectiveness.

Be sure to include an action call-to-action when creating a postcard, such as: “Call us now for a free estimate!” Also, make use of the backside to highlight important information like the company name and website address, while the front should contain an attractive image as well as offers like coupons or giveaways.

Social media ads are an invaluable way to promote your paving business, offering unparalleled targeting options that can increase customers. For example, creating Facebook or Instagram ads that target individuals searching for “asphalt paving” could increase new clientele significantly.

Be sure to keep your website updated with information about your latest work. This will enable your prospects to find you online and encourage them to get in touch. Also, consider listing your paving company on online directories like Yelp, Yellowpages, and BBB Home Advisor Porch Thumbtack, as this can bring in new business leads. Additionally, request that happy customers leave reviews on Google so that even more potential clients can see them!

Door hangers

When trying to increase customer numbers for your asphalt paving company, effective marketing strategies are crucial. Flyers, postcards, and door hangers are cost-effective ways of spreading awareness of your brand among potential clients; in addition, promotional products such as T-shirts and hats may also help.

Promoting your asphalt paving business through networking is one of the best ways to do so locally. Gather a list of landscapers, architects, and other professionals who could refer business your way. Reach out to each of these companies, offering to meet with them over lunch to build rapport and establish trust.

Door hangers are an invaluable advertising medium for many different businesses, from lawn care and house cleaning services to those offering tree care or seasonal landscaping services. They make an effective advertising platform when combined with targeted offers explicitly tailored towards each target audience—the key to making sure your marketing campaign succeeds lies in knowing and appealing to this demographic.

As a homeowner, it may be worthwhile to contract an asphalt paving company to seal coat your driveway or other areas of the property. Sealcoating helps protect surfaces from hazardous substances such as oil and gasoline while helping prevent cracking – it will make the surface appear like new again! When hiring such a service provider, it’s wise to select an experienced company with satisfied customers from at least several years ago, as well as insurance and workers’ compensation coverage for optimal results.


A good asphalt paving company should have a website that presents an overview of its services, optimized for search engines, and with an easy booking process. Social media presence is also crucial as it can increase referrals and promote services on local listings or review websites.

Reputable asphalt paving companies will provide detailed estimates for your project, detailing everything from materials and labor costs to project scope. It’s wise to shop around before settling on one. Look out for companies bearing the Better Business Bureau seal of approval, which demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction and business best practices.

Asphalt paving contractors provide an array of services, from new construction to repair and reconstruction, drainage solutions, grading, and erosion control. Their services can also be tailored specifically to each client.

An essential element of selecting an asphalt paving company is signing a detailed contract that clearly outlines the project scope, timelines, and benefits. Doing this can avoid misunderstandings and disputes during the project itself. Carefully read through your contract to ensure all services, materials, and costs have been listed clearly. Ask if there are warranties or guarantees offered that could help protect against unexpected expenses and enhance peace of mind.