How to Get Sturdy on TikTok


By inspecting a house’s foundation for signs such as puddles and standing water, you can understand its stability better. Puddles and standing water could indicate flooding, which can do irreparable harm over time to any home foundation.

Sturdy is an ability that enables Pokemon to withstand attacks that would usually kill them with one hit, leaving only 1 HP remaining when hit by such attacks.

What is it?

The sturdy dance style originated in New York City and incorporates various movements with the bassy beats of drill music to produce an energetic yet smooth routine. Since its creation, Sturdy has become a prevalent trend on TikTok; people compete in dance challenges to showcase their skills.

“Getting Sturdy” has become an expression and community-building outlet. People post videos of themselves dancing online to showcase their brand or skills. Social media users have taken up this movement through hashtag #getsturdy, with users uploading clips showing themselves doing it and posting hashtagged videos of themselves doing so to offer support and build community.

This dance move is an evolution of a popular activity popularized by New York rapper Pop Smoke called the Woo Walk, in which one hand extends outstretched while simultaneously holding onto one side of your belt and moving in rhythm with music; its first public showing occurred during his music video for Dior.

Pokemon with Sturdy possess an ability that protects them against one-hit knockout moves, similar to Focus Sash; their HP will remain full even if an attack or confusion damage would have reduced them to 1 HP. Unfortunately, Mold Breaker or Destiny Bond prevents it from activating; Gold’s Roggenrola and Silver’s Boldore both possess Sturdy.

How do I do it?

Sturdy is an ability that Pokemon can gain through battle. Once they possess it, Sturdy can prevent one-hit knockout moves from activating against them; however, this does not apply if their foe has Mold Breaker or Destiny Bond, nor if the Pokemon holds a Focus Sash or has less than one HP.

TikTok users have considered it the “Woo Walk,” an iconic drill music dance from New York City drill music culture recently gaining momentum thanks to New York artist Pop Smoke’s song Dior. Fans call this dance the “Woo Walk,” as its movements involve extending one hand while placing another on your belt while moving to the beat of the music while keeping step with each step taken during its execution.

What does it mean?

The word study can be used in multiple ways to refer to something or someone strong, literally and figuratively. It could mean anything from something rugged or durable like furniture or cars to solid people – robusto, staunch, and solido are just a few synonyms for sturdy. In contrast, others might use opposite words, such as frail or soft, as alternatives to describe those characteristics of substance that define sturdy.

Get Sturdy is an integral part of NYC drill music culture and has quickly become a dance trend many TikTok users have taken up and showcased during dance performances.

To become sturdy, you must master the fundamental leg movements and spins that define this dance style. Start by watching videos of other dancers performing it; once you have learned them all, you can add your flair to make the move truly yours and set you apart from other dancers.

While learning the fundamentals of dance is essential, practicing regularly will also strengthen and stretch your muscles for easier moves. Join a dance class or workshop to gain guidance from more experienced dancers while building self-assurance in yourself and your skill set.

If you feel bold, why not perform your move for a large audience? Doing this is an effective way to demonstrate your abilities while inspiring others to become stronger themselves.

Sturdy can be an expressive word to reflect one’s interests and passions. When used correctly, sturdy can be a powerful reminder to remain strong despite life’s challenges, helping one achieve goals and dreams more easily.

How to do it on TikTok

TikTok users likely know of someone “getting sturdy.” The dance trend has quickly taken over, with people hopping and shuffling on one foot while clapping to beat drops, showing creativity and determination while engaging in physical exercise. #GetSturdy has quickly become a viral challenge on the app, with users posting videos of their best attempts using the hashtag #GetSturdy on TikTok.

It helps to develop a consistent rhythm and solid foundation to become sturdy. Dance relies heavily on quick, trackable movements; therefore, quality shoes such as Nike Air Force 1 are often chosen. Other brands, including Adidas and Converse, are also widely preferred. In addition, headphones may help make hearing the beats clearer.

Finding an appropriate song for sturdy dancing is another critical component of becoming sturdy. Popular choices for this trend are New York drill artist Pop Smoke’s hit “Dior,” but this style also works with other tracks – like Kay Flock’s “Sturdy” or Rah Gzz’s “Woo Dance,” both featuring heavy bass lines and upbeat tempos that complement it perfectly.

TikTok doesn’t permit posting full-length music videos, but there are a few loopholes. Some users take advantage of these by playing songs from outside sources – like radio or stereo systems – while they film their clips. This enables them to use their favorite beat without breaking copyright laws.

As TikTok continues to gain in popularity, new dance trends may emerge. Until then, keep dancing to intense and captivating audiences with your passion and drive!

TikTok is all about community — so be sure to interact with your followers and respond to their comments! TikTok can make a huge impact! If you want to make an impression statement, host a dance challenge, reveal behind-the-scenes footage, or showcase life hacks to draw people in. Don’t forget that TikTok is all about connecting people!