How to Find the Best Excavating in Phoenix


Excavation is a standard construction task requiring heavy equipment like an excavator, making excavation contractors essential when building pools, installing septic or gas lines, or prepping land for new development. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting an excavation company for your project. Best way to find the Excavating Phoenix.

Licensed and Insured

Excavating is essential when building or adding on to a home, driveway, pool, or septic system. While excavation may seem time-consuming and require heavy machinery such as backhoes and excavators, finding an excavation contractor who is licensed, insured, and has experience working on your specific type of project is paramount. Make sure they flag any underground pipes or lines before starting their work and provide you with an estimate, contract, and warranty in writing, as well as debris removal and site cleanup services with separate pricing.

BuildZoom has approved OF Excavating Inc. as meeting quality and reliability criteria.

We Have the Right Equipment

An excavation job requires specific tools, whether that be digging a foundation pad, installing a septic system, or excavating for an underground inground pool. Depending on the scope and scale of your project, renting an excavator or backhoe from an equipment rental company could cost as much as $100-150 an hour with trained operators present on-site.

Building permit data shows that OF Excavating Inc. has completed various Commercial Pool projects, Retail Store projects, Residential Home projects, Restaurant projects, and Non-Residential Building projects over the past year. These included land clearing, leveling, and grading work, as well as land clearing work that took anywhere from one to three days or up to several weeks for projects with difficult soil or large boulders that required excavation using explosives or jackhammers.

We’re Ready to Get Started

Excavation involves digging, trenching, dirt removal, and other earthmoving activities to prepare a site for construction. Excavators are commonly employed when installing driveways, home additions, basement dig-outs, septic systems, or water lines – although leveling and grading land may also fall within their scope of service. Excavation quotes usually do not include this service.

If your project requires excavation, hiring an excavation contractor early can save money and keep projects on schedule. By giving yourself plenty of time to find and negotiate with professionals that fit within your budget and get right down to work without delays, early hiring allows you to save both money and time when hiring experienced pros who are eager to start right away.

Excavation costs depend on the size and scope of your project, the equipment necessary, and ground conditions, with residential projects generally running anywhere between $200 to $350 an hour (including machine and operator costs) (excluding labor to haul dirt off-site – typically this cost falls in between $400-600).

It is also essential to factor in the cost of permits and surveys if you plan to excavate your property. Certain areas require licenses in order to dig, while others need surveys completed as part of ensuring their safety; both processes can add significant time and expenses to an excavation project.

Consideration should also be given to costs related to flagging buried pipes and utility lines, backfilling fees to remove dirt from excavation areas, cleanup services, and debris removal needs. Some excavation contractors include these fees in their quotes, while others charge separately. It may be worthwhile asking about discounts or payment plans offered by excavation companies, as this can reduce final excavation costs significantly while making the experience smoother for everyone involved.

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