How Does Autonation Ship Cars?


Car shipping services provide a vital business-to-business service that often goes unnoticed. This nationwide industry transports hundreds of thousands of vehicles daily to dealerships. Pick out the best car shipping company.

Shipping a car can be a lengthy process that can require several days to complete, depending on the route taken. Pickup and transportation should typically occur 7-10 days after its collection from you.

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There are a few factors that influence the cost of shipping your vehicle. Distance, date, and mode are all significant considerations – for instance, sending from Schenectady to Austin typically costs around $1,050, while Rochester-Austin prices can range anywhere between $1,000-$1400 depending on the model of the car purchased. When buying from dealerships, they may arrange transport themselves, saving both time and money, but this option may not always be available, so always inquire before making your purchase decision.


Ordering a car online typically takes five to twelve days from the purchase date for delivery. Please be aware this estimate can differ depending on vehicle type, distance, and season – additionally, any back-ordered or preordered items could increase this timeline further.

Carvana may provide an easier and faster option than Autonation for selling your vehicle, with offers issued within two minutes after you submit your information. If accepted, payment will be made by check at pickup and inspection time.

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