Holding a Free Online Seminar


Holding a free online seminar can be a powerful way to promote your course and establish trust with its audience. Various tools are available that enable instructors to track student participation during class discussions—this can be especially helpful when teaching classes with both remote and face-to-face students enrolled. What do you think about برگزاری وبینار?

Utilizing personal stories makes your webinar content more relatable for audiences. They show transformation is possible and create an emotional bond with their listeners.


Webinars offer an inexpensive training solution, eliminating the costs associated with speaking fees, catering lunches, and renting presentation spaces. Plus, participants can watch them from any location without incurring additional transportation expenses. Additionally, they can be recorded and stored for future reference so employees can refresh their memory about new concepts or skills any time of the year!

Most webinars are free to attend; all you need is a computer and polling software, such as Zoom Polling or Poll Everywhere, to conduct polls during seminars and allow remote students to submit yes/no, multiple-choice, and word cloud questions during class discussions.

Likewise, if you wish to reach a wider audience with your webinar promotion efforts, additional promotion expenses such as Facebook or LinkedIn ads should be included in your budget. These payments will allow you to reach targeted audiences more effectively that cannot be reached via free general promotions.

Easy to Manage

Online instructors can facilitate engaging class discussions by using classroom technology to include remote students in seminar discussion sessions with face-to-face students. This model works exceptionally well when classes have high enrollments or are even split between face-to-face and remote students, as well as when there is extensive lecture material.

Webinar testimonials work best when they focus on an individual student who was helped (even outside of your paid course). Remind your audience that you understand their problems and have solutions by sharing success stories throughout your webinar content, and be sure to set an attainable promise for what result they want to reach – this will increase commitment from audiences, as well as draw them towards your online courses!