Glock 43x Concealed Carry Pistol


The Glock 43x concealed carry pistol is one of the finest on the market. Reliable, accurate, and with ample capacity, it has some fantastic aftermarket upgrades available that can further improve performance. Often, the remarkable fact about where I can buy Glock 43x.

Its trigger is excellent, featuring a short take-up and crisp break. Furthermore, its comfortable ergonomic grip makes this gun a perfect option for concealed carry. Chambered in 9mm ammunition.


Glock 43x pistol is a practical, comfortable choice for concealed carry. Featuring a slimline frame with a ten-round capacity magazine and a short slide that easily fits holsters.

Glock 43X, explicitly designed for concealed carry, is their latest pocket pistol that was specifically tailored to concealed carry. Featuring a fuller grip length and short trigger distance along with built-in beavertail and reversible magazine catch, this model also boasts match-grade Glock Marksman Barrels as well as precision milled serrations on its front barrel.

Glock 43Xs can be purchased through Glock Blue Label dealers throughout the US and Canada, while their smaller cousin, the Glock 48, differs in magazine capacity and slide length compared to each other. Both models can be used for concealed carry; it’s essential to assess your needs prior to selecting either option; the 48 is often better suited for people with larger hands, while the 43X may provide more excellent concealment capabilities due to its slimmer profile.


The Glock 43x is a small single-stack pistol designed for concealed carry that holds ten rounds in its 3.41-inch barrel. This weapon combines features from both Glock 43 and 48 models to make gripping it easier with smaller hands; additionally, polygonal rifling increases the accuracy and muzzle velocity of each round fired through it.

This pistol features a compact Slimline frame with an nDLC black slide and comes equipped with two single-stack magazines of ultra-reliable reliability for single-stack operation. Chambered for 9mm cartridge, the gun features an optic cut on its slide for mounting flashlight or other accessories.

The G43X MOS semi-automatic pistol is made to meet Glock’s rigorous standards, providing reliable performance while being lightweight and offering an enjoyable shooting experience. Available for purchase across North America at Academy Sports + Outdoors stores – find one nearest you.


Glock 43x is an ultra-compact handgun that offers shooters an enjoyable shooting experience. With its larger grip frame and beavertail design, which reduces slide bite risk while creating an ergonomic firing position for natural, comfortable firing, the Glock 43x ensures precision and accuracy during its shots.

Glock 43x pistols boast short trigger reset, making it easier to fire quickly and accurately. In close-quarter situations, their low muzzle flash helps them conceal themselves more effectively.

The Glock 43x features a black oxide finish on its slide to protect it from wear and corrosion, making maintenance simple so owners can keep their guns looking as good as new.

The Glock 43x can accommodate a range of accessories, such as lights and lasers. One popular choice is the Streamlight TLR-6, with its powerful 100-lumen red laser that attaches easily. Another excellent choice is Inforce APLc, with its convenient ambidextrous switch that makes activation simple with either hand.


The Glock 43X pistol is an accurate and reliable compact pistol designed for precise shooting. Chambered for 9mm ammunition and featuring a 3.41-inch barrel length, it also has fixed sights as well as a rough texture beavertail polymer grip with beavertail grip surface texture for optimal control and use with +P ammunition, making this gun suitable for self-defense as well as target shooting.

The Glock 43x trigger is generally smooth and has a short take-up and takedown, a crisp break, and a fast reset time. While its stock trigger may meet most needs, there are plenty of aftermarket upgrades available should you wish to customize it further.

The 43x features a one-slot Picatinny rail that can accommodate various accessories, including sights such as fiber optic, tritium, and adjustable target sights; laser or flashlight attachments such as Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie flashlight – offering up to 1000 lumens output, with multiple brightness levels including strobe mode; alternatively, the Viridian CTL, offering instant activation.


The Glock 43X is an economical and reliable concealed carry pistol boasting a 9mm chamber and 10rnd magazine capacity. With its compact size, making it ideal for lightweight carry, its large sight radius, easy handling, and comfortable feel, the Glock 43X is an excellent option for concealed carry.

The gun features a compact-sized grip and subcompact-slim slide for comfort when shooting or carrying, combining elements from both Gen5 and Slimline series frames, including short trigger distance, built-in beaver tail, and reversible magazine catch. Furthermore, it boasts an incredible Glock Marksman Barrel that offers precision-milled front serrations.

The Glock 43X comes equipped with both a reversible magazine release and GLOCK slim mounting rail for accessories, making it easier to attach tactical lights or other gear without taking out your magazine each time you need something else. It makes this gun ideal for law enforcement officers who may use their Glock in multiple scenarios.