Ghost Files Tour – Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej Present a Never-Before-Seen Episode and Q&A Session


Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, known for their contributions to BuzzFeed Unsolved, will put on Ghost Files Live this October! The show includes a screening of an exclusive episode and Q&A sessions with both hosts.

Ghost Files, produced by Watcher Entertainment – founded by Bergara, Madej, and Steven Lim – follows a traditional ghost hunt format with hosts visiting haunted sites and collecting evidence of ghostly activity.

Screening of a never-before-seen episode

The Ghoul Boys Are Back & Hilarious Banter Will Abound! Internet sensations The Ghoul Boys will take to Majestic Theatre Dallas for a screening of an unwatched episode with Q&A to follow! These internet celebrities became internet celebrities thanks to perfecting an entertaining formula of paranormal entertainment that combined both skeptical and believer perspectives with laughter, making their show memorable for old fans while captivating new ones alike! Don’t miss this unforgettable event; get your tickets early.

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, the hosts of Ghost Files – an international series that investigates haunted locations – host this show, with each trying to prove that paranormal phenomena are natural and forming solid relationships with their audiences that make attending live tours even more engaging.

At the event, they will highlight some of their favorite moments from episodes and share stories about past adventures, answer fan queries, and even communicate with a ghost! Don’t miss this event for fans of Ghost Files or paranormal phenomena alike!

For their most recent episode, the Ghoul Boys traveled to Hull House in Chicago – an old house believed to be haunted by multiple entities – to conduct their investigation inside and around it. Once completed, they shared an exclusive clip from their debrief session session as a bonus!

After leaving Buzzfeed in January 2020, Bergara and Madej launched Watcher Entertainment as a production studio that crafts premium unscripted content and brands that bring joy, inspire curiosity, and authentically connect with audiences through social media platforms such as YouTube. Their goal is to make life more entertaining and accessible through this medium.

Watcher Entertainment produces many popular shows on various topics ranging from food, travel, and comedy – and Ghost Files alone has been seen by over 1.4 billion viewers globally!

At a time when fake news and viral videos have become commonplace, it is refreshing to witness a brand that values its audience’s trust. Watcher’s dedication to its viewers can be seen through every aspect of its Ghost Files tour; from social media engagement to providing secure ticket purchases.

Q&A session

Ghost Files Live attendees can take part in an exciting Q&A session with its hosts for an entertaining Q&A experience! During this time, they will discuss behind-the-scenes stories and investigations they have experienced first-hand; you may even ask them about paranormal phenomena such as ghost belief!

The duo achieved fame through Buzzfeed Unsolved, an engaging series that resonated with paranormal enthusiasts worldwide. After its conclusion, their production company Watcher Entertainment unveiled their follow-up show Ghost Files, which promises an exciting adventure for all involved.

Watcher Entertainment is an innovative media studio that produces premium unscripted content to bring joy, spark curiosity, and engage global audiences. Watcher’s productions showcase various personalities and topics such as comedy, travel, food, and lifestyle – such as BuzzFeed’s Top 5 Beatdown Are You Scared Puppet History, among many more – which include comedy. Based in Los Angeles, California

Ghost Files Live is an exhilarating show that will stretch your limits of belief and leave you pondering supernatural possibilities. Held at Majestic Theatre Dallas – a historic venue located in downtown Dallas – tickets can be purchased safely through Ticketmaster, an online ticketing platform offering a safe and secure purchasing experience; their customer service can assist with any concerns or issues before, during, or after your purchase process.

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are popular YouTube hosts known for hosting Ghost Files as well as several other hit series such as Are You Scared? Top 5 Beatdown, Too Many Spirits, and Puppet History with Ryan.

Critical acclaim has poured in for their engaging, humorous, and fearless exploration of paranormal topics. Their witty banter and fearless curiosity have charmed audiences around the world and become a household name among people looking to investigate supernatural forces and explore beyond traditional beliefs.

Exclusive content

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Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, best known as hosts of Buzzfeed Unsolved, have just made headlines again by hosting a live show called Ghost Files. Already, they’ve gained many new fans for this new series held at some of the most haunted locations worldwide; Ghost Files attempts to recreate some of the internet’s best paranormal evidence in order to prove its existence.

The duo’s unique combination of skeptic/believer banter has garnered them an enormous audience, which has given them much momentum as they prepare to bring their show on tour. At each stop, they will screen a never-before-seen episode and host an exclusive Q&A session where they can answer all your burning questions and share some memorable ghost-hunting experiences!

Watcher Entertainment, their digital media studio, strives to spread joy and spark curiosity in an international audience. Producing television-caliber unscripted content that’s both entertaining and educational will be its mission.

Anticipate disappointment by purchasing Ghost Files Live tickets early at Tennessee Performing Arts Center to avoid disappointment. As there are limited seats, book them as soon as possible through reliable ticketing services such as TicketSmarter (rated 4.6 out of 5 by verified customers).

Ghost Files may offer some captivating moments, but for the most part, it is typical genre fare. Not the first game to merge murder mystery and supernatural elements, Ghost Files stands out by fulfilling its promise better than many. The hidden object scenes are well designed, and production values are exceptional, but some mechanics remain unclear – for instance, during the tutorial mode, an item highlighted on the screen can be clicked to reveal more information; this only happens on one of its screens, though, and not throughout gameplay.

The ghoul boys are back.

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, best known for their work on BuzzFeed Unsolved, are back to hunt ghosts! In Ghost Files, they attempt to recreate some of the internet’s best paranormal evidence in some of the world’s most haunted locations – making this show suitable for everyone from hardened skeptics to passionate believers alike!

Ghost Files fans can look forward to yet more spine-tingling adventures and entertaining banter this upcoming season, with more haunted locations such as schools, hospitals, and historic mansions being investigated by our heroes – not forgetting an abundance of spirit boxes and other paranormal investigation equipment! Although there may still be questions surrounding Ghost Files season 3, one thing is for sure – our boys are ready for another journey into the paranormal!

Ghost Files, the hit YouTube series, will take its popular show out of cyberspace this year with an exciting live tour featuring screenings of never-before-seen episodes and Q&A sessions with hosts sharing behind-the-scenes insights and terrifying spirit encounters – you might even get to experience communicating with ghosts yourself!

Fans of live theater should not miss this event! Hosted at Dallas’ Majestic Theatre with its Spanish Baroque design from the 1920s, this theater provides an exquisite setting to enter spirit realm.

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone, or at the box office and start from just $46 each. Plus, VIP packages offer meet-and-greet services and photo opps!

On November 4 at the Luxor Theater in Las Vegas, you can catch the Ghoul Boys live! They will screen an unheard-of Ghost Files episode before hosting an interactive Q and A session for fans – answering your burning questions about ghost hunting as well as sharing favorite memories from over six years of investigating supernatural forces! Make sure to reserve your seats early for this fantastic Ghost Files live-show event!