Getting into the gold market as a first-time investor


There are many gold coins in the world today. Investors are primarily attracted to these because they hold great value – whether converted by the government or exported abroad.

If you are considering getting into gold investments, research as much as possible. Go online and look around your immediate neighborhood to learn and compare who is there. If you find a gold buyer that appeals to you, consider their experience and bankruptcy history.

There are different ways to get into the gold-buying market.

Gold mining

An excellent way to buy gold is by getting shares in gold stocks. This method is even more risky and requires more money than the average person might have.

There may also be other unexpected technical issues associated with your shares. The money you stand to make depends on whether all the technical parts work as they should. If the mine isn’t doing well, your stake will get affected. If the operation folds, you stand to your entire investment.

For new investors, gold stocks and gold futures are hazardous.


Holding gold in the form of jewellery is excellent. Although this is the wrong way to invest in gold, having a little bit of gold is beneficial, especially for everyone. It is easy to buy, functional, and easier to sell gold jewellery in Melbourne CBD when you need cash.

Advantages of investing in gold

There are several benefits associated with investing in gold. They are:

  • Individuals can buy small amounts of gold at a short economic price – Investing in gold does not mean you have to buy gold in large quantities. You can also purchase gold by the gram.
  • Ability to sell and buy gold at any hour. It is also not limited to bullion dealers. You can sell gold jewellery in Melbourne CBD just as quickly to other gold buyers and pawn shops.
  • The purchase price of gold jewellery is also lower than that of gold bullion coins or bars. Usually, the cost of gold ranges from two to three percent of the purchase price. You can store your gold in a depot or have it delivered anywhere. Most gold companies are in the northern part of the world and do not send gold to the southern region.

The disadvantage of buying gold

When you buy gold, you must ensure you can store it in a safe and secure place. If you can’t keep it in your house, you can store it in a secure facility like a bank or use a vault service that some gold dealers offer. Holding it at home can make you vulnerable to thieves, and storing it elsewhere will cost money. Securing your investment is essential.


Every time you buy gold or a product from a gold dealer, ensure they have a good reputation. It will give you confidence that you are getting a good deal. Also, ensure that you research the company’s profile before investing.

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