Gervonta Davis Net Worth


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Gervonta Davis is an unbeaten professional boxer who boasts staggering sums from his fights, earning up to $5 Million plus 50% PPV shares worth millions more for each row he wins. In his most recent battle against Ryan Garcia, he earned himself a guaranteed purse payout of $5 Million plus 50% PPV shares worth millions more!

Gervonta Davis Net Worth

Gervonta Davis has been boxing professionally for ten years and has amassed considerable wealth. A favorite in PPV fights, his high knockout-to-win ratio makes him a major draw among spectators and opponents. According to the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, The Ring magazine, and BoxRec, Davis ranks second best current lightweight. Notable punching power and ring intelligence set him apart; earning money through sponsorship deals as well as fight purses is just part of what he deserves in addition to fight purses from fight purses alone – and that doesn’t include extravagant mansions or lavish mansions or expensive jewelry collections!

His largest endorsement deal with clothing brand Under Armour, signed in 2017, remains his top endorsement. He also works with boxing apparel brand Boxraw and even has his own “Tank Collection” online through their website. In terms of charitable work, he supports What I Need Family Services and Clothes4Souls organizations, among many others.

Davis has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. His career earnings primarily stem from fight PPV bouts and sponsorship/endorsement deals; he also owns extensive jewelry, including diamond-encrusted watches and chains, and drives around in luxury vehicles like Lamborghini Urus.

Baltimore native and IBF super featherweight champion Anthony Dirrell turned to boxing as an escape route from a rough neighborhood, becoming undefeated ever since, eventually earning himself the IBF super featherweight championship at 21 and winning over $2 Million total payouts in his most recent PPV bout against Isaac Cruz.

Davis can expect to earn similarly in his next fight with Hector Garcia; he should receive a guaranteed payout of $1.5 million and 60% of the PPV share.

Davis has had some legal issues outside of the ring following an incident involving a female who accused him of domestic abuse and arrests for possession of marijuana and cocaine. Still, he has an active support system to help him overcome his struggles.

Gervonta Davis Earnings

Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer who has amassed an enormous fortune through fighting and endorsement deals, collecting an estimated net worth of over $10 Million – one of the highest earners in his sport. Gervonta also owns assets, including a mansion, luxury cars, and expensive jewelry – which all help account for his earnings.

Unbeaten from Baltimore, this fighter has made his mark as an impressive 26-fight winner – winning 26 via knockout! A popular draw on pay-per-view platforms, he also enjoys an immense following on social media and holds an endorsement deal with the Under Armour sportswear brand.

Reports, lightweight star Davis’ last fight against Ryan Garcia generated over 1.2 million domestic pay-per-view buys – an astonishing number for any fight industry event and an indication of his immense popularity, likely increasing with further high-profile fights.

During his most recent bout, Davis earned a guaranteed purse of $1 Million and 60% of income from pay-per-view sales. He also made additional bonuses and other match winnings, significantly increasing his income. With a strong draw, Davis is on track to become an undefeated lightweight division champion and build upon his fortune by becoming an all-round PPV draw.

Tank has had a difficult childhood but remains determined and focused on his goals. His father was imprisoned while his mother struggled with addiction; young Davis was constantly moved from foster home to foster home. Eventually, though, his hard work and devotion to boxing allowed him to make something of himself.

Davis is training for his next fight against Isaac Cruz in Los Angeles. According to Sports Payouts, Davis should earn at least a $2 million minimum guarantee in this matchup and split any PPV revenue equally between himself and Cruz – with Davis receiving a 60/40 split of income, meaning more than $3 Million of pay-per-view buy rate! His fight with Hector Luis Garcia in 2023 yielded a 60/40 pay-per-view share, giving him over $3 Million total income for that match-up!

Gervonta Davis Payouts

Davis has proven his moneymaking prowess in boxing with his aggressive fighting style and early knockout victories against opponents in each round. Furthermore, his fights bring in significant PPV revenue, allowing him to pocket a considerable share. Finally, Hennessy, Roc Nation, and Reebok all endorse him.

Gervonta Davis is one of the brightest young talents in boxing. At 28-0 and 26 KO/TKO victories to his credit, the American is revered as a PPV superstar with an immense fan base on social media. His victory against Ryan Garcia caused much discussion within boxing’s world community.

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia will meet this Saturday night in Las Vegas in an eagerly anticipated superfight. They are expected to generate colossal pay-per-view buys as both are highly coveted fighters in their respective fields. Davis is guaranteed a minimum guarantee of $5 Million from this fight, while Garcia will share 50 percent of any potential profits.

Davis boasts a 29-0 career record and wins against notable names like Hector Luis Garcia, Luke Campbell, and Rolando Romero. His stunning knockout win against Ryan Garcia was one of the highlights of a stellar fight card last weekend.

Gervonta Davis can expect his earnings for this fight to be substantial since it will take place in the prestigious lightweight division. He may garner much of the pay-per-view buys associated with it – an indication of his success on his journey towards becoming a three-weight world champion.

Already the IBF super featherweight division defending champion and WBA regular lightweight champ, he’s expected to protect these titles once more and become even more decadent by winning this fight – and with catchweight competition at 136 pounds on offer, they may hit their PPV buys target for even greater earnings!

Gervonta Davis Endorsements

Gervonta Davis’ net worth will continue to skyrocket over the coming years as he takes part in more high-profile fights, endorsement deals, and investments, which will add significantly to his earnings. As WBA regular lightweight champion, Davis is an active social media personality with over one million followers on Instagram who frequently promotes fights while endorsing brands such as Fashion Nova. Furthermore, Davis has also supported numerous philanthropic works and donated to charities.

An undefeated boxer is making strides toward becoming one of our generation’s great fighters. His journey towards stardom has been inspirational and illustrates the power of determination. This young boxer has also expressed interest in music and fashion, showing an aspect of himself beyond boxing beyond fighting persona.

As of this writing, the WBA lightweight champion has an estimated net worth of $5 Million, thanks to PPV shares, money fights, and brand endorsements. His estimated price includes his shares from Showtime PPV, where each row he fights brings in over $1 Million in profits. Hugo Ruiz and Leo Santa Cruz have been just some of the big-name opponents he has already faced; plus, there have been over ten other fights on Showtime where his paycheck exceeds that threshold!

He had 26 wins and no losses over 26 matches in his professional career, all achieved via knockout. His last fight, an eighth-round knockout win against Hector Luis Garcia in 2023, generated nearly $7 Million in revenue.

Tank Davis is a popular household name and enjoys high brand recognition, garnering substantial social media and YouTube admiration. Additionally, he is a sponsored athlete under Under Armour’s endorsement deal and signed an endorsement deal in 2016.

Baltimore native Kevin Bozorth has an attractive girlfriend in Vanessa Posso, an Instagram model and influencer with over 730K followers on her account. Together, they have given birth to Giovanna Thalia. Living together in South Baltimore, they own several exotic cars, including the Lamborghini Urus, McLaren 570S Spider, and Cadillac Escalade ESV.

Tank Davis also enjoys traveling. His lavish lifestyle includes expensive jewelry, flashy cars, and an impressive clothing and shoe collection from Under Armour that he often posts photos of on social media accounts.