Garden State Smiles


Garden State Smiles is one of the premier dental practices in the area, providing professional and comprehensive dentistry to adults and children alike. Additionally, they also offer emergency dental services.

Garden State Smiles is honored to be recognized as a New Jersey Top Dentist! They recently renovated all their convenient office locations with top-of-the-line equipment such as laser-guided surgery, digital scanning of teeth and bone structures, 3D panoramic imaging technology, and CEREC machines – just some of which they boast as top features!

Preventive Care

Garden State Smiles’ top dentist Dr Vlad Detinich of Garden State Smiles, is committed to improving his patients’ lives through improved oral health. At five convenient office locations in Matawan, North Brunswick, and Brick, he and his staff offer many dental services that can help prevent severe complications in the future and offer flexible financial plans and discounts so treatments become more accessible to those without insurance coverage. In all five offices they use cutting edge technology such as intra-oral scanning capabilities as well as Cone Beam Computed Tomography capabilities that make treatment planning and diagnostics more accurate than ever before!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Garden State Smiles offers a complete selection of cosmetic dental procedures, from composite bonding to porcelain veneers and CEREC technology for custom crown production on-site – giving patients an instantaneous new smile after one visit! This practice offers locations in Matawan, North Brunswick, and Brick, so patients can easily find an office nearby. Furthermore, flexible financial options such as a low-cost savings plan make expensive treatments more accessible for those without dental insurance coverage. Additionally, NJ Top Dentist Vlad Detinich and his team provide a relaxing and welcoming environment for their patients, making them feel as if they’re being cared for by friends – which explains why so many people frequent this NJ Top Dentist.

Restorative Dentistry

Malki Dental’s restorative dentistry techniques offer solutions for every stage of dental damage and restoration – root canal therapy to save a damaged tooth, dental implants to replace missing ones, or any combination thereof – and aim to restore its health and beauty for every smile they treat. At Malki Dental, we treat your teeth, gums, and jaw bones so your smile remains beautiful and functional.

A healthy mouth goes beyond first impressions or a beautiful white smile; it is also about physical health. Studies have revealed that oral health issues like gum disease can lead to severe medical conditions like heart attack and stroke; with our restorative dentistry services, we can help protect you against these risks by helping to prevent future needs from arising and preserve your well-being.

Our advanced dental practices utilize cutting-edge technology and training to deliver exceptional care. Our dentists are skilled in various therapeutic procedures such as tooth restorations, implant-supported bridges and dentures, crowns, and veneers – we even offer CEREC(r), an innovative technology enabling them to make crowns in just one visit!

Loss of a tooth can be emotionally and functionally distressful, which is why our mission is to restore both with an optimal replacement solution that blends into your natural smile – from implants to dentures. We work with each client individually to find their optimal replacement option.

Dental implants offer the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. They replace the missing root, connect it with an abutment piece (the abutment), and support custom-made crowns crafted especially for you. Our Winter Garden office proudly provides dental implants as we collaborate closely with you in planning and designing restorations that best suit you!

Emergency Dentistry

Garden State Smiles can help with same-day emergency dentistry services for severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, broken or chipped teeth, and excessive gum bleeding. Their CEREC technology also enables them to create crowns on site allowing patients to leave with permanent tooth replacements in just one visit!

Garden State Smiles’ team of dentists boasts decades of combined experience in their fields, winning multiple awards, such as NJ Top Dentists. Committed to providing patients with top-quality care, Garden State Smiles invested in cutting-edge dental technology like intraoral scanning and 3D imaging to offer patients an optimal experience at each location – giving patients the best experience at visiting a dentist!

Garden State Smiles is a multi-location dental practice in Matawan, North Brunswick, and Brick. Their service area spans Monmouth Ocean Middlesex counties, with plans to grow even more. Garden State Smiles prides itself on staying abreast of new advances in dentistry by investing heavily in staff training and equipment upgrades.