Floor Epoxy – What You Need to Know


Epoxy flooring is a great way to brighten rooms without removing existing substrates, providing an inexpensive option that adds style and functionality. What do you consider about Epoxy Plano.

Epoxy floors are shock resistant, meaning they can withstand heavy objects being dropped onto their surface without suffering damage or staining while remaining stain-proof and abrasion-proof.


Durability-wise, floor epoxy is one of the top options when selecting residential or commercial property materials. Its thick and strong formulation makes it resistant to heavy foot traffic, car or truck impacts, other forms of damage, staining, fading, and bacteria/germ growth.

Epoxy floor coatings make cleaning effortless. Unlike concrete, which can be coarse and brittle, an epoxy flooring surface is smooth and shiny – making sweeping and mopping effortless. Plus, its imperviousness to oil, gasoline, and chemical spills makes epoxy coatings an excellent choice for garages and auto shops – plus industrial warehouse floors, as they’re water resistant!

Epoxy’s durability doesn’t end at just water resistance – it is also abrasion-resistant. It can withstand damage caused by sharp objects like nails and screws, heavy equipment tools and machinery, cracking or scratching, and even cracking from wealthy employees gearing up to work on it.

One of the primary advantages of floor epoxy is that it can enhance the aesthetics of any space, adding a glossy sheen that enhances and brightens any room or workspace. Furthermore, floor epoxy can come in multiple colors to match any decor scheme.

Epoxy flooring provides another advantage; no removal of existing floors is necessary, saving both time and money if your current bed is outdated or damaged.

There are various types of epoxy flooring. Water-based and solvent-based options may suit different spaces better, depending on how much work needs to be completed within them; choosing one may depend on factors like foot traffic or use in high or low-traffic environments – and professional advice can provide valuable assistance in selecting which epoxy best meets your requirements.

Chemical Resistant

Epoxy flooring is known for being chemical-resistant. Spills or splashes won’t damage it like they would concrete or less durable materials like other forms of flooring materials like hardwood, which means it won’t get stained by spilled car fluids, cleaning products, or household chemicals that seep through from vehicles such as yours – saving time in cleaning processes! In addition, epoxy’s dense coat prevents stains, so cleaning becomes much more straightforward. Furthermore, experienced contractors can tailor an epoxy mix specifically tailored for use at your workplace if required by working conditions such as acidic substances present therein – providing you with custom epoxy mixes tailored for whatever substances your workplace requires using.

Epoxy flooring is also designed to withstand impact, making it suitable for commercial and industrial spaces that experience frequent shocks. Tools, machinery, or recreational gear dropped onto its surface won’t leave a mark due to the thick layer of epoxy.

Different resin types provide resistance against various chemicals. For instance, when exposed, methyl methacrylate (MMA) is naturally acid-resistant, offering more excellent heat resistance than epoxy. Other options available include phenolic and polyurethane resins – choosing which suits your chemical concentration requirements is ultimately up to you!

Chemical resistance aside, many flooring solutions today also feature non-slip grit impregnated with them. This helps prevent slipperiness and injuries in high-traffic areas while adding visual interest and providing non-slip functionality in different colors to match any space’s aesthetics.

Epoxy flooring’s durability and chemical resistance make it an attractive option for warehouse floors, manufacturing plants, and other places that require a sterile environment. Furthermore, epoxy’s easy cleaning and maintenance make it an excellent investment for businesses.

Contact us today for more information about the advantages of epoxy flooring! Our expert team will assess your needs and suggest the ideal solution for your commercial space, from specialty surface prep through installation, with equipment capable of taking on large projects quickly and efficiently.

Easy Maintenance

In your garage, commercial kitchen, or warehouse, floor epoxy offers easy care and maintenance options you’ll appreciate in any setting. However, just like any flooring option, it requires regular care to preserve its aesthetics and durability; otherwise, it can undergo significant physical changes and reduce functionality over time.

Clean your epoxy floors regularly by sweeping and vacuuming to remove dust, dirt, or debris that builds up on them to prevent particles from scratching the surface and increasing wear. If heavy equipment is being used on them frequently, more frequent sweeping and vacuuming might be required.

After you’ve swept, it is also wise to mop your floors at least once weekly or more often, depending on traffic levels. A non-synthetic mop dipped in water/ammonia solution (2-4 ounces of ammonia in one gallon of water) should be used; do not use soap-based cleaners that could leave behind film coating or dull the shine of epoxy floors.

Any oily or chemical spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible with paper towels to reduce damage and use a mild degreaser such as Simple Green to wash away residue and prevent grime build-up. Once finished, scrub the area using a soft deck brush, as steel wool may degloss your floor surface.

Install protective mats near any heavy equipment or entryways to keep epoxy floors clean and safe, and avoid dragging heavy machinery across them, as this may lead to scratched surfaces. Should any scratches appear on your epoxy floor surface, an epoxy repair kit is readily available at most hardware stores for necessary repairs.

Low Maintenance

Efficient floor epoxy flooring protects concrete below it from damage caused by spills and moisture, saving money in repairs or replacement costs. It covers cracks, stains, and chips, making cleaning simple!

Epoxy sealers for concrete floors offer low odor installation and removal times and quick disappearance times post-installation compared to traditional sealers. Plus, epoxy is nontoxic for families and pets, unlike some chemical-based sealers; additionally, its slip-resistant top coat helps reduce the risk of falls or injury in high-traffic areas and even allows an optional polymer grit additive to add extra grip if desired.

Epoxy floors feature nonporous surfaces supporting heavy vehicular weight without cracking like concrete alone. Furthermore, epoxy resists most chemicals used to paint cars or clean your garage, like paint thinner and cleaners, as well as car fluids leaking onto it over time; however, allowing too many such substances to soak into its pores for too long could cause physical changes and reduce durability over time – therefore making immediate cleanup necessary of oil, antifreeze, or any other fluid spillage to maintain quality coating durability.

Furthermore, an epoxy floor’s glossy sheen can enhance lighting by up to 300 percent – making your garage or commercial space brighter and safer for you and your guests while saving energy.

If you are considering installing new floors for either your home or business, contact us to learn about the benefits of epoxy flooring. We’re available to answer your questions and offer free estimates!

Before installing an epoxy floor covering, we will begin by clearing away any loose materials and sanding down the concrete surface. Depending on your surface requirements, we may use media blasting, diamond grinding, or jackhammers as needed – these steps help ensure a long-lasting floor. Furthermore, any areas contaminated with oils will also be de-greased for maximum longevity of your floor surface.

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